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03 April 2019 - 3 guides

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  • Mister BudsMister Buds1,134,981
    08 Jul 2010 08 Jul 2010 08 Jul 2010
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    Unlike Extermination, I actually maintained a very good win/loss ratio in Creatures vs. Soldiers. This gametype is basically a standard team deathmatch. Two teams battle it out for ten minutes and the one with the most kills gets the win. Ties do not count. At the halfway point teams switch sides.

    The first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with the maps. Singularity only shipped with five or six maps, and they're not hard to learn. The action takes place at the same spots for the most part. Develop some strategies for these areas.

    If you have any friends with the game, try to team up together. Be warned; this game has some issues with the multiplayer. It's hard enough to get two people in the same match, let alone on the same team. If you manage to do it though, be sure to communicate. Not many people use the game chat here.

    Now on to the combat. On the creatures side choose a character you're comfortable with. The Radion and Zek are probably the most useful. Their attacks are very useful for taking out enemies quickly and building high kill streaks. Reverts are also good if you're skilled with them. Their healing puke doesn't seem to be as effective as the Healer's. Please do not use the tick though! Ticks have minimal health and their attacks aren't very useful. Playing as the tick is basically giving the other team free kills.

    As a soldier I highly recommend picking the Healer. Seriously. Almost nobody uses him, especially in this gametype. His healing power will prove invaluable to your team's survival though. Hell, you barely even have to shoot. Just hang a little behind your team and heal anyone whose health is lowering. With you and your team constantly being healed, the creatures won't be banking neraly as many kills off you.

    Pick a weapon you're comfortable with too. The Volk S4 shotgun and AR9 Valkyrie assault rifle are the most versatile. The Kasimov sniper rifle is not very useful however. The combat in this game is mainly close quartered and fast paced. Plus nobody snipes or camps.

    Your perk selection should be based on the gametype. For the creatures, pick a perk that enhances the attack you'll be using the most. Such as more splash damage for the Radion, or increased melee damage for the Zek. I recommend faster recharge as your second perk. This replenishes your TMD energy quicker and allows you to attack more frequently. As a soldier I recommend the increased damage perk. This will put down enemies faster. The perks that improve your sprint and speed aren't very useful here as you won't be doing much running.

    With your play style down, just use common sense. Don't go running into fights where you'll clearly be overwhelmed. If you see a teammate struggling, help him out. He might look at it as you "stealing a kill" but it's one less point for the opposition. If you're matched up with a consistently good team, stick with it. The teams sometimes switch in between games. If you just got a couple wins and are now getting beat, don't quit out. You could very well be put on the winning team next game.

    Your Creature vs. Soldier wins, as well as progress for all your multiplayer achievements, can be viewed by selecting review from the main menu, statistics, then public match.
  • Crimson DrifterCrimson Drifter777,248
    29 Sep 2010 30 Sep 2010
    20 1 0
    You must WIN 25 public matches of Creatures vs. Soldiers.

    These matches must be Public, not Private.

    Basically this mode is two 5 minute rounds, one side is Creatures, the other Soldiers. Then switched for the second round. The basis is simple: whichever team has the most kills after both rounds, wins. With 25 wins needed this will take over 4 hours per side, not including loses if you are doing it legit.

    Even now there are rarely people on playing this game type (let alone at all). Would be best to set up a boosting session, as you need at least 6 people to start the match, only problem is the teams are randomized.

    If you are lucky and manage to get enough people in a room that you have hosted, you can simply leave your xbox on and let everyone else do the work, as long as you are the host you will stay in the game. Beware though if you are idle and not host, you will be booted from the game after a short period of time.
  • GangstatronGangstatron113,191
    18 Dec 2012 14 Nov 2012 14 Nov 2012
    7 4 0
    Here's a quick boosting solution for anyone still interested in getting this achievement.
    If there are still people playing this on a regular basis then you could easily get this achievement without doing a damn thing.

    First - Go to multiplayer and select public match then select creature vs. soldiers.

    Second - You'll more than likely end up in a lobby by yourself. If not then exit the game and try again. You want to find a lobby that no one else is in.

    Third - Turn off your controller and go to work for the day.

    While you are the lobby leader you cannot be kicked for inactivity. So the premise here is that while you're at work or school, 5 people eventually join your lobby and the game starts. You can do this for extermination too.

    The game has been out for 2 years and it wasn't all that popular but I left my xbox on yesterday with this trick and got 11 cvs wins. I'm halfway done with the achievement and I didn't even do anything.

    P.S. Make sure you have your xbox set so that it doensn't shut down after an hour of inactivity. If you don't want to leave your xbox on all day then you can set it up so it turns itself off after 6 hours. However the timer might get reset after a match does start.
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