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Sneaky Sneaky

Finished the Prison Break without ever tripping an alarm

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  • VaderExtreme200VaderExtreme20050,012
    25 Jun 2010 26 Jun 2010 26 Jun 2010
    37 3 5
    Another solution relies on Jessie, Jessie can save Rex and Hamm, first go for Rex and avoid the spotlights , after rescuing Rex, instead of jump out of the section, you can jump inside again and climb the darts again and the wall jump and then go for the now deactivated red switch and continue your way through there, as you advance through the corridor you can see that a rooftop lamp is near and a card is on there, just jump to the rooftop lamp, you can collect the card, then jump to the other rooftop lamp and another card is in there, now you are in the other part of the room, just jump to the desk and star climbing the wall avoiding the helicopter spotlights that moves only in vertical, and deactivate the red switch to save Hamm...

    For Slinky you will have to use woody to rescue him, the same way as Guirec730 wrote and watch out for Buzz...

    Sorry if my english is bad...
  • Guirec730Guirec730300,450
    22 Jun 2010 22 Jun 2010
    25 0 0
    This is a little tricky. If you get spotted by any of the spotlights, car headlights, or Buzz's flashlight, you have to save and exit back to the map and try again.

    Avoid Buzz! He can turn around randomly and spot you if you are in his area. He also checks on top of tables, so you aren't safe there if he is around.

    You first unlock Jessie. Play as her first to rescue Rex, as this is the hardest portion. The timing on getting past the cars at the first "gate" is very specific. You are going to have to get the pattern down and run through when both lights are off of the entrance area. From there, climb up on the darts, and wall jump (carefully) to the top. Flip the switch to the right, then jump under the spotlight as you work your way to the left. Now, the worst part: You have to jump very quickly over the first spotlight and without hesitation continue to jump the last gap before the second light sees you hanging. Drop down, to Rex, then switch to Woody. Keep him for the rest of the level.

    The second gate has simpler timing than the first, but you might have to jump at the last second to avoid the beams. When you are using Woody's special jump from hook to hook, don't wait for the prompt. In fact, I just mashed X to get through it. Climb up and to the right. Now, we have us a timing puzzle. First, wait until the first three go out. Run to the third spot, which will be the only safe place. Then, when it opens, run back to spot #2. You should be able to make it to the switch after that transition. The lights will be off on your return trip.

    The worst is over. Switch to Buzz just to verify that he isn't in your way (over near Jessie would be ideal) and make your way to the wall near Hamm. All you have to do is avoid the helicopter spotlights as you climb the wall toward the switch, which is quite easy. You have to make sure that you nail the jump over the moving spotlight, though, because that will obviously end it.

    Level's over after you open Hamm's cage. Exhale.
  • ALI G 008ALI G 008175,385
    04 Sep 2010 25 Jul 2010
    18 0 0
    a good video on how to get through the level unseen this guy makes it look easy ive had about 10 tries and still no luck but you just need to keep at it and follow this video
  • SSCPSSCP797,101
    19 Jul 2011 19 Jul 2011
    11 0 0
    A quick video i made for my channel - Thought it might help some of you guys - Hopefully it will help someone out there -
  • ComesBrothersComesBrothers926,236
    18 Aug 2018 18 Aug 2018 18 Aug 2018
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