Supplier of the Death achievement in Sniper: Ghost Warrior

Supplier of the Death

Kill 2000 people.(Multiplayer)

Supplier of the Death+1.0
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How to unlock the Supplier of the Death achievement

    19 Jul 2013 17 Jul 2013 17 Jul 2013
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    This is basically a small but important addendum to DirtyGlasshoop's method.

    >maximum people 6
    >minimum is however many you have any in the session
    >point limit is 10,000
    5 people is recommended because if you have 4 and one person has to go, you're screwed.

    The main change is instead of switching off, one person gets all 10,000 points alone. With 4-5 people this takes roughly 8-9 minutes (if it takes longer than 10 minutes, someone isn't trying).

    But why have one person do it? Because the host gets 2 kills added towards their achievement for every 1 kill. (thanks to Redemption626 for this revelation).

    10,000 points for one person is about 80-90 kills a match, which equals out to 160-180 every 9 minutes. That means it takes less than 2 hours per person to get 2000 kills. If you doubt this, look at your lowest bar, do one of these sessions and look at how much it goes up. I got 250 pistol kills and about 400 rifle kills in 3 9-minute rounds.

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    ChiefEclipseSo if you boost this with 4 players you will need about 8h until everyone gets it.
    Posted by ChiefEclipse on 06 May 20 at 17:04
    STRUCKED PORTALI’m looking for players to boost the multiplayer achievements I need all of them just message me on Xbox if your looking for players to boost these achievements
    Posted by STRUCKED PORTAL on 22 Jun 20 at 21:13
    SCORCHO4856Would like to get this done sometime later this year, but want to get all 360 halo titles done first.
    Posted by SCORCHO4856 on 18 Aug 21 at 15:08
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  • DirtyGlashoopDirtyGlashoop515,476
    11 Aug 2010 02 Aug 2010
    18 7 5
    The guide made by A 2rue boofer is great! I'll just post the way i boost it :)

    Minimum of 4 players search for a ranked match of VIP on camp 20 minutes, 1 booster goes for kills in 5 minutes the rest just runs to the road, then the next booster is up! You rack about 50-60 kills a match!
    (also good to do with 5 players but then u play 4 minutes each!!)
    Good luck and hope it helps u out!!
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    DirtyGlashoopNo they don't count towards the total amount of kills, and beware that after u finish the match you don't quit out on the aftermatch screen because then your kills can get lost! So just sit back and wait an extra second so the game automatically loads the main menu!!
    Posted by DirtyGlashoop on 07 Dec 10 at 23:01
    AlmightySparrowwe did death match 4 players 20 min each take turns for whole match set points to 10000 had it down to 15min and 140 so kills each 1 hour 500+ kills total
    Posted by AlmightySparrow on 27 Jan 12 at 04:35
    DirtyGlashoopThose are nice stats mate, glad the solution helped! :-D
    Posted by DirtyGlashoop on 27 Jan 12 at 06:37
  • Failure OnlineFailure Online752,953
    21 Mar 2011 25 Feb 2011 26 Apr 2013
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    Multiplayer > Xbox LIVE > Create a Match

    Ranked: Yes
    Match type: Team deathmatch
    Map: Canyon
    Reward limit: 50
    Time limit: 20 minutes

    Whichever team is going first must cross the bridge. One person should stand on either side of the middle building. From a stationary position players will be able to snipe the other team members who spawn in three consistent spots on each side. The team getting killed does not need to move at all. Stop killing at 49 points and switch sides. The entire match will be finished in about 10 minutes. If playing with four people everybody should get about 25 kills.

    25 kills per 10 minutes = 2.5 kills per minute
    2000 kills needed / 2.5 kills per minute = 800 minutes = 13.33 hours

    This is faster than VIP on Camp, which is about 40 kills per 20 minutes (16.67 hours). It's not really a big difference, but playing on Canyon is also a lot more laid back and leaves less chance for errors.
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    Failure OnlineFor a group of four since each person gets approximately 25 kills per match.
    Posted by Failure Online on 19 Apr 11 at 02:54
    GAwesome thanks a lot man!
    Posted by G#2309 on 19 Apr 11 at 03:44
    Failure OnlineNo problem. Glad to help
    Posted by Failure Online on 19 Apr 11 at 03:49
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