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True Carny

Achieve gold on all carnival games

True Carny+0.7
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  • InstantmashInstantmash145,370
    27 Jul 2010 27 Jul 2010
    20 0 0
    I want to point out that the other solutions are great, but I was still having issues with the alien game, so if you use two players it's alot easier, you get given more than 100 aliens to get, but as long as you get the first 100 before failing you still get the collectors card as you would have met the goal of 100, hope this helps
  • Chad and JessieChad and Jessie886,355
    04 Jul 2010 04 Jul 2010
    20 1 3
    The description of this achievement isn't very descriptive. In order to "earn gold" (never once is "gold" mentioned during these carnival games) you have to have perfect scores on all 3 carnival games in the Sunny Side Daycare level, "Fair Play". Finishing each of these games will net you a card, but 100% perfect is needed to net this achievement.

    NOTE: On the game "Alley Throw" you must hit all 100 aliens. One alien passing over the Red Line will not give you the "gold" rating here and thus, no achievement. Holding down the RT will give you a continues fire, making hitting the aliens a little easier.
    19 Jul 2012 19 Jul 2012 19 Jul 2012
    8 0 0
    Instantmash's idea was pretty good and works well but you still have to be pretty good.. I found an even better and easier way. if you don't have another player handy.

    First play through the level normally making sure to get all the collectibles and getting gold on the other two challenges. Now... once you've done that replay the level but 2 player instead.

    Using a little bit of imagination.. I grabbed one of my girlfriends ponytail holders and wrapped it around the right trigger and bottom of the controller to keep the RT held down.. (I'm sure tape or anything else will work in this manner). Now Under a 2 Player game.. head directly to the Alien Shooting mini-game and enter the game with both controllers.

    As soon as it starts move the 2nd controllers target reticule over the bottom red line to the right of the the left blue basket (On the floor tile seam worked well for me) and let it just keep hitting anything that comes down that way (it works best against the jumping aliens when you can't get them). Do this on the left side because there are more aliens in my opinion on the right. Now your second controller acts as a last defense for any that you miss yourself and leaves you open to concentrate just on the jumping aliens on the right side... I EASILY got this using this method. With something like 120+ targets hit. Where I had already gotten gold on the other two games beforehand in my first playthrough. I got the achievement after just getting gold on this one.
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