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We Ride To Fortune City!

Escape Still Creek with Katey.

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How to unlock the We Ride To Fortune City! achievement

  • SirSmurfusSirSmurfus132,694
    31 Aug 2010 01 Sep 2010
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    This guide may contain spoilers***********I'm not too sure :P

    The first part of escaping requires you to fix up the bike.
    You're given the starting bike parts in a trolley in Case: 0-2, bring these back to the store room, and the collecting can begin.
    (this is the order I collected them)
    #1 Gas Can: This can be found at the petrol station to the left of the safe house. Collect this and bring it back, it doesn't have to be carried, it can be pawned into your inventory.

    #2 Engine: This can be found out in the back alley of the Cinema, there's a door in the back of the Cinema, which leads into an alley it's just outside the door, (this door can only be opened from the inside). The engine is hefty so must be carried.

    #3 Handlebars: This can be found with Jason & Archie out the back of the Department store, but the motocross lover won't give up his precious handlebars unless you can trade him a broadsword. These can be found in the hunting shop, which is a bit of a trek, go to the alley beside the hunting shop, this is in a straight line, as if you were heading past the petrol station. Jump on the dumpster here, then onto the air-conditioning, then the awning then the roof, where you'll find Bob, your friendly neighbourhood watchman. go from here to the back part, you'll see a steel fire escape on the outside of the hotel (save time and go in here and acquire the shed key). There's an air conditioning unit in front of this, jump onto that, then turn left and jump across to the unit of the other building. climb up, then go across to the other side, jump down onto the awning. Then up onto the other side and around onto the rooftop adjective to Bob's rooftop, jump through the vent in the roof, and viola the hunting store, and your broadsword, take this to the boys and presto your handlebars await, these can be carried in your inventory.

    #4 Bike Forks: Using the shed key which you hopefully acquired in the hotel getting the hunting store open. It's a small shed just on the right before the barracade. These are heavy so must be carried back.

    #5 The wheel: this is bought for $5,000 from the pawnshop, see the spending money achievement if you're having problems with the cash.

    The next obstacle is Jed the Mechanic, I suggest bringing a paddlesaw, a boomstick, a broadsword, a beer hat, and a spiked bat. The heavy offence and portable healing make a nice mixture. With enough time the fight will be yours.

    You then have an easy enough motorbike course to navigate then you'll have escaped the military.

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    keoskeyDid you guys/gals get durring the credits a glitch where the truck and chucks bike disappeared and it looks like there rideing on nothing.
    Posted by keoskey on 06 Sep 10 at 18:57
    SirSmurfusCan't say it happened to me :P
    Posted by SirSmurfus on 06 Sep 10 at 19:11
    Vor Calv 06Thumbs down from me pal this is practically a paste copy of SLY SCORPION guide posted before yours. Except you left out the info on Jason Wong. Which is needed if ur fairly fast. -1 soz
    Posted by Vor Calv 06 on 17 Aug 13 at 00:32
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    31 Aug 2010 31 Aug 2010 25 Nov 2015
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    This requires completion of the bike, you must also administer Katey with zombrex between 7pm and 8pm before killing the mechanic and then interacting with the bike (B).

    To finish the bike you require:
    -Gas tank, found by the gas pumps.
    -Wheel, purchase at pawn shop for $5,000.
    -Handle bars, they are used by Jason wong, to obtain them give him a broadsword, you can obtain a sword inside the hunting shop however you can also obtain one on your way to the shop,
    The only way inside is going up to Bobs roof and following the roof round to the right on an overhang and jumping into the shop. On one of these overhangs you will find a broadsword but it is best to keep going anyway as to unlock the shop from the inside so you can rescue a survivor later.
    -Bike forks, found in a shed to the south east of your map, the key can be obtained by reaching the top level of the building next to the one Bob is on, to get you must access a door on the top level via a fire escape. You can reach this by jumping from Bobs building or getting on the dumpster below and leaving at the fire escape from that.
    -The engine can be found in an alley behind the movie theater.

    The gas tank and handle bars can be carried in any inventory slot, the other three items are too heavy so upon getting them you should run them straight back as you cannot store them in one of your slots.
    Approach the bike in the safe room with the parts equipped to add them (B).

    Bear in mind if going at good speed you may have to wait a while to get Jason wong and his friend to spawn.
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    Vor Calv 06Yeah thanks for the heads up on JASON WONG TAKING A WHILE TO SPAWN. Very important info im new to it and was in the back alley (LOL you said you was in a back alley LMFAO Bevis n Butthead moment soz) wondering what the fuck where's this guy. I'll load my last save and spend the 10-15 mins Getting forks or escorting pawn shop owner or somat. Cheers +1
    Posted by Vor Calv 06 on 16 Aug 13 at 22:11
  • paynexkiller666paynexkiller666This gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    31 Aug 2010
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    In order to get this achievement, as well as a Rank A - You must first collect each part of the Bike.
    (taken from the Dead Rising Wikipedia:
    The bike is missing 5 essential parts in order for it to run:
    Gasoline Canister, found by the gas pumps
    Wheel, able for purchase at the Still Creek Pawnshop for 5000 $.
    Bike Forks, found locked in a shed
    Handle Bars, used by Jason Wong as a weapon
    Engine, found in an alley between Ed's Friendly Barber Shop and Still Creek Movie Theater.

    Once you have completed this (and defeated Jed after giving Katey the shot at 7pm) you then have the chance to jump on the bike and escape the Army.

    You must return to the Bike itself in the Garage and a cutscene will take place. Once this has ended, you will be in charge of the Bike itself. You must then use this to drive out of the valley of Still Creek. The camera angle is bad, but you should be able to get it in one shot like I did. Once you have escaped, and the final cutscene starts your achievement should pop. And you've just got your A Rank :)
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    Vor Calv 06Cheers for the extra info pal will come in handy.
    Posted by Vor Calv 06 on 17 Aug 13 at 00:46
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