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Autobot Campaign Complete (Hard).

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How to unlock the Autobot Prime achievement

  • vSullyvSully1,149,370
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    The final Trypticon battle is really easy once you understand his pattern. He has four "attacks" that he cycles through in order.
    1: Homing missiles
    2: Purple fire breath
    3: Tail missiles, tail smash
    4: Energon crystals that burst with spiderlings

    He ALWAYS does 1, 3, and 4. Attack #2 is only done occasionally.

    Start out by heading to the left and taking the X12 Scrapmaker (the weapon you'll use for the duration of the battle) and the ammo. Position yourself as far left as you can under the overhang (right by where the weapon spawns), as the homing missiles will not hit you there. Next, run behind the ramp to protect yourself from the fire breath (he will always do this attack the first cycle). After he stops attack #2, transform and watch for tail missiles to appear. When you see them coming, thrust across to the other side of the map (to the right of Trypticon), up the ramp, and around to the top area, which will avoid the missiles and the tail smash. Transform and target his weak spot with a full clip, at which point he should start laughing. Don't bother with a second clip- patience is key here. Transform and thrust straight back to the overhang area in preparation of his first attack, driving through any crystals that are in your way. While waiting out the homing missiles, melee spiders as needed (the missiles will kill any that are still around). From here, repeat until he is dead. Be sure to grab ammo or health as needed.

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    KJer25hmmm ..pretty good guide, but I would offer instead of going up the ramp after he shoots his purple fire, to go underneath the ramp. None of the rockets can hit you there in hiding....after he's done shooting them, simply come out and blast him with the scrapmaker...super easy this way...still, +1 from me.
    Posted by KJer25 on 20 Dec 15 at 19:41
    Iceman2pnt0The tail attack is the most powerful and hardest to avoid. The only way I could consistently avoid it was to be at the middle of the top platform when he strikes the ground. The only way to make it up there is to start boosting toward the ramp in vehicle mode about 2 seconds before the missile strike or fire breath attack is over (depending on which attack cycle he is on). Basically, whichever attack is right before his tail strike. As bbgamer007 pointed out, he does the fire breath every other cycle, so keep this in mind. Anyway, as I said start boosting toward the ramp near the end of Trypticons attack, and when you reach the top hit RB to do the ram maneuver, and steer hard right to avoid the wall. When you reach the middle, transform into robot mode and start blasting Trypticon. Also, note that there is a heavy plasma cannon near the ledge up here, so use that to do some serious damage. As long as you stay moving, keep picking up the ammo under the overhang area, picking up health when needed, and avoiding that annoying as hell tail attack, you will eventually be victorious.
    Posted by Iceman2pnt0 on 15 Aug 16 at 23:54
    The Nerds ClubThis guide is great except don't use the X12 but still grab it for extra weaponry & use Optimus Prime's Vehicle rocket launcher instead for this area & unload 2 clips into the red spot each time & as soon as you see those purple spiders come by your car drive away under the roof thing, take cover & get out of vehicle mode, shoot the spiders around you even if they don't attack you i found it easier to kill as many as you can while your under that roof cover area rinse & repeat until he's dead.
    Posted by The Nerds Club on 22 May 20 at 03:13
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  • Teh ParalyzerTeh Paralyzer464,011
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    If you have beaten the game on an easier difficulty than Hard you can load up the last checkpoint of each level and beat it on Hard and it will count toward this achievement. This will save time and stress. Same for Decepticons.

    Lets say you beat the game on easy. Go back to chapter select and set difficulty to Hard. Load the very last checkpoint and beat it. It counts as beating the entire level on hard.

    These achievements are stackable.
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    CoolguystuffI can confirm that this "trick" does work. Go through on an easier difficulty, then load the very last checkpoint of each chapter, change the difficulty to hard and finish off the boss. Before you fight StarScream make sure to have the Rocket Launcher before entering his room. When he transforms into robot form keep the central structure between you and StarScream as much as possible, the closer he is the harder he will hurt you.
    For Soundwave use Optimus Prime his damage buffer will help you greatly in both the damage recieved and damage given.. Do not let up on any of the little guys, it's very easy to turn this battle into an exhaustive process because if you let up on Frenzy, Rumble or Laserbeak even for a second they can get half their health back. Use the columns for cover as much as possible and wave in and out of your party members in the hopes of distracting one of the little guys and nailing him as he's distracted. when Soundwave appears, he will only be visible for a few seconds. So run up close and nail him furiously, when you need to reload don't, just switch weapons. It's quicker and enables you to pound Soundwave even more. Reload after Soundwave goes back into hiding. Hopefully you picked up the Rocket Launcher from outside the room. What I did through this whole fight was constantly stay on the move, strafe and bob and eave all over the place. You will get hit but not enough to kill you. The turrets give Energon health as well so don't worry too much about dying. Get too careless tho and you will
    The Corrupted Worm is the worst fight. You don't get that much room, every single hit that connects with you runs the possibility of one hitting you and it's very easy to make mistakes. The trick is to learn his pattern and then work through that. He'll slam his claws into the ground one at a time, alternate to either side of the space. Then he'll slam both claws into the ground creating a sorta shock wave. Double Jump to avoid. Then he will fire burst shots from left to right, very easy to avoid. Then he will fire a laser which goes across the screen at ankle level and then above you. Don't jump when it goes above you and don't double jump. After that you will have a shot to shoot him in his fat face. Once you deplete the health bar he'll retreat and send spider bubbles to the ground which when they burst will spew spiders over the ground. These will give you health, but the health won't stay on the battle field. Then he'll repeat his attack pattern. Just stay calm and put him down. Cause Spiders are gross
    The first fight against Trypticon is so easy even on hard that you will have no problems, avoid his attacks shoot him in his jetpack, put him down.
    Trypticon's 3rd fight is the worst. It took me so long to fight him but I figured it out. When the fight starts off Transform and then wait. He will shoot bombs that you cannot avoid on foot. When they begin to come down boost around the place in a straight line. If you try to do fancy crap you will get hit. Once he begins shooting fireballs at you head to the ramp like outcrop by his right side. Use that to get to the second level and grab the missile launcher there or you can pick up the minigun on the bottom floor. The missile launcher locks on when you look at Trypticon's weak points and the minigun will cut him into swiss cheese. when he raise shis tail and starts following you around the battle arena with it he will also shoot rockets at you that strafe the arena and have limited homing capabilities. Meaning they will come towards where you were and then strafe the rest of the arena. One hard you need to watch that tail, it doesn't matter how much health you have, if that tail hits the ground near you you will die. Just to be even safer be in the air. Wait until he calls forth the crystals and don't focus on them, instead focus on Trypticon and use your preferred weapon to unload on him. Once the spiders start attacking you kill them and wait for Trypticon to attack again. Just collect the ammo on either side of the arean in the rubble when you get the chance, don't worry about hiding or staying in one place because you present too much of a liability to yourself when you can't see one of his one hitter attacks. It may take several attempts, don't break the controller, or your tv or curse the game, just be patient and you will have no problems
    Posted by Coolguystuff on 04 Jan 13 at 02:47
    LeedomCrud27it worked like a charm all i need now is to beat the last autobot level but the solution to beat him isnt working
    Posted by LeedomCrud27 on 26 Jan 13 at 15:55
    Solario32Awesome! This will save so much time :)
    Posted by Solario32 on 30 Jun 15 at 17:29
  • GTPBigDogGTPBigDog264,350
    31 Jan 2011 31 Jan 2011
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    As stated before, you only have to load up the last checkpoint in each chapter and beat that on hard and it will count towards the achievement. Generally you will find the level Zeta Prime's Rescue under Kaon Prison Break the hardest so I'll post a solution to help for this one since a lot of people, including myself, had great difficulty on it.
    For this I chose Optimus, BEFORE you go in the room, check on the left side of the door for the thermal rocket launcher AND you will also find EMP (stun) grenades, make sure you pick these up.
    First you'll have to take down some defense turrets, nothing big here...Just make sure to pickup the energon or ammo they drop. Second you'll have to defeat Frenzy. As stated before, just put yourself behind a pole and shoot you ion gun around it. When his health gets depleted Soundwave will come out. At this point, transform into a vehicle and hit soundwave with your rockets, make them count because reloading will take too much time. If you've done it right, Soundwave will call Frenzy back in and then you'll move onto another wave of turrets. Again, pickup the health and ammo here.
    Next up is Rumble, use the same tactics as before, but try to mix in some of the EMP grenades because these will stun Rumble and keep him in one spot. Watch out for his lounge attack, make sure you're good at dodging with the LB. Same thing as before, when his health is depleted Soundwave will come out. Again, transform into a truck and make sure you hit with each rocket. If you miss you'll have to go another round with Rumble. So after you do enough damage this time to Soundwave, again another round of turrets. Lastly you'll have to face laserbeak. Now switch to the thermal launcher that you picked up before you entered, and get a lock on him. Make sure you're still standing behind a beam and fire the rockets at laserbeak because he does a LOT of damage if you're in the open. Be careful not to be too close to the beam, cuz the rockets will hit that and you'll end up damaging yourself.
    As laserbeak goes down, again transform to vehicle and take out soundwave. After you deplete soundwave's health, voila! level is over, you'll get the cutscene and you're done...
    I hope this helps.
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    nebulousIAMthanks! beat level first try
    Posted by nebulousIAM on 30 Oct 12 at 02:55
    HellHoundRulercan anyone tell me wat are the last checkpoints of every level
    Posted by HellHoundRuler on 13 Jan 13 at 22:40
    YOOPER 906Did it without dying thanks to you. +1
    Posted by YOOPER 906 on 21 May 14 at 21:46
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