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Mission All Accomplished in Sonic Adventure

Mission All Accomplished47 (20)

Clear all 60 missions.

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Achievement Guide for Mission All Accomplished

xI Miles Ix
96,512 (49,680)
xI Miles Ix
Achievement won on 20 Oct 10
TA Score for this game: 693
Posted on 20 October 10 at 11:29, Edited on 20 October 10 at 11:29
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Sonic's Missions

Total: 25

Mission 1
Location: In front of the train station, in Station Square.
"Bring the man who is standing in front of the hamburger shop!"
Completion: Go to the Hamburger shop and take the wax figure out,
place him in the circle.

Mission 2
Location: On the steps of the MR train station.
"Get the balloon in the skies of the Mystic Ruins!"
Completion: Homing jump all the badnicks by the waterfall.

Mission 3
Location: Swimming Pool steps in SS.
"Collect 100 rings, and go to Sonic's billboard by the pool!"
Completion: Collect 100 rings in the adventure fields, anyhow, it
doesn't matter (you can keep spindashing to the entrance of the
casino) and go to the bilboard outside the bilboard by the pool.

Mission 9
Location: Look behind the Twinkle Park elevator.
"Get the balloon floating behind the waterfall at the emerald
Completion: Emerald Coast, continue until the area with the
waterfall, homing attack the badnicks to get to the spring.

Mission 11
Location: Where the water exits the MR waterfall.
"Destroy the windmill and proceed. Find the balloon in orbit!"
Completion: Windy Valley, homing attack the new row of windmills
in the begining.

Mission 13
Location: The Casino Area, right below a sign for Casino Ken.
"I can't take a shower like this! Do something!"
Completion: Casinopolis, go to the shower room and handle all the
badnicks taking baths.

Mission 15
Location: By the cliff on the side of the MR train station behind
a fence but in an area one can jump into.
"My medallions got swept away by the tornado! Somebody help me get
them back!"
Completion: Windy Valley, the tornado area. There are 5
medallions scattered around.

Mission 17
Location: In the shop with the Golden Chao Egg.
"Aim and shoot all the medallions with a Sonic Ball."
Completion: Casinopolis, go to the Slots & Pinball, and get the 5
medallions around the board.

Mission 20
Location: In the pond outside of the entrance to Ice Cap.
"Get all the medallions within the time limit! It's real slippery,
so be careful!"
Completion: Ice Cap, the area with icicles, get the switch to
trigger the medallions. There are 13, located by jumping across
the icicles.

Mission 23
Location: Outside Twinkle Park, behind a fence.
"Go around the wooden horse and collect 10 balloons."
Completion: Twinkle Park, go to the merry go round (with the
spikeballs) and get the ballons.

Mission 27
Location: Inside of the Hamburger Shop.
"Collect 100 rings and head to the heliport!"
Completion: Collect 100 rings in Speed Highway before taking the

Mission 28
Location: When you go from the main entrance of the Station Square
train station to the hotel entrance, jump on the ledge.
"During the morning traffic, use the fountain to get the balloon."
Completion: Speed Highway, near the end, use the fountain to get
the spring and then the balloon!

Mission 30
Location: On the ancient ruin that leads to Lost World, go to the
opposite side (I think its Knuckles's entrance).
"A fugitive have escaped from the jail of burning hell! Find the
Completion: Red Mountain, near the end (in the cave), take the
newly appearing badnicks and bop get to the ledge on the top.

Mission 33
Location: In the Egg Carrier pool area, it should be located
inside of it.
"Shoot yourself out of the cannon and get the balloon!"
Completion: Outside the Deck Area, a balloon has appeared, take
the cannon (only one works, its trial and error) and nab it. This
is in the area where you can get to the inside level with the
yellow platform.

Mission 34
Location: On a walkway near the blue ring of final battle-dom.
"Can you find the balloon that is hidden on the ship's bridge?"
Completion: A chain of rings has appeared, charge up a Light Speed
Dash, take the spring and use the dash.

Mission 36
Location: Above the entrance to Hot Deck (the only level Sonic
does not go to).
"Fighter aircraft are flying everywhere. Somebody get me out of
Completion: Bring the man from the begining of the sky deck where
the wind blows. Right after you destroy ther big cannon in the
rig-like structure, to a circle before the fighter planes.

Mission 40
Location: Go inside of Tail's workshop (the door that opens),
which is in the Mystic Ruins.
"What is hidden in the area that the giant snake is staring at?"
Completion: Lost World, the swimming snake. When the water level
is maxed (3 switches), charge up a Light Speed Dash, release it on
the chain of rings that have appeared, stay on the snake to get to
the chain.

Mission 41
Location: On the steps of the ancient ruin where Lost World's
entrance is located.
"Look real carefully just as you fall from the waterfall!"
Completion: Lost World, after the area of fast moving water, when
you fall from the waterfall stay near the center and close to
water to obtain the balloon.

Mission 45
Location: The Sand Hill cave.
"Go to a place where the rings are laid in the shape of Sonic's
Completion: Egg Carrier area, where the Sonic Doll is for Gamma,
go to the right and jump to the other ledge (you need to be as
close to it as possible, then take the spring and keep pressing
forward, a flag is located in the center of a set of rings, the
rings are always there.

Mission 46
Location: Where Big finds his lure in the Jungle area.
"A secret base full of mechanical traps. Pay attention, and you
might see..."
Completion: Final Egg, the large drop, obtain the balloon located
wile you are falling down.

Mission 49
Location: In the sewer that Sonic goes to in order to get his
light speed dash, go the opposite side (Big's entrance to Twinkle
"Scorch through the track, and get all the flags!"
Completion: Twinkle Park, in the begining with the kart obtain the
flags scattered around.

Mission 53
Location: Near where the Ancient Light item is found (the same
"Pass the line of rings with 3 Super High Jumps on the ski slope!"
Completion: Ice Cap, near the end, the last 3 jumps, hit them just
right and complete the mission (this is hard).

************************************************** ****************
IMPORTANT NOTE: Avoid doing this as your last mission (Mission
53), 20th mission or 40th mission because there is apparently a
glitch that happens about 1/2 of the time that the game crashes
(no save file damage apparently) after some weird messages. The
other half of the time it works fine.
************************************************** ****************

Mission 55
Location: Take the Twinkle Park elevator but turn left instead of
to the right.
"Run down the building to get all the balloons!"
Completion: While running down the building in Speed Highway, get
all 8 balloons (its hard but reset is your best friend).

Mission 57
Location: On Angel Island (where the Master Emerald is), behind a
"Peak of the volcanic mountain! Watch out for the lava!"
Completion: Red Mountain, at the peak, use the springs to propel
Sonic to a balloon.

Mission 58
Location: In the jungle area, go down the ladder and its right
"The big rock will start rolling after you! Try to get all the
Completion: When the boulder falls, turn back to avoid it and
slowly obtain the 36 flags (always in groups of 3).

Tails' Missions

Total: 8

Mission 4
Location: On the platform of the Mystic Ruins Train Station.
"Weeds are growing all over my place! I must get rid of them!"
Completion: There are weeds around Tails' workshop. Chop them
with the Tail Spin attack. A few are in the water, those might
cause people trouble.

Mission 10
Location: In front of the elevator in Station Square.
"What is that sparkling in the water?"
Completion: Station Square Chao Garden, beteen the fountain and
the wall.

Mission 16
Location: In the area where Knuckles gets the shovel gloves.
"Get the flags from the floating islands!"
Completion: There are floating islands that have this kind of


With X being a windmill building, - being a small walkway and O
being a circle area. You can walk on these, get the flags in the
O area. There are a total of 8 scattered around the entire level.

Mission 24
Location: In the alley where you obtain the Ice Stone.
"I hate this dark and filthy place!' Can you find it?"
Completion: Begining of Casinopolis, fly to up on your left, near
the ceiling is a bilboard of Cream and Cheese.

Mission 31
Location: In front of the train station clock in Station Square.
"Get the balloon as you float in the air along with the trash!"
Completion: Second fan room, there is a balloon near the top of
the fan room.

Mission 37
Location: Jungle area, end of the mine cart tracks.
"Fly over the jungle, and get all the balloons!"
Completion: Carefully fly over the Jungle, getting all the
balloons (there are no hidden ones (.

Mission 47
Location: Tails' Workshop's roof.
"Get 10 baloons on the field under the time limit!"
Completion: Flip the switch where you started this mission, the
balloons appear, get them all before time runs out.

Mission 54
Location: Outside the entrance to Ice Cap.
"Slide downhill in a blizzard and get all of the flags!"
Completion: While snowboarding in Ice Cap get the 13 flags.


Total: 9 Missions

Mission 5
Location: Casino area, near the gambling mother and her child.
"I lost my balloon! It's way up there now!"
Completion: The balloon is right above the two people, climb a
ledge and glide into it (how does blowing it up help?)

Mission 12
Location: The Egg Hornet Battle area.
"Who is a Chao good friends with? And what is hidden underneath?"
Completion: There are many bilboards (Sonic game propaganda), dig
in front of the one with Cream (a pink rabbit) and Cheese (her
Chao with a bow tie).

Mission 25
Location: Ledge near the entrance of Speed Highway. Its the one
on the right.
"What is hidden under the lion's right hand?"
Completion: Casinopolis, under the Golden Lion's left paw (from
his perspective, its your right), there is a flag.

Mission 26:
Location: Ledge near the entrance of Speed Hightay. Its the one
on the left.
"What is that on top of the ship's mast that the pirates are
Completion: Casinopolis, where the two pirate ships are, pick the
one that isn't burning and get to its Crow's Nest (on top of the
mast) there will be a flag.

Mission 32
Location: Middle of the bridge that leads to Angel Islands (the
Emerald Altar).
"Can you get the balloon that is hidden under the bridge?"
Completion: A balloon is located under the bridge, it is hard to
get to with badnick and bouncer cover.

Mission 38
Location: On the ledge where Fighting Gloves can be found.
"A message from an ancient people: In the direction where the
burning arrow is pointing, you will see..."
Completion: Lost World, go to the tiny room with the circular
building in the middle. 2 rows of constantly firing arrows have
appeared, dig in there center.

Mission 48
Location: Top of a lamp post in Station Square. The lamp post is
located next to the Antique Store (the Golden Chao Egg).
"Can you get the medallion that the giant Sonic is staring at?"
Completion: Casinopolis, in front of the big Sonic's eyes is a
medallion, that is covered with springs and to get it you have to
glide through the center.

Mission 56
Location: The cave that leads to the the Ice Cap area, outside its
entrance, look near the tree to the right.
"Relentless eruptions occur in the flaming canyon. What could be
hidden in the area she's staring at?"
Completion: Red Mountain, find the Cream poster, glide straight
across to a small cliff. Dig in the middle of the rings.

Mission 59
Location: In the Egg Carrier Pool area at the tip of the diving
"Watch out for the barrels, and find the hidden flag inside the
Completion: Sky Deck, slant the ship to the right, go to the area
after the two moving handles. In one of the opening doors is a

Amy's Missions

Total: 5

Mission 6
Location: In front of the hut near the mine cart to the Jungle
"He is going to drown! Help the man in the water!"
Completion: There is a man in the lake the waterfall empties to,
bring him to the circle where the mission card was.

Mission 18
Location: Inside the train station in Station Square, go to the
counter right next to the stairway (on the right side).
"During the night, at the amuesment park, place your jumps on the
top of one of the tables."
Completion: Twinkle Park, in the begining there are a few new
platforms, simply jump from one to the next and to the spring to
get the balloon.

Mission 19
Location: Station Square, the area outside the front entrance of
the train station, above the ledge of the music store.
"What is that behind the mirror?"
Completion: Twinkle Park, in one of the mirror rooms you see a
reflection of a balloon. Obtain the invisible balloon, which is
where it should be according to the reflection.

Mission 43
Location: Inside of a prison cell in Egg Carrier (its a threat to
society, lol...).
"Fortress of steel. High Jump on 3 narrow paths. Be careful not to
Completion: Hot Shelter, second set of colored blocks get to the 3
narrow passes above it. Get the spring which gets you the

Mission 50
Location: Near the entrance to Final Egg.
"Select a road that splits into 5 paths before time runs out!"
Completion: In the area with the random dead-ends hit the switch
and run to the Sonic Pinball Party poster (located in a dead end).

Big the Cat's Mission

Total: 8

Mission 8
Location: On a patch of grass outside the main entrance to the
Train Station of Station Square.
"The medallion fell under there! No illegal parking please!"
Completion: Go into the sewer by lifting the car and head where
Sonic would go for his light speed shoes, the medallion is over

Mission 14
Location: Left of the main entrance to the Station Square, Train
"I am the keeper of this hotel! Catch me if you can!"
Completion: Catch the fish in the hotel pool.

Mission 22
Location: In the hotel, take the stairs up.
"Find the flag hidden in the secret passage under the emerald
Completion: Emerald Coast, go to the secret area, on the island in
the center is the flag, get it.

Mission 29
Location: By Knuckles's Speed Highway entrance, look opposite the
one with the rock for the Gold Chao Egg.
"I am the keeper of this canal! Catch me if you can!"
Completion: Head to the water behind the Twinkle Park elevator,
look in the sewers for a fish and catch it.

Mission 35
Location: The cave near Tails' workshop, where Knuckles finds his
Shovel Gloves.
"I am the keeper of this icy lake! Catch me if you can!"
Completion: In the water before Ice Cap, catch the fish.

Mission 44
Location: Egg Carrier, entrance to the pool, go to the right, this
is outside the entrance not in the pool area.
"I am the keeper of this ship! Catch me if you can!"
Completion: In the Egg Carrier Pool, catch the fish.

Mission 52
Location: Big's House
"Get 3 flags in the jungle under the time limit!"
Completion: Flip the switch and take the left path in map mode,
one flag is located near the ruins entrance, another in Knuckles's
digging area and one by the stairs out.

Mission 60
Location: Mystic Ruins, on the train tracks (its on the train
"Something is hidden inside the dinosaur's mouth. Can you find
Completion: Head into the eye of the dinosaur and get the
medallion from it.

E-102's Missions

Total: 5

Mission 7
Location: In front of the mine cart, to the jungle area (not in
the Jungle, outside of it).
"Lonely Metal Sonic needs a friend. Look carefully."
Completion: In the area of the first E-101 battle is a wax figure,
pick him and bring him to the circle outside Metal Sonic.

Mission 21
Location: In front of the entrance to Eggman's base.
"Protect the Sonic doll from the Spinners surrounding it!"
Completion: Final Egg, get to the Sonic doll and destroy the
surrounding badnicks (avoid hitting the Sonic Doll because it
would complete the level).

Mission 39
Location: In the room where Sonic finds the Chaos Ring.
Jump/Glide to it and open it by locking on to the switch, right
when your outside of it.
"Treasure hunt at the beach! Find all the medallions under a time
Completion: In E-102's loop bypass there is a switch, flip it to
start the medallions, they are scattered in the froggy island.
The 2 hard ones are one in the begining you must hover to and one
hidden on the beach to the left of the island near a 1-up.

Mission 42
Location: Across from the prison cell in which Amy was in.
"I can't get into the bathroom. How could I've let something like
this happen to me?"
Completion: Hot Shelter, at the start destroy all of the enemies
in the bathroom area.

Mission 51
Location: Near the tip of the Ancient Ruins, hover to it and then
"Gunman of the Windy Valley! Destroy all of the Spinners under a
time limit!"
Completion: Windy Valley, you will find a switch that activates a
timer and the spinners, shoot them all fast!
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