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Somebody stop me!

Earn every Primary Light on Hard difficulty

Somebody stop me!0
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How to unlock the Somebody stop me! achievement

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    This achievement is not terribly difficult to get, first of all because you only need to get first in every event on hard and you don't need to do fan runs or fan demands, which makes it so much easier.

    The races in blur are easy to win, even on hard, just choose the fastest car, which would be the ACS1 Coupe for D class, unless the track doesn't have many corners, if it's all straights use the Rat Rod. For C class use the 69 Camaro. For B class use the Viper ACR or the HHR (Race) if you find yourself getting wrecked a lot. For A class use Shannon's Astra Extreme.

    For destruction races focus on hitting a car with every bolt if you can, also aim for the car in front because you may start a combo. Later on the destructions require mass amounts of points, doing combos (drift shots and long shots) are a must. In the later destruction events you will start encountering Blue vipers, when destroyed they emit a barge, always aim for these they can sometimes take out up to 3 other cars giving you massive points. Second aim for the red hummers, they give you the biggest time bonus and points. For D class destruction use either the ACS1 Coupe or the rat rod. For C class use Audi TTS Coupe. For B class use the Chevrolet HHR (Race). For A class use Shannon's Astra Extreme.

    Now onto the checkpoints, these are by far the hardest to get 1st on hard. I suggest playing them all on medium before you attempt hard, and don't expect to get 5 lights on your first try either. For checkpoints always choose the car with the most grip and always go for all the stop watches. If you can get all the stop watches and not crash you will almost always get 5 lights. The most important thing is getting stop watches and not crashing, so don't worry about a nitro or slowing down. Riding the walls while using a nitro is much slower than breaking and taking the inside to get a stop watch. For D class checkpoints use the ACS1 Coupe. For C class use the Audi TTS Coupe. For B class use the Focus RS (race) except on offroad tracks use the nemesis. For A class use Shannon's Astra extreme. The hardest checkpoint race will be Mt. Haruna - Descent. As i said before you need to focus on collecting every single stopwatch. If you miss one you may as well restart the race, or continue for practice and you might get lucky. Save your nitro's for when you know that there is a straight with no jump. Nitroing off of a jump will not save you time. Always stay on the road as much as you can so as not to slow down.

    The last part of this is beating all the one-on-one's. These are very easy compared to checkpoint races, for more information on each one-on-one go to each individual achievement for beating them. It is still the same requirements and are not that much more difficult, either wreck them (faster and easier to wreck them than it is to beat them) or beat them to the finish. Using bolts or shunts is the easiest to wreck them.
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    OzarkSavage Great guide, was very useful. Only one thing I want to note..

    I found the destructions harder than the checkpoint events. Especially the A-class ones. After many many attempts using the Astra, I decided to go more grip than speed. Picking the Renault Megane Trophy I got the last few destructions I needed within a couple of tries.
    Posted by OzarkSavage on 31 Jul 11 at 15:49
    Talvalin The other point to note about destruction events, especially with the faster cars, is to go a little slower. Don't pelt round at full speed, as you'll end up overtaking cars and then you have to wait for more cars to spawn in front of you. Annoyingly, reverse bolting a car doesn't count as a skilled shot so there's no benefit to getting too far ahead.
    Posted by Talvalin on 15 Jan 12 at 22:59
    Dr Marty I know I'm very late to the game, but perhaps this will make someone else worry a little less about this achievement.
    After you've played through the campaign on easy or medium to get the other achievements, you should be decent enough at this game to master the hard difficulty with little problem.

    The majority of Destruction, Checkpoint and Race events will only have to be attempted once or twice before you get in 1st. There are some that will need 10 attempts, but these are really not that difficult either (more luck based in the case of Destruction/Race events and memorization of the track/stop watches in Checkpoint events). The Race events can be frustrating at times as you will always get fired at, and there is this one guy who always pulls way ahead of the pack.

    There are only one Destruction and one Checkpoint event that will cause major problems and both are in the Talon-t-ed list. The first is the Russian Hills Destruction event and the other is the Mount Haruna Checkpoint event. Be prepared to restart either one of those upwards of 20 times. However, once they are done, there is no more obstacle in your way of getting the achievement.
    Posted by Dr Marty on 30 Mar 17 at 17:13
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