Golden Delicious achievement in Hydro Thunder Hurricane

Golden Delicious

Earn a gold trophy in every event in the Single Player game.

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How to unlock the Golden Delicious achievement

  • DegradanteDegradante407,969
    29 Aug 2010 31 Aug 2010 04 Oct 2018
    36 0 14
    All the credit for the videos goes to "Geoff The Hero" and

    Note: DLC events and championships DO NOT COUNT for this achievement. Although, you can use DLC boats if you want to. The 3 DLC tracks are "Atlantis", "Castle Von Boom" and "Bermuda Triangle" (last 3 when you're choosing a track). The 3 DLC championships are "Lap It Up", "Mad Dash" and "Tempest" (last 3 when you're choosing a championship).

    First of all: I strongly recommend that you always use the boat with the best handling!
    (my personal choice for expert events is Cutthroat, but if you have the DLC, the game gives you a lot more options, so if you're not happy with my personal choice, just try other boats and see which one is the best for you)

    - Race and Gauntlet -

    You can knock out these events easily by choosing a Novice boat. By doing that, the difficulty of the event will also be Novice, so you shouldn't have any trouble at all to complete them.

    - Ring Master - (videos at the end)

    Completing the Novice and Pro events should be easy. The trouble comes with the Expert events.
    Before trying these events, I suggest to do the Special Delivery achievement. Collecting all the hidden packages will let you know of almost every alternative route of each track.

    - Use boost wisely! You don't need to be always using boost to get the required time.
    - You can miss 1-3 rings on almost every track and still get the gold time (if you're not being able to get the required time, always remember that there's something you can improve on your performance) [thanks: Oddworld x].
    - Beware of the waves! These are your worst enemy in the game. They will make you lose control if you don't stop accelerating.
    - Memorize the tracks! You'll only be able to get good times if you know the best way to position your boat before each ring.

    - Championship -

    In championship events, remember that you don't need to win every Race / Ring Master / Gauntlet. You only need to have the most points at the end.

    Again, the Novice and Pro championships should be a piece of cake.

    For the Expert championships, I recommend that you start with Needle GP, because at this point you should be familiar with every Ring Master event.

    For the rest of the Expert championships these are the tips I can give:
    - For either Races or Gauntlets, you MUST pick almost every shortcut and have boost almost all the time, otherwise you will not win!
    - Remember to save boost during jumps. Using boost will not make you go faster during jumps, but you should still use it to control your boat in midair.
    - Don't forget that you have a "Restart Game" option in the pause menu! It will just restart the event that you're in and not the whole championship. So if you're doing a bad performance, just restart.

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    THREE, TWO, ONE - - - (HOLD RT) - GO!
    Posted on 13 May 15 at 20:12
    Rowdawg88@Oddworld X, thanks! I am hoping that with some practice that the boost at the beginning of the race will give me the 1-2 seconds i desperately need to get the gold on some of these tracks
    Posted by Rowdawg88 on 13 May 15 at 20:24
    Check the walkthrough for some more tips (written by me), I'd also recommend using the Rad Hazard! smile
    Posted on 13 May 15 at 20:27
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  • Dirty WhirlwindDirty Whirlwind107,832
    21 Sep 2010 04 Oct 2010 04 Oct 2010
    28 0 5
    I know a lot of people having trouble with the Ring Master races. So this is just a great tip concerning Expert Ring Master that I've discovered by accident (comparable to how Flemming discovered PCN I guess).

    Are you ready? Just use Cutthroat with the bumper view.

    Just give it a try, might just turn your world upside down. It makes the expert Ring Master races really easy. You will master them in no time, trust me.
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    InigoMontoya80Good suggestion!! I usually don't like bumper views in racing games but this one worked. I found the game much easier using it. Thumbs up!!
    Posted by InigoMontoya80 on 18 Aug 12 at 17:45
    Morpheus414Took me some getting used to, but it works real well!
    Posted by Morpheus414 on 19 Aug 12 at 18:12
    netstrykerI created my own solution for this achievement, but, in my solution I mentioned you, and recomended others players read your solution too. Your solution was very important for me. Thanks!
    Posted by netstryker on 19 Apr 19 at 00:10
  • netstrykernetstryker541,178
    27 Mar 2018 29 Mar 2018 07 Jan 2020
    12 0 0
    Finally I got this very hard achievement on 03/27/2018. I played at least 5 hours per day during 3 days. Patience and perseverance are the secret of success.

    My solution is for Expert events; I won't talk about Novice and Pro events.

    1) The boat that I used was Thresher X, only available on Tempest Pack DLC. I tried many times with base game boats Cutthroat, Razorback and Rad Hazard without any success. My personal performance with Thresher X was much better.
    2) I used the bumper view camera (this tip was given by Dirty Whirlwind in his very good solution). I agree with all Dirty Whirlwind's words in his solution and I recommend you to read it.
    3) At first I thought the bumper view camera would be useful only for Ring Master challenges, but I was wrong. I earned all Expert gold medals using Thresher X with bumper view camera.


    » The Hurricane GP championship consists in 8 events, all Races. This is self explanatory.

    » The process for earning gold on Ring Master and Gauntlet events are the same on championships Needle GP (8 events, all Ring Master), Boom Boom GP (8 events, all Gauntlet), Experts Only (5 mixed events) and Bull Man (6 mixed events). Mixed events mean (Race, Ring Master and Gauntlet) on same championship.

    » The 8 tracks needed for this achievement are: Lake Powell, Storming Asgard, Monster Island, Tsunami Bowl, Lost Babylon, Paris Sewers, Seoul Stream and Area 51. The 3 tracks from DLC (Atlantis, Castle Von Boom and Bermuda Triangle) don't count for this achievement. The order of all 8 tracks is the same in Ring Master, Gauntlet events, Hurricane GP, Needle GP and Boom Boom GP championships.

    The tracks from the two other championships with mixed events Experts Only and Bull Man are:

    Experts Only
    1) Lost Babylon (Race)
    2) Lake Powell (Ring Master)
    3) Paris Sewers (Gauntlet)
    4) Monster Island (Ring Master)
    5) Tsunami Bowl (Race)

    Bull Man
    1) Paris Sewers (Race)
    2) Seoul Stream (Race)
    3) Lost Babylon (Ring Master)
    4) Tsunami Bowl (Gauntlet)
    5) Storming Asgard (Race)
    6) Area 51 (Race)

    External image

    External image


    You must earn gold in all 8 tracks from Ring Master, but, on Championship you'll have to earn gold in Needle GP too. It means you need to race in all 8 same tracks from Ring Master again and beat their times again. At least, you don't need to be first in all tracks, just have enough points to finish the Needle GP Championship in 1st. The same will happen in Boom Boom GP Championship and other mixed championships.


    » If you do any mistake that reduces your speed too much, pause the game and restart the race, because you'll probably fail. This works in all events, including championships. For gold medals in Expert events, you must be almost perfect in all races.

    » In championships, if you accidentally finish the race in a bad position, when the first Race Result screen appear, don't press cn_A button, if you do, the bad progress on championship will be saved. Instead, just press the cn_guide button and leave to dashboard. When you restart the game, go to Championship to recover your progress; you'll be prompted if you want to continue, choose YES, cn_A button. Don't abuse of this resource because it can corrupt your save. Make backups of your save if needed. I used this resource a lot of times without any problem, but on each good progress I made backups of my save. If you feel that you will lose, the best option is always to try to restart the race before finishing it.

    » In championships you don't need to win all races because of points system for each position. As in any championship, you'll be the champion if finish it with more points. Just to make sure, I won all 8 races.

    External image

    Good luck!
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