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Space Ranger Elite

Reach Zurg’s base without losing all your health

Space Ranger Elite+0.2
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Achievement Guide for Space Ranger Elite

  • EmEm724,576
    22 Jun 2010 22 Jun 2010
    23 0 1
    In level 3, "To Infinity and Beyond!", you get this for doing the first half of the level without dying.

    1. The first part of the mission is a rail shooter through an icy trench. You want to avoid the outcroppings while shooting balls of rock. In general you can't actually collide with the walls of the trench unless they're showing a glowing green grid. There are three separate "dodge" sections, and you might get through the first time without dying, but if not, it's all about memorizing the patterns. In the left-right sections be sure to use the A button while moving side to side to get over quickly. If you're low on health at the end, don't worry -- you'll get it all back when the next section starts.

    2. You'll need to run forward across an ice field as meteors hit the surface and cause it to break up. It's really hard to die here, so just make sure you jump when the crevasses open up. There'll be two cutscenes where you may not be sure if you died or not because the screen washes out after a meteor strike -- don't worry about those. Use your glide (A+hold A) to make sure you float over longer gaps.

    3. Finally there'll be a series of platform jumping sections followed by short "arena" areas where you fight Zurg's robots. If a gap looks too long to double jump + hover over, take a moment to look around. You'll usually need to create new platforms when this happens, which will happen in one of two ways: a) if the platform is glowing green, then double jump + smash (A + A + Y) to break it into pieces. b) you might see a crystal on a platform in the distance. Laser it (RT) until it explodes, causing pieces to float outwards. Patience and examination are key here if you're playing the first time.

    When you open the air spouts make sure you stomp the floating pieces of ice into the ground to plug up any secondary holes and maximize the air flow.

    In the last platforming section there are pieces that move around in patterns that you'll need to cross. This may be the only frustrating part for you. Just wait until the piece you want is nearby and jump over -- don't try to rush it.

    If you lose all your health, or you fall off a platform into space, then you won't get the achievement. Save & quit back out to the game board and start the level over again.

    The achievement will unlock as soon as you fall through the entrance hole into Zurg's base.
  • JayourJayour844,373
    24 Oct 2010 26 Dec 2010
    9 0 0
    For this achievement you need to complete the first half half of the third level without dying, the level is called; "To Infinity And Beyond".

    The level is straight forward enough and there aren't any hard parts to beat, it might take you a few attempts for trial and error, but it's really not as hard as it might seem at first, just take your time and don't try and rush it, now rather then provide you with a wall of text and trying to walk you through each part of the level I've provided a set of videos below, you can use them to see what you should expect, where to expect it, what you should be doing etc.

    * Credit to steve0384 for the videos
  • ClemsonGrad2012ClemsonGrad2012298,396
    30 Aug 2017 31 Aug 2017
    0 0 0
    This achievement is not actually that difficult. On the 3rd mission, "To Infinity and Beyond", just make it to Zurg's base without dying. The only part that you need to watch out for are the floating platform areas. The rest are easy as cake. Just follow the video below to get it fairly easy.

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