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Full Wardrobe

Unlocked All the Costumes.

Full Wardrobe+1.0
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How to unlock the Full Wardrobe achievement

  • Spartas RevengeSpartas Revenge171,788
    22 Jul 2010 22 Jul 2010
    11 1 14
    Complete all basic Episodes 1-7

    Hat: Naughty the Party Animal
    Mayor Naughty
    Peacekeeper Naughty
    Cordon Bleu Naughty
    Prospector Naughty
    Doctor Naughty
    Conspiracy Naughty

    Earn Gold on all basic Episodes 1-7

    Cop Naughty
    Adept Naughty
    General Naughty
    Zumbo-Jumbo Naughty
    Tactical Naughty

    Earn Bronze on each Sub-Episode

    Sherrif Naughty (1.1 - 1.3)
    Master Naughty (2.1- 2.3)
    Captain Naughty (3.1- 3.3)
    Zombear Naughty (4.1- 4.3)
    N.O.T.Y (5.1-5.3)
    R0B0-N4UGH7Y (6.1- 6.3)
    Xnothy (7.1- 7.3)

    Earn Gold on each Sub-Episode

    Cop Gordon (1.1- 1.3)
    Master Miyagi (2.1- 2.3)
    Colonel Ketchup (3.1- 3.3)
    Zombear Oodoo (4.1- 4.3)
    E.L.I.T.E. Mahoney (5.1- 5.3)
    R0B0-PR1M3 (6.1- 6.3)
    Emperor Xoon (7.1- 7.3)

    Other Requirements

    Naughticorn (Earn an overall score of 100,000,000)
    Epic Naughty (Earn Gold on all Top Hat Challenges)

    Hope this helps.

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    olde fortran 77I tried removing the update and the episode froze at the end like it often did without the update. I'm giving up on this one.
    p.s. I used your advice to get all of the other golds. Thanks!
    Posted by olde fortran 77 on 09 Sep 12 at 03:08
    CounterInsurgntMan that sucks... Hmm.

    Maybe try to advance as soon as it opens up? like as soon as it's green go into the door? I don't know what else to suggest.
    Posted by CounterInsurgnt on 09 Sep 12 at 03:15
    CounterInsurgntWait try this..... Just googled it.....

    07-08-2010, 09:30 PM
    I got it to work after many tries. After I had opened the gate I did not move and the level ended. So try that once you open the last gate do not move.

    good luck.
    Posted by CounterInsurgnt on 09 Sep 12 at 03:18
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  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    6 0 0
    Just want to add something really important.

    If you have the Gold Edition, you CANNOT get this. Since Episode 8 is on the disc (and what seems to be causing many of the DLC related achievements problems) and cannot be removed, you won't be able to get it. You can get ALL 31 original costumes... and nothing happens.

    However, if you have a save from a gold edition, OR got all the costumes unlocked on a gold save (as I did), you CAN play that save from a regular edition. Just get one of those, accept the update (you don't have to refuse it as people say), ignore the 'free DLC' message, and just go on as you were.

    OR if you had all 31 before, just replay any level and you'll get it upon completition.
    27 Sep 2010 06 Oct 2010 08 Oct 2010
    5 2 3
    Warning: If you download the free dlc map 8 and dont have this acheivement yet it will glitch!

    To get around this unfortunate problem go to your dashboard and clear your cache. Then load up the game when it asks you to update say no. The update will be gone and you can get the acheivement offline.

    The hardest part of this acheivement is to complete all top hat challenges in the game with a gold cup. Difficult to do because the bears have insane weapons that will sap your life bar very quickly.

    Some tips to stay alive and get gold.

    1.Never ever run into a crowd of bears this equals suicide one shot from all of them and you are dead.

    2.Injury every bear asap because they cant harm you when they are hurt.

    3.Force trap them to make them all go insane.

    4.Let them call for help,while this will cause more bears to come it also give you more points.

    5.Have a trap set for the newly arrived bears then always super scare them out of the trap this way they are injured immediatelly and are no longer a threat to you.
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    sonnyliston1Thank you for the explanation to get around the glitch worked a treat. :)
    Posted by sonnyliston1 on 12 Nov 11 at 19:14
    KhayosKillerNo need to Clear cache, all you must do is;
    You can get Cheevo ONLINE
    1. DELETE episode 8 (X Bears)
    2. Wearing the 'Epic Naughty' hat, just replay a quick one (i.e. speed run on any level)
    3. Game registers costume and Cheevo pops!!!
    Confirmed 8/8/12
    Posted by KhayosKiller on 08 Aug 12 at 17:57
    MSI270Thanks KhayosKiller your soulution worked for me :)
    Posted by MSI270 on 11 Aug 12 at 12:06
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