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13 May 10
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Committed 'til the End achievement in Lost Planet 2

Committed 'til the End

Earn all the Good Job awards, items, and Career Levels available in the game.

Committed 'til the End+68.6
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How to unlock the Committed 'til the End achievement

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    Committed 'til the End - 100G

    In order to obtain this you must earn every single Weapon, Ability, GJ Awards, get all Factions to Lv.99 and earn all 476 Nom de Guerres, which means earning every single achievement too (which all unlock noms when rewarded). If you catch anyone with this achievement early on their game list, they are gamesavers and hackers. This achievement legitimately comes last!

    This achievement will take a ridiculous amount of time of at least 250+ hours to grind, boost and play to obtain (it's not as bad as Gears of War's Seriously 3.0). But what makes this a lot harder is jumping through all the hoops that Capcom have laid out for the few gamers who can survive such intense tasks.

    I will talk about the top 3 worst requirements for completing this game at 100%, earning you this as your final achievement. I will also give you information about certain noms that players have a hard time understanding how to get, and how to grind damage points off of weapons and Vital Suits.

    Get your reading glasses out!

    3rd of the Worst: TRAINING MODES at gold level.

    The Training Modes come with some easy tasks to the destroy your controller punishments. As part of the requirement, you need to attain a gold medal on every level for a Nom de Guerre:
    BASIC Training takes you through out 5 sections per map.
    - Level 1 being the race to the finish with no conditions.
    - Level 2 being the race to the finish with barriers blocking certain paths.
    - Level 3 being the race to the finish with VS turrets and sentries trying to mow you down.
    - Level 4 being the race to the finish with soldiers using Handguns or operating VS's trying to shoot you down.
    - Level 5 being the race to the finish with soldiers using better equipment for more damage and difficulty.

    If you are having a hard time doing these challenges, watch the videos I have made on how I managed to tackle the courses. Some may aid you and some you may laugh at with my times and clumsy techniques.
    If you're wondering why there are no world records, it is because I'm offline. I didn't want to risk making them worse as I already have NUMBER 1, and I want to evade braggers who would possibly boast about their scores.

    ADVANCED Training also takes you throughout 5 sections per map. This mode tends to be easier than Basic though, but this is a personal opinion from myself.
    - Level 1 being a race to capture all of the Data Posts scattered around the map.
    - Level 2 being the shoot the dummies target practice level.
    - Level 3 being the shoot the dummies organised in a different layout.
    - Level 4 is an AI elimination match where you must attain 10 kills.
    - Level 5 is another AI elimination match where you must score as high as you possibly can within 5 minutes.

    Again, if you are unsure of how to tackle this, watch my videos below I have made of all levels.

    2nd of the Worst: FACTION MATCH noms.

    There are 10 Noms which require you to win Faction matches as every faction, 3 times each!
    Every single week, Lost Planet 2 releases a new match on three locations which are randomised each week. Some can be DLC maps (which are ALWAYS empty on players as no one owns them).
    Due to the very rare number of gamers actually playing faction matches, it can be almost impossible to matchmake with other players. On top of that, your faction choice has to win as many games as possible so that your faction grows it's percentage on the pie chart of the level you are fighting on, or else you've wasted your chances.

    After every Sunday, the pie charts are tallied up and the results are shown after 6 hours on Monday (timezones differentiate). If your faction is at the highest percentage of a pie chart, then your faction has won that match, which will earn you a Nom de Guerre.
    Luckily you don't need to play a game at all to earn a nom. Just pick the leading faction of a chart, wait for the week to end and you will still be rewarded!
    If you are fortunate enough to have a week with all 3 pie charts covered with your faction as the most dominant percentage, you will still unfortunately only attain 1 overall victory… "Nice one Capcom…"
    So 1 chart is all you will need out of the 3.

    Earning all the Noms will take 15 weeks minimum if your faction has dominated a chart every week. As long as you keep winning games, the percentage of your faction will always increase, no matter how many players are playing a week.

    You can match up with a buddy if you wish and boost the charts up, one sacrificing their faction and one growing theirs. If you both want to win then have one friend keep winning on one chart and the other winning on a different chart.

    If you're unlucky enough to not be able to boost this or match up with a player, if you can see a faction already in the lead on the last couple of hours left that you need, pick that as your faction. If not and there is a chart available untouched, prayers to god that you will pair up with someone and win, becoming the winning faction of your choice. Others will probably follow you.

    If you get "disconnected" from the game (as that can happen on the odd occasion), the results won't count and the match will end without any changes to the pie chart, and you'll both earn the DNF% penalty as a bonus. Thanks Capcom! *sarcasm*

    1st of the Worst: NUMBER 1 nom de guerre.

    The biggest issue with this achievement is the NUMBER 1 nom de guerre, as throughout time it has become more unbearable and difficult to obtain. This definitely has to be the most soulless requirement Capcom has ever made for a video game…

    The only way you can possibly get NUMBER 1 is by breaking one of the 48 World Records (not including the hacked ones) on Training Mode or beating the World Record on Rush Arena DLC. That means becoming Rank 1 on an all-time global leaderboard!

    These are torturously challenging to do, but with practice and lots of patience, you can achieve it. With these leaderboards, you must get a time quicker than the Rank 1, which is possible! There are no ratio rules unlike the terrible Ranked leaderboards which are blocked by the top Ranks. Even if you did somehow make it to the Top 20, you'd only be rewarded a crown for your character, meaning you can never obtain the Nom playing Ranked games, so don't bother trying.

    You must have a connection to Xbox Live whilst trying to break a record. If not, and you earn a score higher than Rank 1 offline, it will never be uploaded to the leaderboard as you didn't earn in online. I learned my lesson from that during the 2012 Olympics…disconnecting in the middle of my attempt.

    Consistency is very important and of course fun. There is nothing worse than trying to tackle something you hate. Pick a stage you like and practice as often as you can until you begin to work out a technique for yourself to cut corners, making your record quicker than last time. When you hit the top 10, you will feel hunger-less with joy, eager to continue with massive confidence.

    If you want to copy other people's techniques, browse around on youtube searching up World Records on Lost Planet 2. Some videos may come from the PS3 or the PC but will show you that their records are just as good or even more dominant than the xbox records! Though I advise that you work out a routine for yourself as discovering advantages for yourself feels better than mimicking someone else (unless there is no other way).

    But just remember, the reward won't come to you if you don't make the effort. I agree, that yes, Capcom NEEDS to reset the boards, but after 2 years of poor development and ignoring feedback, they haven't done anything to resolve the problem… This isn't blasphemy, this is the truth… and their behaviour is dishonourable to the gaming industry! (A little rant there for those who feel the anger of this requirement. lol)
    If you are desperate, devoted and dedicated, then there is no reason why you cannot accomplish NUMBER 1!

    And a few more tips. Turn the music OFF!! Its goddamn annoying and will drive you insane when retrying so many times. Listen to the radio or your mp3 to keep the mental breakdown feeling at bay, listening to something valid or enjoyable in your music library.

    Below are currently the World Records on Lost Planet 2 as of 9th August 2014 on the Xbox 360. The records may be subjected to change so I cannot guarantee that these records will be accurate in the future as I no longer own Lost Planet 2 anymore to be able to update the records. Credit to SandHawkTime for posting the new times in the comments.
    1-1: Hacked... / 1-2: 00'30"697 / 1-3: 00'36"157 / 1-4: 00'31"931 / 1-5: 00'33"099
    2-1: Hacked... / 2-2:00'33"367 / 2-3: 00'36"891 / 2-4: 00'36"101 / 2-5: 00'34"399
    3-1: 00'33"800 / 3-2: 00'34"240 / 3-3: 00:34"167 / 3-4: 00'35"268 /3-5: 00'34"634
    4-1: 02'00"067 / 4-2: 02'02"821 / 4-3: 02:02"887 / 4-4: 02'06"639 / 4-5: 02'06"740
    5-1: 00'39"673 / 5-2: 00'39"572 / 5-3: 00:43"062 / 5-4: 00'43"875 / 5-5: 00'40"705

    1-1: 00'42"663 / 1-2: 00'11"978 / 1-3: 00:15"048 / 1-4: 00'19"988 / 1-5: 39000
    2-1: 00'46"066 / 2-2: 00'08"510/ 2-3: 00:20"266 / 2-4: 00'32"332 / 2-5: 42500
    3-1: 00'46"066 / 3-2: 00'12"645 / 3-3: 00:16"432 / 3-4: 00'26"466 / 3-5: 37000
    4-1: 01'04"498 / 4-2: 00'10"266 / 4-3: 00:28"334 / 4-4: 00'33"770 / 4-5: 30500
    5-1: 00'47"667 / 5-2: 00'07"541 / 5-3: 00:36"127 / 5-4: 00'20"900 / 5-5: 40000


    "Just be aware, there is a certain gamer who has deliberately been getting to Rank 1 on more than one leaderboard, even though he already has the NUMBER 1 nom, making it even more difficult for new gamers to get the nom themselves. I advise anybody wanting to get the nom de guerre should do so as soon as you can, as the blocker is continuously trying to make the records worse. You will know who he is as he holds rank 1 on almost every single leaderboard."

    Very Unhelpful Noms…

    Of course though, not all Noms are simple to obtain as they come with no decent information about them from Capcom (I read the official guide book. It is full of false shit).
    These are the Noms below that are unclear of what to do to earn them.

    * Band of Brothers
    "You must clear all campaign chapters in Split-screen, including the secret area on 1-2 on any difficulty. It doesn't matter what order you go as long as you complete all chapters. I advise you do this on easy mode as the rules of 2010 apply in split screen so the enemy AI is unbearably cheap and you will not be allowed any AI partners to help you.
    You will not be tracked on what chapters you have completed in split-screen so make sure you write them down or go in order. Two controllers are needed to obtain this Nom de Guerre."

    * Burnout - Fall off the "world" and die 5 times in 1 area:
    "On Chapter 6-1 after being sucked out into a vacuum and part 2 starts, you need to fall into oblivion 5 times in a row."

    * E.D.N. III Patrol - Use a Co-op attack (Super Lost Blaster) 3 times:
    "Grab yourself a support weapon, holding down the Start and Back buttons on your controller. You need 2000 T-ENG and need at least 1 player supporting you to do the attack. Once ready, press the RT and fire. Do this three times in one area."

    * Fabulous Force - Use a Co-op attack (Thermal Energy Escalation) 3 times:
    "You need to acquire an Injection Gun as the support, and at least 2 players holding T-ENG based weapons. The support holder is rewarded the nom.
    This can be annoying as all the ammo in the Injection Gun empties after doing 1 co-op attack. On Chapter 6-1 there are 4 support weapons that can be found (1 at the very beginning by the right, and 3 on the last area of the level) You need to do this 3 times in one area so I advise you to wait until you get to the final area of Chapter 6-1."

    * Planetary Platoon - Use a Co-op attack (Planet Sword, Plasma Milky Way Slice) 3 times:
    "You need to acquire a Shield as the support, and at least 2 players holding a Gunsword or Plasma Gun II. The support holder is rewarded the Nom. You need to do this 3 times in one area."

    * Super Fighting Squad - Use a Co-op attack (Final Extreme Cannon) 3 times:
    "You need to acquire a V-Device as the support, and at least 2 players holding a heavy weapon. The support holder is rewarded the Nom. You need to do this 3 times in one area."

    * Self-Made Man
    "Complete all Basic and Advanced Training mode levels with at least a bronze medal."

    * Space Taker
    "On Chapter 6-2 when the cannon is about to fire up, walk in the middle of it and have yourself die from the blast 5 times in a row."

    * Stealth Assassin
    "On Chapter 6-1, equip yourself with the Energy Gun SP and the Rocket Launcher II. When the final area starts up, climb the ladder that is located to the left. Once climbed, to the right, stun the 2 soldiers down below and then fire a rocket at them individually. To your left there are two Bleed VS, do the same thing stunning them then rocketing them each separately. After doing so, make your way to the end of the level."

    * Wasted Chances - Fail to press the correct buttons during cutscene action events 4 times:
    "On Chapter 6-3 after defeating the 2 Cat-G Akrid, when the cutscene of the Railway gun comes up, press no buttons. Even if no buttons are pressed, you will still complete the level unharmed… What the hell is the point of this cutscene?!"

    * Comeback Kid
    "On Team Elimination, have your Battle Gauge drop to 500 and then turn the tables on the enemy team, winning the match. This cannot be done on AI Battle mode. It has to be done on either a Ranked, Faction or Player Match."

    * Devourer of All - Shoot the Dual Shoulder Gravity Gun 10 times:
    "Set up a Team Elimination game on Thunderpeal Precipice set to Layout 4. There is a crate which needs 15,000 T-ENG to open. Once opened fire the weapon with RT. You only get 1 opportunity to use the VS so repeat the game again another 9 times.

    * Destroyer of All - Shoot the Dual Shoulder Big Destruction Missile 10 times:
    "Set up a Team Elimination game on Desecration or Dual Complex set to Layout 4. There is a crate which needs 15,000 T-ENG to open. Once opened fire the weapon with RT. You only get 1 opportunity to use the nuke so repeat the game again another 9 times."

    * Terminator of All - Shoot the Dual Shoulder Multi-Warhead Missile 10 times:
    "Either go to Chapter 4-3 in area 2 or set up a Team Elimination game on Desecration set to Layout 3. On versus mode there is a crate which needs 15,000 T-ENG to open. Once opened fire the weapon. You only get 4 shots to fire the missiles so repeat the level or game again until you've fired at least 10 times."

    * Platinum Fugitive - In a fugitive match, be the only fugitive to escape:
    "Set up a fugitive game, getting at least 1 kill as the fugitive and wait for the match to automatically end in 10 minutes."

    DAMAGE noms Grinding!

    Every gun, grenade, VS weapon and Vital Suit has a nom for attaining 100,000 (some have 300,000) damage points.
    The weapons you carry are pretty easy to achieve and will 100% come naturally through out playing Campaign, Online and Training modes.
    However the grenades, VS weapons and Vital Suits can take a serious amount of time to casually do, especially as certain weapons and Vital Suits are restricted to a few maps.

    You can boost these on Player Matches with a buddy or a dummy account.
    Watch the video I made on how to do this.
    Credit goes to PureTechniquex from 360achievements.com for sharing this genius method with his plasma grenades, which isn't the only weapon that can be done with this method!

    From my experience, here are the Vital Suits that can be found on multiplayer maps which are good for boosting on:

    Cube, Layout 2 (Great for close combat VS Weapons)
    Vensa / Baylid / Bleed

    Thunderpeal Precipice, Layout 3 (Great for Grenades!)
    Cakti / X-Seed (3,000 T-ENG crate) / Tenacle / Dongo / Neegal / Evax / Hardballer / Granseed (3,000 T-ENG crate)

    Thunderpeal Precipice, Layout 1
    Faze / Fastrey / Droin

    Thunderpeal Precipice, Layout 4
    Osprey / Dongo / Neegal

    NEOS, Layout 4
    X-Seed / Triseed / Droin

    Dual Complex, Layout 4
    Drio / Faze/ Nida with a nuke (in a 15,000 T-ENG crate) / Triseed / Droin

    You should be earning 10-25k damage per game. Plasma Grenades are the most time consuming and dullest to boost which can take around 3-7 hours to boost.
    Others can deal more damage per game, depending how powerful the weapon is (such as Disc Grenades III and Dummy Grenades III)

    As a pointer, here are some simplified descriptions of how you can identify each VS.
    At least this is what I called them. It made things easier for me. lol:

    Baylid (VS that can hold 2 weapons but not melee)
    Bleed (VS that can throw grenades and hold 1 weapon)
    Cakti (Tank)
    Dongo (Akrid that rolls)
    Drio (VS that can hold 2 weapons and carry 2 hanging players on it's sides and activate data posts)
    Drion (3 seated machine)
    Evax (Bumper Car)
    Fastrey (Hoverboard/bike)
    Faze (Jumper Machine)
    Granseed (VS that can merge with the Cakti)
    Hardballer (Space machine from chapter 6-2 area 2)
    Neegal (Akrid that flies and stings)
    Nida (A VS much like the Drio but it doesn't have a shield on it's belly)
    Osprey (Helicopter)
    Tencale 8 (Giant spider with 8 seats)
    Triseed (1 seated transformation VS pressing X)
    Vensa (1 weapon machine with no fancy additions)
    X-Seed (Rare jumping machine that can fly pressing X and turn invisible)

    Grenade Method 2:
    For grenades after hearing some feedback, if you don't have someone to boost with, play Campaign 1-2 on easy mode with "Head Start ???" and "Grenades 1" as your abilities. Pepper everything alive in the first area and then head to the secret area back at the start, following up to the boss where you'll use nothing but grenades. When you run out of grenades you can simply walk off the edge of the maps and respawn fully packed again. This method makes your grenade noms come quicker, though some may not be suitable for this like the Firecracker and Dummy for instance.


    This is a very long run of an achievement! Patience, passion, attention and Xbox Live is needed to complete this game to the 100%.
    Expect at least 250+ hours of gameplay and 3 tough bastard requirements!

    ***As I no longer have the game anymore I am unable to assist anybody with getting achievements in game and I will no longer be updating the leaderboard records.***
    If you have any questions about anything on this achievement, I am more than happy to answer them in the comments section!

    If you want to know what it feels like to unlock the achievement, then feel free to watch the video below of me unlocking mine. It feels magical. lol

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    A REAVER2364Hey everyone, so I wanted to reveal something if no one figured this out already but you can lock the lobby by clicking back wait for the screen that says 'are you sure you want to quit lobby' or something like that and leave it there with whoever you want to boost with online. Note you have to be the host and first person in the multiplayer lobby. Lock the multiplayer game and work on the achievements with your partner from there. Lock it when your partner is there then wait it out until the game starts. This is how I aided people like GSA uNrealize to be in the top 10 on of the multiplayer Leader boards. Seems like no one has figured it out so I thought I would share.
    Posted by A REAVER2364 on 20 Jan 17 at 02:41
    Dutch x MonsterThe sad thing is I beat some those times but due to fackers I will never get the nom, I'm even considering boosting everything out and then recording the WR run using a times board made on the Fan Discord with their verified times and then just 'get' it, since it's just dumb since I love this game and would go all the way for it but i'm still hesitant on going this route
    Posted by Dutch x Monster on 29 Apr at 10:54
    jjaldanaThe rush arena leaderboard doesn’t award the leaderboard noms but the multiplayer boards award the noms. When you tie someone on a multiplayer board it’s random what rank it gives you so it’s possible to get number one on the multiplayer boards but a one shot luck chance.
    Posted by jjaldana on 09 Sep at 00:31
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    08 Feb 2012
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    Similar to the other guide, I would like to forward my video of #1 nom in hopes to help some people out. I did have a slight mistake that makes my time definitely beatable.

    There really is no verbal advice to give other than watch the video and if you have any questions... I would be glad to answer them.
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    BASIC 4-2 currently sits at 02'02"821. Nice one, Malefic Storm.
    Posted on 22 Dec 14 at 06:44
    Nah, that time is very meh, I have done 2'02"355 before.
    Posted on 21 Apr 15 at 18:57
    It's nice as most people will probably never attempt to pull it down. I might bother between University and so on. I can pull a few more down later on; it just depends on when I upload them.
    Posted on 23 Apr 15 at 15:28
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