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Ladies' Man achievement in Mafia II

Ladies' Man

Find all of the Playboy magazines.

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How to unlock the Ladies' Man achievement

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    CHAPTER 2 - 2 Playboys
    1. JOE'S APARTMENT - On the coffee table.
    3. MIKE'S GARAGE - Next to Mike Bruski's office is a a three car garage. It will be on a metal shelf against the wall.

    CHAPTER 3 - 5 Playboys
    18. DEREK'S OFFICE - Steve will drop this just outside the office door near the stairs.
    4. MARIA'S APARTMENT - Just inside the doorway on the floor you'll find this in the dark corner behind the door, next to a shelf.
    5. OFFICE OF PRICE ADMINISTRATION - In the office across the hall from the Director's office on the windowsill.
    40. OFFICE OF PRICE ADMINISTRATION - First floor, on the security guard's desk in the main hall.
    6. OFFICE OF PRICE ADMINISTRATION - In the basement, coming out of the room with the safe alarm switch, go left and enter the room on the left. You'll find it on the floor

    between the first and second rack on the left side of the room.

    CHAPTER 4 - 4 Playboys
    9. MALL - While following Joe up the first set of stairs away from the bookstore there will be a box of Playboys on the floor.
    2. MALL - In the second set of stairs after the bookstore, go down towards the doors to find a Playboy in the shadows under the stairwell.
    8. MALL - On the roof, in the small room just before you jump down to the fire escape. It will be on the floor next to a shelf on the right.
    7. JOE'S APARTMENT - At the end of the chapter, go down to the dark area with the locked gate to the basement and you'll find the Playboy next to the gate.

    CHAPTER 5 - 3 Playboys
    11. APARTMENT 233 - After using the MG42, go up the stairs instead of down and find a Playboy at the top, just around the corner.
    10. DISTILLERY - First floor office across from the stairwell, on a shelf on the right side as you enter the room.
    12. DISTILLERY - Fifth floor across from where you catch up with "The Fat Man", between two chain link cages on the floor near some chairs.

    CHAPTER 6 - 3 Playboys
    13. HARTMANN FEDERAL PENITENTIARY - In the yard near where you start, you'll find the Playboy under the legs of a prisoner sleeping behind the bleachers.
    14. HARTMANN FEDERAL PENITENTIARY - In the yard beside the gray shed near the basketball court.
    15. HARTMANN FEDERAL PENITENTIARY - In the laundry room. Find this Playboy on top of one of the dryers after you fight.

    CHAPTER 7 - 3 Playboys
    16. HARRY's ARMY SURPLUS - On the floor near the stairs.
    50. JOE'S APARTMENT - Before Joe takes you to your new apartment, go to the top floor of his building and find it on the hallway floor.
    17. VITO'S APARTMENT - In the second floor hallway, on a side table.

    CHAPTER 8 - 4 Playboys
    19. OLD FOUNDRY - In the back of the shack behind the foundry on top of an oil drum.
    21. OLD FOUNDRY - On the ground next to some oil drums beneath the catwalk with goons shooting at you.
    20. OLD FOUNDRY - Near the end of the foundry, there's a narrow path by the stairs next to the building. Near the fire, you'll find the Playboy under a dirty cot.
    46. VITO'S APARTMENT - On the kitchen table.

    CHAPTER 9 - 4 Playboys
    41. MALTESE FALCON - On the bar.
    23. SEWER - While in the sewer on the way to the slaughterhouse, take the right fork as you enter, then you will find the Playboy in the fork to the left just before the tunnel with the ladder out.
    22. SLAUGHTERHOUSE - In the first room you enter on the left hand side near a metal bin.
    24. SLAUGHTERHOUSE - In the far right corner of the room with the meat counters and butchers on the lower shelf.

    CHAPTER 10 - 4 Playboys
    25. EMPIRE ARMS HOTEL - In the office of the laundry room, on the corner of the desk.
    27. EMPIRE ARMS HOTEL - After cleaning the floor, Joe opens the stairwell door. Go down to the 16th floor and the Playboy will be next to the security gate.
    26. EMPIRE ARMS HOTEL - On the roof, on the same platform as the motor for the window cleaners lift.
    48. VITO'S APARTMENT - In the bathroom in the corner next to the tub.

    CHAPTER 11 - 5 Playboys
    47. LEO GALANTE's HOUSE - 2nd floor on windowsill overlooking the front of the house.
    29. LEO GALANTE's HOUSE - 2nd floor bathroom on the basket next to the sink.
    28. ERIC'S FRIEND'S APARTMENT - Bedroom across from the entrance, next to a guy slumped against the closet.
    49. JOE'S APARTMENT - On the floor next to Joe's bed.
    30. HILL OF TARA PUB - Dead end hallway beside the bar, under a box at the end.

    CHAPTER 12 - 3 Playboys
    31. SEA GIFT WAREHOUSE - North of where you meet the Chinese contact in the narrow alley, on the ground behind an overgrown dumpster.
    32. SEA GIFT WAREHOUSE - Across from where you meet the Chinese contact, on the ground between a truck and the loading dock.
    33. SEA GIFT WAREHOUSE - Inside the warehouse on the right, next to a junction box.

    CHAPTER 13 - 3 Playboys
    34. RED DRAGON RESTAURANT - In the far left corner of the dining area, on the seat of the corner booth.
    36. RED DRAGON RESTAURANT - Before following Joe up to the elevator, on a crate in one of the small rooms on the first floor.
    35. RED DRAGON RESTAURANT - In the basement, on a box in the armory.

    CHAPTER 14 - 3 Playboys
    44. VINCI'S BUILDING - On the southeast side of the roof near the edge of the building.
    37. VINCI'S BUILDING - Third floor at the base of the stairs, on some palettes around the corner to the left.
    38. VINCI'S BUILDING - Third floor in the room to the south of the hallway, next to the south wall.

    CHAPTER 15 - 4 Playboys
    45. HILLWOOD OBSERVATORY - First floor, at the bottom of the stairwell in the corner next to the stairs.
    39. HILLWOOD OBSERVATORY - Rooftop, on your way to the telescope dome on the south edge of the building in a corner near the front of the building.
    43. HILLWOOD OBSERVATORY - Behind the telescope, in a corner next to the stairs.
    42. HILLWOOD OBSERVATORY - In the well next to the projector in the planetarium.

    Credit gose to Fatmat2008 for posting the llink to this

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    Warboy925if it auto saves, I believe you can quit I stated above..."CHAPTER 7 - #16 in HARRY's ARMY SURPLUS.... I restarted chapter 7, drove straight to Harry's, grabbed it, let it auto save, then restarted chapter 8....."
    Posted by Warboy925 on 13 Nov 15 at 23:17
    JayD101"33. SEA GIFT WAREHOUSE - Inside the warehouse on the right, next to a junction box."

    Sorry but that was a really bad description. Do you mean a warehouse on the right? The right of the warehouse? And what is right in what perspective are we starting from? The main problem is where it is, though technically a part of the warehouse is better described as a hallway leading to the warehouse and you can't go back once you leave that hallway so it's very easy to spend a lot of time searching the actual warehouse next to all the junction boxes and right form every perspective.

    How about: "after the fighting starts, and you go up some stairs and enter a hallway, where they guys say to avoid the windows it is opposite the windows on the floor". Once you enter the actual warehouse you can't go back.

    I love text guides much more than videos but they need to be well written! The rest of this guide was great I knew exactly where to look, this one not so much. I had to go to another guide to check a video because I missed it. Still got my positive of course just amazes me this hasn't been fixed in over 6 years!
    Posted by JayD101 on 26 Dec 16 at 23:03
    BLOOdREDkN7GHTperfect guide, had to use a video for a few but the text guide was way faster and easier for most of them, thanks!
    Posted by BLOOdREDkN7GHT on 22 Aug 18 at 00:38
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  • SkurkittySkurkitty136,655
    28 Aug 2010 25 Aug 2010 28 Aug 2010
    94 23 11
    Wall of youtube videos. I know how everyone loves video locations and our good buddies at (as always) were fast and effective at releasing guides on day one of release.
    Location for every Playboy! chapter 2-15.
    All credit to savg,com
    Youtube channel -
    Update: A comment below was listed that not every location was within the videos. I have followed this guide from start to finish of the game and found all 50 playboys. These videos were put together basically within 12 hours of the games release and are very "rushed" in some of the videos his editing is off and the last or second to last playboy is shown before you even pick up your first one, this can be confusing. Watch the whole video before playing the level will clear it up.
    Update 2: The video for chapter 15 was deleted and re-hosted shortly after. I have posted the proper level 15 video.
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    Chakaal StarrI didn't vote negative, but labeling the videos by chapter would be nice. I found myself referring to another solution because of that when I felt I needed a video.
    Posted by Chakaal Starr on 03 Mar 13 at 01:40
    NRushton24If I find a few magazines n then start the game again but still show up on my stats will these count towards the achievement?? I haven't deleted the game I just started a new game from the menu of the game
    Posted by NRushton24 on 03 Sep 13 at 13:10
    EliteAssassin13I didnt have any problem using your video. Thanks a lot.
    Posted by EliteAssassin13 on 23 Jun 15 at 00:20
  • ALI G 008ALI G 008193,361
    18 Aug 2011 26 Sep 2010
    71 11 7
    All Credit goes to RoosterTeeth if there is any problems or something dosent work let me know and i will re post it otherwise leave comments and positive feedback!
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    NRushton24If I find a few magazines n then start the game again but still show up on my stats will these count towards the achievement?? I haven't deleted the game I just started a new game from the menu of the game
    Posted by NRushton24 on 03 Sep 13 at 13:07
    ALI G 008Im really not sure on this. Been a whole since I've played it. Maybe just go over the ones you collected previously again to be on the safe side
    Posted by ALI G 008 on 03 Sep 13 at 13:30
    jcupmaineBrilliant- thanks very much smile
    Posted by jcupmaine on 27 Feb 16 at 01:55
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