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27 June 2010 - 4 guides

Achievement Guide for Tourist

  • TheOtherBarberTheOtherBarber493,900
    23 Jun 2014 29 May 2010 07 May 2014
    41 9 18
    Complete ALL of the following:

    Stop and get a good view of the fireworks in Brighton.
    (I got this in Career, in the Fan Favorite section, Race #3. Use the H2 (Off-Road) and right after you pass the 'start' line stop on the incline of the hill facing the fireworks (make sure to NOT go on one of the 2 paths around it). Also, right after you get to the Ferris Wheel bear LEFT and sit on top of the hill for a few seconds, and this should pop up. Alternatively, you could just stop somewhere on the track and use the camera to get a clear view of the fireworks and that MAY work if the other method isn't working for you.)
    External image

    Drive a smoking car through the oilfield in Amboy.
    (@ Badlands Traverse track, car needs to be in Critical Health (one Red Bar, Black Smoke) you can use forward mines to damage yourself if you're not in critical yet. You may not even have to drive through the oilfield itself, but just drive near it on the race course for it to unlock.)
    External image

    Nitro through the Amboy gas station.
    (@ either Route 66 or Badlands Traverse tracks. Depending on which track you play on there is room to slow down before you get to the gast station so that you can line up the Nitro acceleration.)
    External image

    Clean Nitro through the Hollywood sign in online Multiplayer.
    (This is done on the map Hollywood Hills (Downtown Vista) - Go on the leftmost path between the letters - you will most likely have to fly off the edge, be sure to not hit anything while going through. - thanks to Qwerty P D4NG3R for confirming!)
    *The road on the left side of this screenshot is where you need to go.*
    External image

    *HERE is the loading screen for the track.*
    External image

    **if you leave a negative score, leave a comment telling why**
  • RichtoonRichtoon224,948
    30 Jun 2010
    24 2 0
    Here a good video, I find it really helpful.
    This video is not mine, by youtube user - seventj7
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • 12 4 3
    for the fireworks part of this achievement (only confusing part) take the off road h2 (2nd to last car on the list) must be level 22 to have this car.

    drive to the top of the first hill and sit and it will happen pretty fast.

    this hummer is RED, not to be confused by the other hummer that you unlock at a earlier time, i have confirmed that the other hummer does not work.

    this is the map Brighton in the fan fanatic section of the single player campaign
  • DJBadAxeDJBadAxe51,203
    30 Nov 2010 20 Dec 2010
    8 1 3
    For Part 2 (smoking car @ Amboy) I noticed that you need to be down to half a bar remaining (one bar, dark red). Your car always takes a full bar from forward mines and shocks you drop. You'll probably need to drive into a wall or two to take off half a bar.
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