Stuntman achievement in Crackdown 2


Jump a vehicle through every Vehicle Stunt Ring in Pacific City.

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How to unlock the Stuntman achievement

  • FlyingPythonFlyingPython61,778
    11 Oct 2010 11 Oct 2010
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    If you have the Toy Box DLC, you can use portable launch pads to solo many of the stunt rings. Position the first at the end of your jump trajectory, and the second where you need to launch from. You can then drive any vehicle over the launch pad.

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    FlyingPythonAccording to the wiki you need to have the premium version of the DLC. The launch pads can then be selected as your equipment (instead of grenades).
    Posted by FlyingPython on 23 Sep 13 at 01:00
    Mobius EvalonIf I recall, the free version is simply like a compatibility pack so you can play coop with those who have the full, paid "premium" DLC. So as Python has said, you need the premium DLC to access the launch pads if you're playing solo.
    Posted by Mobius Evalon on 23 Sep 13 at 01:05
    Flopsy86Thanks for this, I was completely unaware of this useful item in the DLC. It helped me get the remaining ones. I already had the fairground one luckily, had someone mag helicopter me through that one.
    The one by the observatory at the very top right of the map was still difficult despite this, because of the tree branch and the high wall under the first marker. I had to put the end point near the base of the wall at the end and the start point so far back that it was just on the edge of the corner of the street opposite the building. This was so that it cleared the high wall, but it only just touched the upper bound of the 3rd marker which is very low and I went flying over the far wall and into the sea. Achievement popped though so didn't care by that point!
    Posted by Flopsy86 on 26 Nov 14 at 09:34
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    I did the magnet grenade on helicopter and car method. As the helicopter pilot, here are a few notes.

    There are two or three of the stunt rings that have four total rings that you must pass through. You can only see three rings as the helicopter pilot. This will require communication between you and the individual in the car.

    There are also a few stunt rings under bridges. You can still use the helicopter method. Go to either side of the bridge, and position yourself so the helicopter is above the roadway, and the car hangs below. The magnet connection will not be affected by the roadway. You will need to go slowly as not to damage the helicopter too much. Again, since you can't really see the ring, have the person in the car direct you.

    There is one ring in an alleyway between two buildings. If you go slowly, you can move through here and your helicopter blades will pass through the buildings without wrecking you. Do this SLOWLY.

    This should cover all the specifics if you co-op the stunt rings with the helicopter and mag-nades.

    Edit: Thanks to CadmusTheDragon's comment, for this following tip.

    Using heavier vehicles will cause the Mag grenades connection to become longer. This alleviates some of the bridge issue above. And, using larger vehicles will make it easier to hit rings, as their is more vehicle to hit the rings.
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    CadmusTheDragonIt is also helpful to use a large vehicle (like the Battle Bus) when using the mag grenades since this gives the driver & pilot more room for error since it is a large vehicle. Also given the larger mass of that size vehicle, it allows you to swing it easier into stunt rings.
    Posted by CadmusTheDragon on 17 Jul 10 at 16:46
    ChardPTSeems like this would take more time than just driving through them with the SUV. They aren't nearly as hard as they were on Crackdown.
    Posted by ChardPT on 13 Apr 12 at 21:09
  • ZechmanZechman69,865
    28 Jul 2010 28 Jul 2010 08 Oct 2010
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    As others have mentioned, all the multiplayer tricks from Crackdown 1 are still usable and C2 adds the "hang-from-a-chopper-using-mag-grenades" method.

    However, all of the stunt rings are fairly do-able normally as a single player, and IMO easier than in Crackdown 1. All but about 5-6 of them require you to use the Agency SUV, and use its "Bunny Hop" capability. Most of those involve getting up a good running start towards a game-provided ramp somewhere (there's ALWAYS some sort of ramp provided) and launching the hop just before you get airborne. After you've done it a few times, it becomes second nature.

    The most difficult ones are in Green Bay, on the beach and at the broken ferris wheel--in both cases you need to start WAY back to get enough speed up to clear the last ring without falling below it. That makes it tricky to line up the jump, especially on the sand where the rolling terrain tends to bounce you around a little. For that one, press and hold the "B" button just before you hit the last sand dune before the ramp to engage the "Super-Grip" over the last hill to prevent you from being bounced off-course.

    Another difficult one is in Green Bay (on the "other", northern island) just in front of the stadium because the rings are positioned at an angle that prevents you from getting a good running start. But there's a Ramp Truck right there that will help (although it can be done using the rocks that have fallen on the road and without the ramp truck). I found that I was able to hit the first two rings using the rocks as a ramp, then use the SUV's "Super Grip" ability (hold B without releasing) to drive up the wall as if to climb onto the nearby overpass. Part way up the wall I touched the third ring and completed the stunt.

    There are two that are launched from the top of the parking garage in Green Bay. They are fairly straight-forward, but tricky to line up AND get enough speed, because both require you to make a quick turn at the last moment before launching.

    The rest I found fairly easy. If it's a single ring, look for the closest, highest place to jump at it from. You might need to carry or throw the SUV up onto the top of a building or hill to get there. If it's a multi-ring set, then look for a suitable (high-altitude) place in the opposite direction of the first ring to launch from. And remember that most of these allow you to miss the last ring on your main jump, but immediately turn around and do a Bunny Hop to catch it within the time limit.

    Finally, keep in mind that there's one set of rings in Unity Heights--on a broken bridge--that you might want to hold off getting until after you've gotten the "Party Bus" achievement.
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    Blue IguanaJuI CANNOT get the one on the parking garage going right. it sucks :P
    Posted by Blue IguanaJu on 05 Aug 10 at 00:22
    Nath360skillzI would much rather do the parking garage ones again than the one on green bay beach. Hated that, 100% luck.

    Nice solution (voted positive)
    Posted by Nath360skillz on 21 Aug 10 at 20:47
    Dragon ShifuMost of the solution other solutions require co-op. If you are soloing this (like me), then always use the SUV. I found that most of the rings are easy with the hop. And about 5 rings were easy using the portable launchpad method (use it for the Ferris wheel and the garage). The others could be done in a couple of attempts using the regular jump off the provided ramp.

    The hard one for me was the 4 rings long jump in Greenbay where you launch from a ramp down a street and finally land on the bridge. This one requires a long running start, you have to be at 150+mph and hit the ramp at a slight angle (don't use the hop). I usually couldn't hit the 4th ring or I ended up missing all the rings together because I couldn't launched off the ramp at the correct angle.
    Posted by Dragon Shifu on 23 Feb 11 at 19:16
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