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Forbidden Knowledge

Unlock the dark secrets of "The Fate of Galan" in Chaos Rising.

Forbidden Knowledge0
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How to unlock the Forbidden Knowledge achievement

  • HybridchldHybridchld553,566
    13 Mar 2010 17 Mar 2010 19 Mar 2013
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    There are two missions on the Space Hulk. The first one is mandatory but the second one is optional. You have 3 days to do the second one after doing the first. In the second you have to recover Galen's log.

    After the mission the log is in your inventory as an expendable item. When you dispose of it you get message in your mission log and this achievement.

    One thing disposing of the log gives all squads corruption so if you want to be pure and have a redeeming item hold onto it until you get this.

    Sometimes this won't pop if you go to another planet before using the log, to avoid this always use the log right after the mission, thanks to ugli for the tip.

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    ugliIt seems you need to dispose the log right after the mission. Tried this with new game and it worked. Last time I moved to another planet before disposing the log.
    Posted by ugli on 25 Feb 13 at 11:19
    HybridchldHi ugli, thanks for the tip I've added it to the solution.
    Posted by Hybridchld on 19 Mar 13 at 23:56
    NeM2KUgh, wish I'd read this. I tried returning to the space hulk and donating the log but it didn't pop. It also maxed out corruption on my commander and didn't pop that cheevo either
    Posted by NeM2K on 11 Apr 14 at 00:22
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  • HolyHalfDeadHolyHalfDead529,076
    31 Aug 2013 01 Sep 2013 06 Sep 2013
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    "The Fate of Galan" is a wargear item that you can pick up during the optional Relics of Space mission. This mission becomes available after you complete the main storyline mission Keys to the Past, after the Judgment of Carrion space hulk appears.

    The objective for the Relics of Space mission is to collect 4x Blood Ravens gene-seeds. However you only have 20 minutes to complete the mission and grab The Fate of Galan item and the 4 gene-seeds. This shouldn't be a problem on Recruit Difficulty but you will have your work cut out for if you are picking it up on your Primarch Difficulty run through. I managed it using Davin Thule, Avitas and Thaddeus, with the whole squad in Terminator Armor. You get the first two gene-seeds for destroying Hive Nodes, you get the third gene-seed for destroying the Hive and the forth gene-seed for killing the Hive Tyrant. You need about 4 minutes left on the clock after destroying the Hive. As soon as the Hive falls, pull your squad back down the corridor and lay down suppressing fire with Davin Thule and Avitas and put Force Commander and Thaddeus in front to protect them.

    You do not need to get all 4 gene-seeds, as long as you have picked up The Fate of Galan after destroying the Hive before the timer runs out or your squad die, you will be able to unlock the dark secrets of "The Fate of Galan" by donating it to The Librarium to get the achievement. Even though you only have 2 days to complete the Relics of Space mission, you can have multiple attempts at it, because unlike in the original Dawn of War II, in Chaos Rising a day only passes when you successfully complete a mission.

    The Fate of Galan should not be confused with the mission reward Greater Oath of Penance, which is also an expendable item. If you only collect the 4 gene-seeds and then donate The Greater Oath of Penance to The Librarium, you will not get the achievement.

    Optional Mission
    Relics of Space
    Judgment of Carrion - Access Point Secundus
    Secondary access to the decks of the Judgment of Carrion

    Reward Item
    Greater Oath of Penance
    Level 25 Expendable item
    Donate to modify corruption
    Reduce corruption by 8. Affects all squads. (only reduced corruption by 4 for me)

    Inventory Item
    The Fate of Galan
    Expendable item
    Donate this item to unlock a lore entry in the campaign log
    +5 Corruption to all squads
    Description: Additional records from Galan's expedition aboard the Judgment of Carrion, telling of his and his brothers' descent into madness. Reading these records will reveal additional insight into their fate, but will fray at the will and sanity of the readers.

    Dark Lore
    The Binding of Galan
    "I, Episolary Kyras of the Blood Ravens, do bind the daemon Kankeiros into the body of my brother Galan. In so doing I damn my brother's soul and give it unto Ulkair, who is master of Kankeiros. I do so freely as my part in a bargin with that selfsame archfiend. Through him shall we gain release from the confines of this derelict. Let all who gaze upon this text know the power of the Great Unclean One Ulkair."
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