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13 May 10
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Super Soldier achievement in LOST PLANET 2

Super Soldier

Complete the game on Hard.

Super Soldier+0.1
14 June 2010 - 3 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeDifficulty Specific

How to unlock the Super Soldier achievement

  • GoukensamaGoukensama239,296
    07 Jul 2010 07 Jul 2010 17 Jan 2011
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    The difficulty achievements don't stack up so it would probably be best to play through on easy and/or normal first so you can unlock some better weapons and abilities.
    I used the abilities T-eng Supply 1 to keep up T-eng levels and Recovery 1 for quick healing.
    Like all difficulties you have to play through episode 1 chapter 2 twice as you will have to uncover the hidden route (cave entrance at the beginning of the level directly to your right on the rock face) and proceed through an alternate area to face the boss at the end of the chapter. You will also need to complete prologue-B (play the intro chapter as player 2 or 4) as well.
    Below is a link to the Lost Planet 2 Wiki abilities page that has thorough descriptions of all the abilities and what they do.


    Edit: Some people have been having trouble unlocking this achievement. Make sure that you complete each mission from beginning to end. DON'T join a game from a checkpoint midway through a mission otherwise the game will not count the mission as completed.

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    ZachRobins0nWill someone help my get prologue b done no one ever has and 1-0 setup on hard
    Posted by ZachRobins0n on 19 Feb 11 at 17:46
    ArmedGamerbeastLol screw trying to complete this in 2020 laugh
    Posted by ArmedGamerbeast on 18 Apr at 02:29
    JoinedGAGEI'm about to start it again haha
    Posted by JoinedGAGE on 02 Jul at 22:15
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  • Harlequin GodHarlequin God100,668
    25 Dec 2012 25 Dec 2012
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    Adding some tips to Gouken:

    - def. go with T eng supply and recovery 1, this will keep your engery from constantly going down, and recovery 1 is critical as it increase drastically the recovery time using the start button, using recovery one you can fully heal in less than a few seconds, without it you will probably die before you heal

    - I personally feel this is best done with 2, maybe 3 people; bots are useless majority of the time, but they are free meat shields who can also distract bosses away from you; players on the other hand add more skill but there are just too many areas where you can all be wiped out at once, killing your battle gauge in seconds; all bots on the other hand is suicidal for sequences requiring assistance like the train

    - dont rush, I think myself and too many people see a timer or hear them say do something quickly and panic getting killed in the process; most timers in the game are just one where you have to whittle down the time, if it stops it stays there and does not go back, so there really is no rush; honestly I think in the game there is really only one critical area where its about timing; when you face the sand g akrid on the train, if you do not shot it quick enough when it says last shot, it will kill you even at full health
    - all other areas just calmly move through them

    - Boss 1-2, first trouble area, this boss is a troll; it has two arms which you shot, and when one falls off it drops to the ground exposing its head; this is actually a distraction, you want to instead aim for the four arms on the side, they do the same thing, dropping the head, but even on hard using a machine gun/or gun sword shaves all 4 with one person in a few seconds; while each leg can take over a minute; using this method it will get less attacks, and you get more
    - other tips, get all 4 posts on the the prior level then backtrack to the hidden route, this way you get another level with 3 more data posts, ie more deaths, I think most people either skip the first four posts and go right to the secret hole, or they skip the hole and go right to the bosses; also using the secret route gains you access to Vs
    - last tip on this boss, there are two kind of safe areas, one is the ledge on the right (if looking from the bridge to the boss) where you emerge from the secret level, bots will usually drop down and this area is rarely targeted by frost breath, the downside becomes it can be targeted by the ice shards and the area for dodging is small; the other decent area are the platforms on the cliff side, on the furthest left and right I dont think you can get hit by anything but ice shards, but once again the area is small for dodging

    - stage 1-3; only thing I can tell you here is get the multi seat vs, it has unlimited ammo which can than help you dispatch the vs enemies quick, plus it helps against the salamander boss, and inccidentally, against the Salamander boss, he cannot enter the beginning area, so you can just sit there and wail away, the only thing you have to avoid is his electric attack, and his tongue, but if you move all the way back he cant do anything

    - 2-2, on the last part with all the Vs, get to the area where baggers spawn infinitely through the door in the back area, on a ledge is a VS with a canon and 99 rounds, assuming you can dodge enough, it can take down the other vs relatively quick

    2-3 - this is critical, against the flying boss you are given a major major break, on the far side where the train was, you have a multi seat vs with infinite ammo; using the Gatling gun target the leg, not the head, killing the leg each time does a lot more damage, plus if you do enough damage, it prevents him from using his most lethal attack, the fireball one; have your other teammate use rockets or some other strong attack and target the leg, and you wail away with the Gatling gun, and he will go down; do not use the bunker pile, its just to risky to get that close to hit him, and rarely stays stationary long enough to use it

    3-3 Worm boss, this is honestly the only level where I would say go with four people; its doable with two, but on hard and above I doubt you can pull it off with the npcs; battle gauge does not matter here, you cant really be killed by much, you mainly have to worry about the train; with four people have a gunner, a loader/turner, and two ammo collector's/ train coolers; with two people have a gunner/turner with the occasional load, and the other guy load collect and cool the train; let the second guy mainly collect and load, but if the bar reaches around a half or the train starts catching fire, have them quickly cool it; in an ideal situation the 2 npcs can collect enough ammo that the 2nd player can actually also turn the gun using the buttons on the side, allowing the gunner to focus on the target
    - and remember when it says last shot, 2nd player needs to drop everything and just turn the canon, you have less than 20 seconds or so to pull off one more shot or its game over no matter how much life the train has

    - episode 4 honestly is relatively easy, this is your breather , the only tricky part is the under water level at the end; for the twin snakes, simply stay on the ledge behind the door and they cant pass it, so they just swim in front of you ready to shot; and the more dangerous area is the one at the very end with 4 tough VSs, my only tip here is make sure you have as many VSs on your side as possible and hope to out gun them

    - episode 5 on the flip side I think is by far the hardest episode in the game; the episode is entirely on one ship, its very cramped, the enemies have strong weapons, many VSs
    - on the chapter where you take the ship by starting the two posts, my main advice is to not panic, even if they stop a post, the timer does not reset, plus they seem to only try to turn off one post at a time, so if a post gets captured have both players run to the captured one and take out the guys, another tip; on the deck there is a canon that can hit one of the posts, assuming you are good enough with the gun, one guy can just sit on this gun and shot a constant steam of fire on the post, most likely killing anyone who gets close
    - when nevec tries to retake the ship, best bet is to have one guy top side killing as many enemies as possible, if you can take out the osprey fast enough you can prevent VSs and men from landing; however the only way to lose this stage is to have the enemy open the door at the bottom near the two posts; have the other guy guard this area, action here can be sparse if your other player is good, but you will occasionally get little packs of five or so enemies to take out; if playing solo its a tougher call, but Id hope for decent help from the npc since the space is small and take my chances camping at the door then risking one guy sneaks by and ends the level
    -against the spider boss have one guy focus on legs and one guy focus on legs plus balls that the spider shots out
    - it will usually go down some time after the 3 leg has been hit, but before the 4th; have the one guy remain on the any turret looking out for the balls, and have the other guy run up the leg and hit the back; tip for hard, even after you kill the back it will have a sliver of health you have two options, either finish the fourth leg, or hit the ball shooter thing on the back, it should go down after either is dead; although I will point out you have to hit both from a distance as you cannot grapple to either, although the shooter is close; honestly the ball shooter is the key; not because he prevents damage to the ship, but because without him, you will get hit, and probably knocked off the ship before you can even reach the leg; if you are going solo; make sure to either dodge or shot the balls as you move
    - "shot those wings" stage - As far as I know you cannot take critical damage, ie there ship cant destroy yours; although I did not test this theory, but I handled this level slow enough that if you could die that way you would and I did not; 2 people here is ideal once again; one mans the canon aiming at the wings; each shot can almost take out one wing; the second player should focus on hitting the other canon so it does not fire; remeber the canon uses t eng; so you occasionally have to recharge, plus it can be damaged so if it takes too many its it can cost a lot to repair in t eng; I assume maybe it can be destroyed? dont know for sure; the canon operator can occasionally target an osprey or VS to help the other partner; once the wings are gone its a little easier, with the canon operator firing at the other canon non stop, with 2p hitting the canon in between preventing it from firing; at the end you have to board their ship and take it over while protecting yours; npcs are actually good bodygurads, so have one guy raid the other ship making sure to take out the turrets first, and the other stays back with the npcs; caution to the raiding player, the enemy data post is guarded by at least one VS and 10 or more enemies, you better have grenades and VS armaments
    - one other note, in case anyone is confused, on the first part of the 5, and when operating Ospreys; the shoulder buttons move the VS up and down, thats how you get on the ship on the first part

    - 6 is actually not that bad with 5 done;
    - on the space level where you go up the tower area, just be careful for VSs, and as noted by my buddy VS are fragile to laser VS weapons so on the combined VS boss use the laser VS weapon available
    - ice levels, just run; forget the data posts, each one has 4 or so rolly guys spawn there, and on hard killing that many is well hard, plus they spawn at each one, resulting in dozens of these guys rolling everywhere
    - on the second part, get on the turrets or stay inside the central area and cherry pick enemies, but as soon as it says enemies are thin, just run towards the diamond ; there are just too many enemies; against the worm bosses either go with a VS gatling gun, and when it runs out switch to Laser weapon, you are surrounded by veins and pools of thermal, as long as you avoid the charge attack where the worm eats you, its hard to lose this fight
    - last part of 6; in the second area, take the right route near data post 3; in the third area, you can scale to a secret passage (this is critical as this allows you to avoid an area where you face two eyes on both sides with next to no area to dodge, ie suicide); I recommended finding the area first on an easier level you dont have to search for it on hard, it should be kind of obvious, there are 3 progressive ledges and then the opening in a building; once in the hidden passage go all the way to the end, and instead of going straight, turn left and shot out some ruble in a hallway, this takes you to the next area where you have a dozen npcs with energy weapons and only one eye; its a tight room, but it has a hidden VS rocket behind some rubble and 2-3 shots take out the in each phase, with 3 phases, its small so its hard to miss, but not so small that you cant dodge the occasional eye attack; after this area its the boss fight where you have 3 data posts, and cant really die so dont worry if you squeeze through with only 500-1000 on the battle gauge
    -quite frankly the final bosses sucks, and if you have a problem here you need to play another game; just shot the faces till they calcify, then grapple up and plant the gps; 2 plants should do the trick; but you are literally in t eng, the boss is slow, and has relatively easy to dodge attacks; if you made it this far the prompted land awaits

    - my last tip is dont use energy weapons, they just drain to much and do too little damage; make sure gun sword is your base weapon as it has a solid melee; and go with probably shot gun and canon, and rifle for your other weapons

    - one other note, when I played with a buddy we did not have to play stage 1-2 twice, but I guess this varies
    15 May 2010
    5 4 3
    complete game on hard dont forget about the secret area in episode 1 chapter 2 ... at the beginning of the level there will be a group of trees on the right grapple thru and u will find a secret area. easiest done with 1 other person in coop because when bots die they dont diminish your battle score especially if u have 4 player coop and teammates are mediocre
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    Cpt Kent Jamesu have to go in the hidden area in 1-2 and u have to go the normal way to get this mening this is the only lvl u have to do 2 times on each Difficulty.
    Posted by Cpt Kent James on 31 May 10 at 02:45
    castaway guy619that secret chapter annoys me. just had to do it on hard solo. god i hate that chapter.
    Posted by castaway guy619 on 02 Jun 10 at 17:15
    KillieExileSo this is why it's not counting for me
    Posted by KillieExile on 12 Aug 13 at 11:11
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