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Achievement Guide for Photojournalist

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    i take no credit for this guide credit goes to SCRAPDADDY

    Photojournalist Guide with pictures

    You know what they say, “a picture is worth a 1000 words” so I’ve made this guide for the photo missions that are required for the achievement. I am not doing any of the OPTIONAL photos here because you can just skip those if you like.

    First you need to have the Newspaper Shop built which will cost you $750. Once construction is complete, the camera unlocks at the store and you can buy it for $1000. With the camera in hand go and find Wheezy (the penguin) in the main portion of town. He is usually near the front of the town hall and looks like this

    To take a picture press or and highlight the camera device (not the pictomatic device) and press to select it. This will bring up your picture view frame. You can then zoom in with and zoom out with if you like. Once you are happy just press to snap the picture and then press to post it to the billboards or simply hit to exit.

    Mission 1: Picture of Stinky Pete
    Details: Take a picture of Stinky Pete.
    Stinky Pete is usually in the area near the stagecoach platform and the entrance to the Enchanted Glen. Just walk up to him and take the picture. Here is mine:

    Mission 2: Picture Perfect
    Details: Take a photo with a score of 1000 points or more.
    Just take a picture of Mayor Ham in front of Town Hall. If Ham is not in front of the town hall you can force him there with the shoulder charge by pressing the button. Just keep hitting him until he is there. Then take out your camera and snap the picture. You might have to play with the angle a bit but again it's not really hard. Here is mine and note the score is 1872:

    Mission 3: Mayor of the Town Picture
    Details: Take a photo of Mayor Ham.
    Just repeat the same picture from mission 2 above.

    Mission 4: Living Large and Small Picture
    Details: Take a photo of something big and something small.
    For this you will need to go to the Goo dispenser which should be near Stinky Pete. If it isn’t there make sure you have purchased it from the store first. Press the green button for the green goo that will make things grow and press the purple button for the purple goo that will make things small. Pick up the green goo ball and toss it at someone (I chose Ham), then pick up the purple goo ball and toss it at someone else (I went with Wheezy). You may need to carry your little guy over to your big guy and then take the picture of both of them together. You’ll get this:

    You'll notice the little Wheezy with the "?" over his head is to the right of Ham. I chose these 2 characters because they don’t walk around as much as the rest of the folks do. But do what you like.

    Mission 5: Make the Front Page
    Details: Take a photo with a score of 3000 points or more.
    This time you need to score 3000 points. Seems like a lot but here’s what to do, customize the town hall with all your Finding Nemo stuff and take a picture of Ham again and voila! Mission Accomplished. If you don't have the Finding Nemo stuff then just jump into any well and grab all the collecitbles you see on the top and bottom sections inside the well. Here is mine and note the score is 4976:

    Mission 6: National Headline
    Details: Take a photo with a score of 5000 points or more.
    Take the exact same picture that we took in mission 5 except use the green goo to make Ham large first. Here is mine and note the score is 7938:

    Mission 7: Crashed UFO Picture
    Details: Take a picture of the crashed UFO
    In town there is an alien running around with a “!” over his head. Speak to him and there will be a short scene of the UFO crashing and he will give you the mission “Aliens are Invading Town”. Facing town hall, make a right and run down the road. The crash site will be on your left near Mount Toymore. Here is mine:

    Mission 8: Photo of the Abominable Snowman
    Details: Take a photo of it
    For this mission to open you need to have purchased Sid’s Haunted House first. Head to the top of Mount Toymore. Hang around the area for a little while and a pale white guy will eventually teleport in by the army guy. Take a photo of him and it is mission complete. If you get tired of waiting, move on, but be on the lookout for the pale white guy as you explore because he randomly warps from spot to spot and you need that picture. This guy is literally everywhere so just be on the lookout for him and take his picture when you can.

    Mission 9: Photo of Zurg and Zurg Bots
    Details: Take photos of Zurg and Zurg Bots
    For this mission to open you need to have purchased Zurg’s Spaceport first. The task description can is slightly misleading as all you need to do to complete it is just take a picture of Zurg. Run on over to the Spaceport and do so now. Here is mine:

    Mission 10: Dragon Photo
    Details: Dragon photo taken
    For this mission to open you need to have purchased the Enchanted Glen first. Then you need to run through the big tree level to unlock the Dragon in toy box mode. As soon as that mission is over you end up back outside by Lotso (the pink bear) on your Dragon. Just hop off and take the picture. Here is mine:

    Achievement Unlocked!

    Note #1 - There are hundreds of different ways to complete the missions where you have do get a certain score. If you can't get mine to work for you then try to put fairy wings on everyone and take a big group picture. You can do this after you have the fairy wand from the Enchanted Glen.

    Note #2 - If you have already defeated Ham and you did not take his picture in front of Town Hall then mission #3 will go away for good. If you just complete the rest of the photos you will still unlock the achievement after completing the last one so don't worry about it.
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    These are the camera missions Wheezy gives you. It unlocks after around 15-20 missions.

    EDIT: You may or may not get the mission to take a picture of Mayor Hamm, but if you do, try to take it before the big boss battle as some people missed it but others still got the cheevo.
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