SPECACT Engineer Upgrade

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SPECACT Engineer Upgrade

SPECACT Engineer Elite achievement in Battlefield: Bad Company 2

SPECACT Engineer Elite

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How to unlock the SPECACT Engineer Elite achievement

  • CurtiesonCurtieson297,074
    09 Aug 2010 27 Sep 2010
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    You must earn 3 new PINS with the new weapon class selected. It will be the ORANGE tinted weapon on the class select screen.

    The 3 pins include:

    1) 5 Kill Streak
    2) 8 Kills Total (In one game)
    3) 100 Kills Overall

    They can be done in any online game mode, and you can check your progress from the statistics screen in the main menu.

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    Darkness727420Can these be done while doing the main unlocks of the game?
    Posted by Darkness727420 on 03 Jul 15 at 06:18
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  • Removed Gamer
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    Looking for some tips to get these awards faster? Well, you came to the right post. (I hope so, anyway)

    As with my Assault guide, let's start with what you should equip. The UMP-45 is your all-around submachine gun, being only slightly better than the SCAR-L because of its nice shot spread (or more specifically, lack of spread). Its 25 count magazine puts it at a slight disadvantage, although not quite as much as the 20-count of the 9A-91 (laughable gun in my view). SO, you might be thinking that it doesn't need the Marksman SMG Training for increased accuracy. Well, you probably are, but if you take a 4x scope in conjunction with it, you have a nice and accurate medium-range weapon. I personally think a red dot sight and magnum ammo would be your best bet, but it's up to you.

    Onto the awards: Reach a killstreak of 5 with the UMPP-45 SA. This one will probably be more tricky for some than the M16A2 killstreak. The SMG's primary role is personal defense after all, so unless you've got some balls, I recommend against charging the front lines. An ideal position would be hanging around the M-COM stations as a Defender, so you can take out hostiles who might be focusing more of their attention on arming charges. Also, you might squander a lot of ammo trying to kill opponents, and you can't always count on having awesome Assault teammates who give you ammo. Thus, the equipping the Ammo Hip Bandolier in Spec slot 1 might be wise. This sacrifices your scope and forces to use iron sights, however.

    Next: 8 kills in a round with the UMP-45 SA. A bit challenging, but not too big of a feat. Hang around M-COM buildings and natural choke points on the map. If you find any idle/distracted players that you sneak up on, forego the obvious knife kill and go for another UMP kill.

    Final: 100 kills total with the UMP-45 SA. This one is probably gonna take a few sessions (by sessions, I mean nights of playing multiple rounds) of playing as Engineer with the UMP-45 SA. Look for bonus kills whenever possible (such as the knife situation as explained up above), but don't ignore your rocket launcher completely. Definitely take out any vehicles you can; it's points, and it lets you be a credit to the team. In fact, you might even scare dumb chuckleheads to abandon their tank after 1-2 rockets, from which you can UMP-45 their cowardly asses. Don't ignore friendly tanks, either; repairing them really helps out... but don't feel obligated to be a dedicated repairman the whole match. You've got your own stuff to do.

    All in all I'd say that the UMP-45 SA achievement might be the second hardest to obtain for the average Bad Company 2 player, but by no means mind-blowingly difficult.
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    Tgood84so in short to get this you just need a 5 killstreak (with any gun in the kit?), 8 kills in a round, and 100 total kills?
    Posted by Tgood84 on 23 Aug 10 at 23:31
    FATHEAD SHANE"dumb chuckleheads" lol :P
    Posted by FATHEAD SHANE on 15 Sep 10 at 16:15
  • EthigyEthigy866,084
    18 Oct 2017 21 Dec 2017 15 Jun 2019
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    Boosting method. Works for all four SPECACT-related achievements. You can choose to double-box this, do this with one other person, or with two other people. With the status of this game’s multiplayer, you can now often find certain game modes to be vacant.

    Game Mode: Squad Rush
    Map: Port Valdez
    Hardcore Mode: Yes

    Using this map allows for the defender (person getting killed) to continuously spawn in the same location. I tested a few other maps and this is the only one I noticed to allow that. You’ll be using Squad Rush because it’s the quickest game mode and has the smallest map boundaries. Enabling Hardcore ensures your chances of being bothered by randoms is extremely little to none.

    Whoever’s doing the killing will want to launch the game (be the first person in the match). The others can then join. As the attacker run to M-COM A and find where the defender has spawned. There are three separate spawn-points as far as I’m aware. Then just repeatedly kill the defender with the required gun. If you’re double-boxing or only have one other partner, you’ll have to wait approximately 15 seconds for them to respawn. If you have two other people, the third will be a Medic and resuscitate the downed player each time.

    When you run out of ammo, either commit suicide or have someone throw down an ammo box. Using this method will get you the 400 SPECACT kills in no time. You’ll also meet the other two requirements for getting 5 kills without dying and 8 in a match naturally.

    Hope this helps. Good luck and happy hunting!
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