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Tough Nut achievement in Mafia II

Tough Nut

Finish the story on Hard difficulty level.

Tough Nut0
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How to unlock the Tough Nut achievement

  • TheBongoFuryTheBongoFury806,177
    22 Jul 2012 23 Jul 2012 07 Jun 2015
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    The Derek mission can be enormously frustrating, but actually is EXTREMELY easy. No, seriously. When you're about to enter the dock house, get in your car and drive into the water. The screen fades to black, but when you get at the dock house, you notice it's closed. Go upstairs to Derek's office (which is open now) and shoot to draw him and his henchmens attention a couple of rounds. Most of the henchmen will come at you like flies to syrup, and Derek's molotovs can NOT hit you. When he's dead, grab the cash of the table. FLASH, 30 gamerscore.

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    Posted by Ryn0 L on 07 Jun 15 at 21:59
    PhoenixKuroganeWell, this was helpful for one achievement, but this isn't advice for the entire game or the last chapter. So negative vote for this solution being useless.
    Posted by PhoenixKurogane on 27 Nov 17 at 21:20
    Uncle CousinI can confirm that this trick still works in the Remastered version of the game as of June 22
    Posted by Uncle Cousin on 23 Jun 20 at 04:55
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  • HordrissHordriss96,640
    08 Aug 2011 08 Aug 2011 08 Aug 2011
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    As the others have said, you need to complete EVERY chapter on hard difficulty.

    I too recommend playing through the game on easy difficulty first, as to be honest, the jump up in difficulty isn't that large. The main differences are:

    You will NOT see any red dots on the map to indicate where enemies are, so you will need to be sure an area is clear of enemies before you move on, otherwise you will likely be killed by a surprise attack. The exception to no dot on the map is where there is a major enemy that needs to be killed to complete a chapter (or a segment of that chapter).

    Enemies tend to be more accurate, and also there is a chance you can get killed with one hit (but this doesn't happen all to often, as long as you remember to keep in cover during firefights).

    Sections with time limits give you less time.

    Your life regenerates more slowly.

    I am not a particularly brilliant gamer, but I completed this game on hard, for the most part, without too much of an issue. The main problem I had was in chapter 14, which I will help you with below. I will leave a gap as there is...

    ....................SPOILERS FOR CHAPTER 14!

    After you've killed the guy that Eddie told you to kill, and lost the police and feds (make sure to either ditch your car or change its plates, and change your clothes to make sure you have no wanted level at all), you need to take Joe to a car he's got waiting. Once you've dropped off Joe, go to the gun shop in the northwest corner of the map (the one run by the ex-army guy who gives you the huge gun you get for the distillery mission). Stock up on all ammo and, most importantly... GRENADES! You'll probably need about $1500, so if you don't have that, crush some cars at Bruski's scrapyard until you have the cash.

    Scroll further down to see the next bit. Again - SPOILERS!

    For the second part of this chapter, you need to go to the docks to get some more work from Derek. A cutscene happens, and some striking dockworkers reveal that Vito's father was killed by Derek's assistant Steve (presumably under orders from Derek). This enrages Vito, and the next objective is to kill Derek and Steve.

    The first part of this isn't to difficult - just keep well covered and take out all the enemies. You should be able to kill Steve early on if you're quick and accurate with your rifle.

    Once you've killed all the enemies outside, proceed to the warehouse. The door to Derek's office is locked, so you have to go in via the open sliding door on the ground floor. BEFORE YOU ENTER THE WAREHOUSE, make sure you've equipped an automatic weapon, and RUN IN head to the back of the warehouse, via the left hand side. Two guys will spawn at the back by a pile of boxes, one on each side. Take out these guys quickly, as they are accurate and have automatic weapons. Once these two have been killed, walk back towards where the top bit finishes (the top floor is a canopy, which covers probably one third of the warehouse).

    Be wary of heading too far out from the cover, as there is a number of Derek's goons in here, and Derek will launch molotov cocktails from the top, which have a large impact radius and can kill you quickly.

    Make sure you're walking on the side that is on your left as your heading out. As you approach the end of the canopy, turn around so you're facing the back of the warehouse. Hold LT to arm your rifle, aim upwards and walk backwards slowly. As you emerge from underneath the canopy, you should see one of Derek's goons waiting there. If you're quick, you can gun him down before he spots you. Once you've killed him, take cover and make sure you can see the stairs, as two goons will come down after you. Take them out.

    Once those goons are dead, go to wherever you need to be to be directly under the large red & white circle indicating Derek's position. ARM GRENADES. Once again, walk backwards so you're facing the canopy, once you're clear, launch a grenade and RUN back under the canopy. With a bit of luck, your grenade will kill derek. If not, repeat, but be warned as two more goons will head for the stairs so be ready to take them out.

    It may take more than one grenade to finally get Derek, but you'll know when Derek is dead as Vito says a little speech about not following in his father's footsteps. You need to run back out and take cover near the entrance as there may be one or two goons left upstairs, but as long as you keep in cover you should be able to take them out without too many problems.

    Sorry for how wordy that is, but it's without a doubt the most difficult bit of the game. It's even tough to beat it on easy!
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    TBONE3564A big Thank You my friend.Left side of room as U look out 2 frags dead Derek
    Posted by TBONE3564 on 21 Jul 15 at 15:36
    HordrissNo probs bud. I died so many times on this part of the game, even on the easy mode. And on the hard mode it's pretty much rage-quit worthy, thanks to Derek's damn Molotovs!
    Posted by Hordriss on 21 Jul 15 at 15:51
    HordrissThinking about it, I really should play this game again at some point.......
    Posted by Hordriss on 21 Jul 15 at 15:51
  • S1L3NTxASS4S1NxS1L3NTxASS4S1Nx101,122
    04 Jul 2011 05 Jul 2011
    13 2 1
    This achievement is not as hard as it seems. I highly recommend playing through on a lower difficulty first so you can get a feel for the levels. *SPOILER ALERT* The only part that gave me trouble was when you had to kill Derek and he kept throwing molotovs at me. The best way I found to do this part was to just sprint all the way up the stairs and open the door to his office. From there, take cover behind the desk with the cash on it and eventually all the enemies will come to you. It may take a few tries to get into the office without dying, but it is well worth it.
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    A1Son 100REALfor the first part, all i used was a rifle. when you get inside the warehouse, go to the left and shoot the guy in the back of the warehouse. and as Derek's throwing molotovs, go back to the pillar near the wall and crouch. Dereks goons will eventually come running down the stairs. shoot them quickly while crouching down. their might be another guy near the crate too. shoot him right away otherwise your dead no matter what. once you killed all the goons, head up to the office, and kill Derek.(Ch. 14)
    Posted by A1Son 100REAL on 17 Dec 11 at 01:32
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