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13 May 10
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War Vet achievement in Lost Planet 2

War Vet

Play 500 Online matches.

War Vet+0.5
14 July 2010 - 2 guidesOnline Game ModeVersusCumulative +

How to unlock the War Vet achievement

  • ll Lone Wolf lIll Lone Wolf lI311,040
    27 Jun 2011 24 Jul 2011
    19 3 7
    First let me say that if you are trying to complete this game this should be one of the the last achievements that you should go for. First get your noms, good jobs, and other online achievements done so that when you come to do this you only have to do a few hundred matches instead of 500.

    Go to player match and create a match with these settings-
    Game Type: Team Elimination
    Team Elimination: VS Annihilator
    Players: (How may people you are playing with, the number of people doesn't matter as long as there is at least 2 people)
    Private slots: (Number of players excluding you)
    Map: Pirate Fortress
    Team Change: ON

    As soon as the match starts have the blue VS leader jump off the cliff and once that is done you get one match in about 45-60 seconds(that is with the loading times).To speed things up have the suicide VS press in the left stick while moving left or right when the match begins, this will result in a short burst that propells you sideways faster. You can switch around which person will be doing the jumping off so that you can take a rest and watch some TV or do something else, to do this simply change teams so that it fits your needs. If you are doing this with only one other person I would suggest you switch host every once and awhile because there are two Noms having to do with hosting and they are-
    The Challenger - Play 100 Matchs as a Guest in someone's game.
    Emcee - Play 100 match's as the host.

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    aps42wow, i thought that had to be ranked! that's great cause i'm half way from ranked matches alone haha
    Posted by aps42 on 26 Nov 11 at 14:04
    MUSCAT5032If you turn halftime off it's only 1 round so its much faster
    Posted by MUSCAT5032 on 19 Jun 12 at 20:18
    monkeyboy3009It takes longer then 10 hours!
    i'm already playing for 9 hours atm.
    Posted by monkeyboy3009 on 22 Jun 13 at 11:32
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  • Harlequin GodHarlequin God100,673
    06 Feb 2013 03 Feb 2013 06 Feb 2013
    4 1 3
    A second solution to Dropshots goes as follows:

    Yourself, and either a dummy account or one other person
    Type: Fugitive
    Map: Dual Complex

    Dual Complex is actually a better map for suiciding then Pirate Fortress. Its literally a metal cat walk surrounded by death giving waters.

    -Basically only one account needs to do anything, so either a dummy account is fine, or your partner literally can just turn on the xbox and walk away

    - You must chose to be the fugitive at the start of every match, hit rb its in the menu

    - Then simply run off the side of the platform, its takes 4 suicides, but it literally takes under a minute to finish each match; the beauty of dual complex is that no matter where they spawn you, you are basically a jump away from being able to suicide versus pirate fortress which only has the crease at the top

    - as long as you hit rematch, the other player never has to do anything, and simply chose to be the fugitive and start the next match

    - Just some simple math to give you an idea of time it will require; you need a 100 wins, so the assumption is when you start boosting for this with a 100 online wins; so assuming the high end of the spectrum a minute per match - 400 matches / 60 minutes = 6 hours and 40 minutes total

    On the short end of the spectrum - 27 seconds for respawn + 5 secs per suicide = 42 seconds per match; translates roughly to 4 hours and 40 minutes

    So it will take somewhere between 5-7 hours to get 400 wins.

    Important: DNF is in play in player matches as well, so make sure not to leave any matches early or if you do, make sure to play enough matches to get it back to 0 before attempting ranked matches to finish or start the gunner achievement

    Edit 2: using shots setup switch the area to dual complex vs annihilator, match time is between 20-30 seconds , although with in between load time and setup, you will probably be closer to a minute if you are going in rapid succession

    Edit 3: Just an update, achievement unlocked today after 3 or 4 games. So I played a total of about 6 hours strictly for this achievement.
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    Smugz 03Nice guide, is Edit 2 the quickest way?
    Posted by Smugz 03 on 08 Jul 13 at 12:30
    Glenn 46Just an quick update. Doing your first method on Dual Complex and using a stop watch I got a range of times of between 1:33 to 1:36 to go full circle from pushing start match and getting back here again, most were 1:34 of the 25 timed runs. So simple math would dictate to get 400 matches would take 400 x 94 (seconds) / 3600 (seconds/hour) = 10.44 hours so you must have had quite a few matches under your belt before you did your run to finish this off.

    As for your Second edit playing annihilation on dual complex (not sure what you mean by SHOTS METHOD (no option for shots)). After 25 timed runs got 1:08 to 1:12 so we will call it 1:10. So for 400 matches it would be 400 x 70 (seconds) / 3600 (seconds/hour) = 7.77 hours or 7 hours 45 minutes to get all your matches done.

    So your second edit it the fastest way to get this done, as for your 6 hour time like I said earlier you must have had several matches past 100 before you started your run. The second method did shave off your predicted time of ~24 seconds.

    Good solution just thought you might want to know the actual times to get stuff done.
    Posted by Glenn 46 on 15 Mar 15 at 16:04
    Glenn 46UPDATE: Doing the Second Method on TEAM ELIMINATION-VS ANNIHILATION-HIGH RANKED PLAYERS as leader (assuming your main account will be the highest)-2 PLAYERS-DUAL COMPLEX-on TYPE 2 LAYOUT. You only need to die ONCE to complete the game instead of twice for the other TYPES. Doing this improved the time from 1:10 for a complete circuit to ~50 seconds for a circuit. When you spawn in move to your right (walking sideways) towards the metal fence and once you get there hit jump (A) while still moving to your right and you should miss the platforms below and land in the water and die. Quickest way to die here. If having trouble when you jump to miss those lower platforms right after you jump hit A again to give you a little jet boost then quickly hit A a third time to turn off the boost and this will carry you over the water. The new time estimate would be 400 x 50 (seconds) / 3600 seconds/hour = just over 5 1/2 hours.
    Posted by Glenn 46 on 18 Mar 15 at 16:52
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