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13 May 10
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Centurion achievement in Lost Planet 2


Win 100 Online Ranked matches.

31 May 2010 - 4 guidesOnline Game ModeVersusCumulative +

How to unlock the Centurion achievement

  • TitleInLargeTitleInLarge260,527
    30 Jun 2012 30 Jun 2012 24 Jan 2013
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    If you are fortunate enough to own 2 Xboxs and 2 copies of LP2, or a boosting buddy, then this guide is for you.

    Seeing as this game has almost been completely abandoned except for the odd weekend afternoon, you can easily boost Ranked matches with a boosting buddy or account.

    Have the boosting account/buddy custom search a game of Elimination (you can also do Post Grab but Elimination is quicker to complete) on any map to your preference.

    I highly advise that you purchase the Map Pack 1 or 2 (400MSP) as 95% of players don't own them and nobody actually likes them. I always chose one of the two to avoid anybody ever joining my lobby. You can do this on the shipped maps but it can be more of a hassle.
    Don't play Ranked Matches at night time! You will ALWAYS encounter players on shipped maps at that time!

    Join the lobby through custom search and wait about 3 minutes. If anyone joins the lobby and they aim to stay, have your main account leave the lobby. It'll give the impression that you won't have a full lobby and they will leave. Set Default Weapons to Long Ranged and have yourself equip a Plasma Gun II.
    If all goes to plan uninterrupted, your game will start 1v1.

    When the game begins, have the main account run to the other player (you might get lost at first. lol). Once there, get either above their character or behind them and aim for the head with zoomed scope with your Plasma Gun II, and headshot them.
    The boost account/buddy will be able to instantly respawn afterwards. Try to get them to spawn back to the location you killed them. When they respawn, they will be exactly where they were before. Assuming your rifle is still aiming at their head, have the boost account/buddy fire one bullet (this turns off the spawn protection) and then headshot them again.
    Rinse and repeat this action and you will eventually come to a point where the boosting account/buddy is low on Battle Gauge, meaning 1 more kill and the game is yours.
    Each game can be as quick as 3 minutes!! 20 kills a game.


    Make yourself a new gamer profile and join live. You will be sent through a bunch of confirmation nonsense and email notices. After passing through it all, choose to join free month and you will be required to input your Paypal details, mobile/phone number. You won't lose any money and you can easily take away your Paypal records when the month is up via. Paypal then xbox settings.

    PURCHASING A MAP PACK (2 for the price of 1):
    If you are using a boosting account and have 2 Xboxs or can share your gamertag with a trust worthy friend, have the boosting account/friend buy a Map Pack on the Xbox where your real gamertag's memory is on. Once downloaded, get the dummy/friend to download the Map Pack again on the 2nd/their xbox in the download history. The rights go to the xbox it was originally downloaded on and also the gamertag that bought it, so anyone on your real xbox gets to access the DLC without needing the dummy/friend's gamertag signed in on the same console.

    This method is perfect for getting your 1000 Online Kills done in the process, although this will not increase your Gunner rank unless you play against a higher rank than you (what a dumb concept Capcom...). Give it a shot! But I warn you, try to avoid the shipped maps as they are commonly played on by others. This method is bullshit-free stress-free but it can get repetitive, so take your time and relax. The game isn't going anywhere. :)

    P.S. Don't assume you can boost your way up to Rank 1 using this method. Some people have hacked the boards before I even made this guide. I'm previously made it to Rank 19 on 2 Ranked Leaderboards and was blocked from progressing any higher thanks to them... unless they lose one game :/

    Feedback is appreciated. Any questions I'm happy to answer. ;)

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    TillTheMorninggood guide! I just wanted to say that it's not possible at all to rank up with this method because you need at least 4 player in a lobby to get the chance to rank up. I tried to boost my rank, games won and kills with a friend that has the overlord rank but I didn't even rank up once. But the guide works perfect for the kills, wins and games played so thumbs up!
    Posted by TillTheMorning on 12 Jun 13 at 19:59
    Tao LogosExcellent method. It works, right down to the 2 for 1. Thanks! Thumbs up
    Posted by Tao Logos on 06 Aug 13 at 23:38
    A REAVER2364Hey Diamond you can add that you do not need to buy any of the additional multiplayer maps. You can simply lock the lobby by clicking back when your buddy is in the lobby with you. By clicking back and having the 'exit screen appear' asking you if you want to end or remain leave it there until the game starts and no one else will be allowed to enter. The lobby is 'locked' from then on. Hope this helps this was found out by me and I've used it many times. It should help people trying to get the achievement now.
    Posted by A REAVER2364 on 20 Jan 17 at 02:47
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  • GoukensamaGoukensama239,365
    11 Aug 2010 07 Oct 2010
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    This achievement is called "Centurion" and is unlocked by winning 100 Ranked battles in Online Mode.The Ranked battle modes are Elimination, Team Elimination or Data Post Battle. You will get wins more often if you play either Team Elimination or Data Post Battle as it can be tough to win Elimination if you're not great at the game. You can tell how many games you have won in the Ranked statistics menu by multiplying your amount of games played by your win ratio (for some reason there's no games won stat) .
  • ArcnautArcnaut126,162
    16 Jun 2010 16 Jun 2010 29 Dec 2010
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    Centurion - Win 100 Online Ranked matches

    Your win ratios can be used to track your progress. They can be found in the Ranked Match Statistics section in the My Page menus. Multiply your matches played of one game type by your win ratio of the same game type. This can't be done for the Elimination game type
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