Real Nasty Habit achievement in Aliens vs Predator

Real Nasty Habit

Get 18060 XP in Ranked Matches

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How to unlock the Real Nasty Habit achievement

  • General JouryGeneral Joury330,173
    12 Jun 2011 16 Jun 2011 18 Aug 2018
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    Domination Boosting Method:

    First, get a Party of 8 people, divided in 2 seperate Lobbies.

    So you have 2 Lobbies consisting of 4 members each, the Lobby Leaders have to be guys that live close to each other, like 2 European Leaders, or 2 Americans etc then search for "Domination" and "Players 8".

    When the game begins you will have 2 teams, Marine and Alien, and you'll find 3 Capture Points on the map. (Just leave the 3 Capture Points alone, because the Match will take 1 hour if no-one captures it, and if you accidentily capture it, tell your partner to stabilize it) As the Marine, you will get the most XP, because the Alien get's significantly less. You have to find a Partner (Preferably already discussed in the Xbox LIVE Party) and find a spot on the map where you want to meet to boost Kills.

    The way you kill is this: The Marine equips his Pistol (Up on D-Pad, Infinite ammo) and shoots the Alien 3 times in the head with LT, then shoots RT twice in his body, and finishes the Alien off with a Melee hit (RB).

    Then here is the key (All credit goes to DriZzT1987!): The Alien body will sometimes start "glitching" meaning flying and moving through the area, just keep on meleeing his dead body, every scream the Alien makes is another Melee Kill! Which nets you around 10 XP.

    Let the Survivor get 99 Kills first (If it's 100, the match will end), because he gets the most XP (You will have to switch sides next match, so the Survivor has to be Alien this time, and vice versa just to be fair to each other) and then it is the turn for the Alien to get kills just to pass the time. Either you hit him first with LB and then Execute him, or just a regular Execution, it doesn't matter, either way works.

    The Survivor will get around 1500-2500 XP using this method, and the Alien will get around 400-700 XP.

    Good luck boosting this! It will take a while unfortunatly.

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    XxFrAsZeRxXIf you're having trouble connecting try this: Have one party search under the game type filter and get into the lobby where you wait for players. Then with the other party search with "ANY" on both game type and player numbers. I was matching up with my dummy accounts immediately. Hope this helps. toast
    Posted by XxFrAsZeRxX on 19 Nov 18 at 22:57
    Afr Geo BlazeSome additions from my own solo grind :

    1. The chosen spot for meeting can be Alien spawn area. No restrictions about respawn, they can do just even by your side.

    2. You'll not have everytime 1+5 extra screams. This glitch is what it is, so there's a part of "random" in it : for example, sometime, you can get only 2 screams even if you did everything right. However, following every step perfectly definitly increase your chances to get 5-6 screams in the end. And do not worry, you don't need to do 100 times 6 screams to get around 2500xp.
    By the way, the most xp I got was exactly 2820xp 3 times (I had the 6000xp achievement before starting alone, so I just needed 5 games), so I don't know if there isn't a limit cap for each session, 'cause it does not look like a coincidence.

    3. If perform perfectly, the melee attack can make you follow the glitching body (even if it run through the ceiling), so keep your aim over it. You can also trigger the glitch even if you have to melee several times before killing your opponent or if you move from your position while knocking the body (those are not recommended though, there's more chance to fail if you do, but not always), and it can still continue even if you fail 1 or even 2 melee shot (rarely). All that say, don't stop about knocking the body even if it seems that you failed.

    However, if the melee stop following the body, the glitch is almost certainly over.

    4. If perform perfectly, the glitch will usually show on the screen that you blasted your opponent twice, but you will always have 1 kill count. Anyway, having the screen showing a double kill on your opponent always mean that the glitch is at least triggered.

    5. If killed in an open area, the body can start running through the ground or jumping everywhere. If done with a wall behind, it can slide on the wall up to the ceiling and even fall behind you. So, the best way I used to keep the body as stuck as possible was to make the alien following a curved wall and looking a little away from it, so it usually followed the path of the wall. It increase the chance to follow the body while knocking (see 3.) than having it dancing around x-] .
    Posted by Afr Geo Blaze on 28 Jun 19 at 19:23
    kugelblitz22If you are only 3 people, its easy boostable in team deathmatch.
    you get around 800-1100XP(depends on the map and the amount of screams) in 15 minutes.The Alien glitch DOES NOT!!! work for the host.
    There are still plenty of Random dudes who play this game (no idea why) who can fuck your boosting session up.Here is a way to avoid it.
    Player 1,2,3 and the randoms are in a game
    Player 1(Host):stay with the random in the game.
    Player 2: leaves the game and hosts a new game for 8 players.
    Player 3: leaves the game and search for the new lobby. (Search for 18 players somehow its easier to find games when you search a game with 18 players, no idea why).
    Now the lobby will drop down the amount of players to start the game (its says "2 players found waiting for 6 more...5 more...4 more" so on it will get stuck at waiting for 1 more).
    Player 1: who is still in a game with the randoms, leaves the game and search for a new lobby (again 18 players) and now be in a lobby with player 2 and 3.
    Start the game as fast as possible so no random joins.
    Now you have 15 minutes to boost xp without someone fucks you up. :)
    Posted by kugelblitz22 on 09 Apr at 15:40
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  • tylcr2pt0tylcr2pt0175,198
    01 Oct 2011 26 Jul 2011
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    Not to take away from Jennitiger1183 but my method offers an option that makes use of the organizational aspect of live parties coupled with the horrible matchmaking to your advantage. Very similar to the domination method but it offers control over chaos.

    Using a party of 4 ppl (8 will help you avoid randoms, but reduce your kill count but not significantly) enter the menus and split into 2 groups of 2. (I personally have never checked connection comparability using DM but it would prob work here).

    The key here is not to play domination but instead both groups search Mixed Species DM. The reason being is often when moving on to the second game of a domination boosting session you can never get the marines and aliens to swap teams keeping everyone happy! Now once in the lobby one person from each team plays as the marine the other plays as the alien. Obviously if your playing with 8 it will be 2 marines per team 2 aliens per team.

    Contrary to Jennitiger1183's calculation the Marines not the aliens will get more xp. Let me explain. The bonus will come from performing a melée kill followed up with subsequent melée kills. Perform it as such, swap to your pistol and using burst fire 3 3 rnd burst into the aliens head allowing a pause between each burst to let the alien's head come back center. After the burst quickly move to a position to the rear/side of the alien and put 2 single shots into the alien hip. Next perform a melée. If done correctly the alien should die on the first melée if not. Keep hitting it until it dies. The following is key!!! Continue to melée the corpse, if you hear the alien scream it is registered as a kill but not displayed on the in game kill count. The most I've personally achieved is an extra 5 screams!!!

    To cover gameplay, the games are shorter and faster than domination. My example will use a party of 4. With one player each team as a marine one as alien the marines will come to a generally central area of the map. The aliens will run to the marines to be slaughtered. By having one player on each team the players can exceed 25 kills each without reaching the team cap of 50 kills. If your partner is fast you can easily get 30 kills my best us 34. 

    The end result depending on the number of "extra" kills you acquire is 400-700 xp. For 20 min of gametime. Over the course of a typical domination boosting session you WILL come out on top. Again the huge benefit is being able to alternate the team members species easier to speed up matchmaking!!! 

    Good luck to all if you have any recommendations or corrections please PM me! Thanks
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    Eric FiltroTry to come up from behind when doing the last melee hit. It seems to increase the chances of getting the extra hits.
    Posted by Eric Filtro on 26 Jul 11 at 20:20
    tylcr2pt0Thnx for the note, thought I mentioned that.
    Posted by tylcr2pt0 on 26 Jul 11 at 20:40
  • Jennitiger1138Jennitiger1138700,108
    23 Dec 2010 20 Dec 2010 11 Jan 2011
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    Ok I am currently grinding out games with a friend and we have been going to party chat then each searching for a normal deathmatch game and teaming up as marines to hunt down other players if there are many, but often we have managed to get in a game with only 1 or 2 other players when this happens as well as killing them we take turns to kill each other 5 times to get a kill streak and persecutor status then swapping over, as we gang up on the other players they will sometimes leave (yes sorry about that, I know its not team mode but needs must when getting exp is a pain) meaning we don't have to look over our shoulders, this works best on the smaller maps (jungle is ideal) but any will do, pick a spot in the middle of the map and head to it (you sometimes have to move to another location because the other players will quickly cotton on and lay in wait) we have managed to get a good 30 kills each and had around 180 exp per game (on a good one and 100+ on others) yes its dull repetitive and tedious but its better than playing games and getting far less, my friend has gotten 6k exp in just over a week, about 26 hours of game time.

    We picked marines as the majority of other players tend to go for the other species (marines tends to be new players choice) decide what you want to be depending on whatever you play best as (tho predator seems to score less per kill), but bear in mind that you cant easily tell you friend from foe (so work out a signal, jump, flash your light, cloak/decloak) in games that have others of same race, in games with alot of players just play normally if its hard to meet up, the game is fun despite the awful matchmaking, tho there do seem to be alot of players who manage to kill you with one claw swipe from way too far away so its quite frustrating so having a buddy to moan about it to while playing and spot for you helps

    This method will work with any number of players who can get in same game, even numbers are best as you pair up but we have done it with 3 of us (1 kills other 2, 5 times each and rotate), we managed 30 kills each in one 15 min game, 180exp each, obviously if you don't get any random players so much the better but if you do and they are Aliens stick in open to see them coming, Predators, a tunnel helps as they cant snipe from up high, if they are a marine its a pain as you cant tell who is who so the person doing the killing just shoot any marine you can see and communicate where you are (agreeing which skin you will use helps)

    You will also easily get the 10 deathmatch wins this way as even with some random players in the game one of you should win, also 10 kills without dying and double persecutor as well if you dont have them

    This is an alternative method tho its trickier to do, get 2 lobbies together with 4 in each (or any even number) and search for an 8 player domination match the other team waits until they have a lobby with "4 players waiting for 4" then they search under "any" number of players, when you get paired up (this is where you will have to keep trying as its hard and may take a lot of tries) pick a buddy in opposite team and do the 5 kills then swap method as long as you don't capture control points you have an hour to get kills (or first to 100 kills, so if one pair is fast wait at 99 til others catch up)

    To massively increase your chances of getting matched try this: first all the people trying to team up first all search individually for solo deathmatch and see who in the party you match with, try this a few times to get some idea of who keeps matching with whom, then players who regularly match together join opposite lobbies in domination, eg, if A matches with B and C with D, 2 two teams of A,C and B,D have a huge chance of matching, it seems people of a close geographical proximity have the best chances of matching well. Once you are all in the same lobby ready up straight away to limit chance of any randoms joining.

    In Domination the Aliens will score the most exp especially if they do a heavy frontal attack followed by a special kill, 100 kills can net you upwards of 750 exp with the marine around 550 (stick to pulse rifle or shotty, grenade kills, sniper and smartgun seem to net less points maybe due to them being "easy" kills), dont forget that this mode will not count towards the 10 wins achiev but 10 kills without dying and double persecutor can be obtained easily

    Above all remember the achievement isn't hard to get, just very very time consuming, keep at it play in 3 or 4 hour sessions if you can rather than a game here and there so it soon adds up, and lets hope when Aliens: Colonial Marines comes out its gonna make up for this (cant be worse now can it?)

    Just got it, last 8k in 14 hours inc lobby waiting times playing domination method so possible to get achiev in around 35 hours if you can connect fast with no randoms and playing 50/50 as both marine and alien
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