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Top of the Scrap Heap in Transformers: War For Cybertron

Top of the Scrap Heap254 (75)

Reach a combined class level of 100 in Multiplayer.

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I want to share this table i found on a PSN forum i want to thank Onousfan por posting it, i reached level 25 with the leader class and can confirm this table.

1 - 500 XP
2 - 1,500 XP (+1000)
3 - 3,000 XP (+1500)
4 - 5,000 XP (+2000)
5 - 7,500 XP (+2500)
6 - 11,000 XP (+3500)
7 - 15,500 XP (+4500)
8 - 21,000 XP (+5500)
9 - 27,500 XP (+6500)
10 - 35,000 XP (+7500)
11 - 44,000 XP (+9000)
12 - 54,500 XP (+10500)
13 - 66,500 XP (+12000)
14 - 80,000 XP (+13500)
15 - 95,000 XP (+15000)
16 - 112,000 XP (+17000)
17 - 131,000 XP (+19000)
18 - 152,000 XP (+21000)
19 - 175,000 XP (+23000)
20 - 200,000 XP (+25000)
21 - 227,500 XP (+27500)
22 - 257,500 XP (+30000)
23 - 290,000 XP (+32500)
24 - 325,000 XP (+35000)
25 - 362,500 XP (+37500)

The best Gametype to gain xp is Conquest since you get 150 xp for capturing each power node.

on average on a good game you can get 4 to 6k xp

here is 1 build for each character and how they work i tried many build but these are the ones i managed to get to work out better. you can try them or just create your own. i dont remember at what level perks unlocked so ill post what i have

Scout Class
Main Weapon: Scatter Blaster
secondary: energon battle pistol (or null ray i just suck at sniping but you need either one for those long distance fights)

Abilities: Cloaking (dont leave home without it i cant see someone using the scout withouth this ability its essential to sneak around and hit enemies from behind you can also get the Boo Bonus that gives you 50 extra points per kill)
Dash ( will help you get out of sticky situations) optional would be mark target it has a good score bonus of 100 points per kill if marked.

Surprise attack (damage bonus after removing cloak)
Health Matrix (extra health per kill this can keep you going and going without having to search for energon cubes some people likes ghost or dimensional step i believe its not necesary if you administer your cloak appropiately)
First Aid ( health regens faster)

Tips on this guy: The Scout cant take much damage try to sneak around enemies rather than hit them head on.
*** when using your cloak try cloaking before entering a room or area you might encounter a enemy. so they dont see you cloaking that will be the difference between killing or getting kill, if you plan on getting in a major fight cloak and dont run close to uncloaked allies since you might get hit by stray fire and loose your cloack ahead of time.


This guy is though to take down and probably the easiest guy to use the soldier might have more health but this guy is more nimble so it makes him tougher to take down

Main weapon: fusion cannon (great agains scouts and scientists, aim to the floor around them not directly at them you will take them down in 1 to 3 hits max)
Secondary Weapon: Ion Blaster ( i use this to fight other leaders and soldiers at a close range)

Warcry: Damage and armor boost for you and your surrounding teammates.
Barrier: in a conquest game this has saved me so many times when you or your team are capturing a position it will keep fire away from you so snipers and long range opportunist cant hit you
about the other abilities: the moleculon bomb can be great used properly the disruption ability in my opinion sucks... when it was used on me i would still kill the other guy at least 50% of the time on vehicle weaponry

No Surrender or Rage: they both boost the warcry
Martyrdom: this ability might be cheap but it will get you points it will finish off enemies you left unkilled or it will kill off enemies lurking around low on health. plus you will get bonuses such as payback and grim reaper to add to your kill
Explosive Capacitor: extra thermal mine = martyrdom 2.0

**** this guy can virtually take any other class head on and can win try using war cry as much as possible the leader class has the poke 2.0 which you get after 5 kills in a row that causes your melee hit to 1 kill everything even enemies that have overshield.


Main Weapon: Emp Shotgun
Secondary Weapon: Photon burst rifle

Abilities: Disguise (im my opinion the best ability this guy has read below and ill tell you why)
Drain ( syphons that extra health you need to kill the big guys, soldiers and leaders)

Friendly Fire: Damage Bonus after loosing disguise
Master of Disguise: you dont loose disguise while being shot
First Aid: Health regens faster

******ok disguise why disguise?
1. the ability regens really fast you can use it multiple times before getting killed
2. score bonus you can really rack up points with a disguise build you get extra 100 points per kill with the double agent bonus if you combined it with drain you get 50 more... thats 200 points per kill plus other bonuses
3. disguise has some benefits such as
a) you cant be locked on by enemy scientists in jet more or the missile launcher
b) enemy turrets dont fire at you
c) you dont show up as a enemy when a enemy orbital beacon is up(orbital beacon 2.0 will still screw you up)
4. you can get kills otherwise you wouldnt with the disguise noob players will ignore you completely even standing in front of them allowing you to take your time to kill them.
some players will mistake you with an ally and run to you for health when damaged allowing you to finish them off and get a easy kill
experienced players sometimes will think twice before shooting at you first giving you that 1 or 2 second window to kill them or take a advantage in damage which the scientist needs.
5. in a larger battle enemies will hit your allies first allowing you time to get behind them or get some kills the color distracts them.

if you are using this guy DONT use starscreams chassis :P
For autobot chassis i used the interceptor and for decepticons the stalker chassis

*** tips for this guy.
a) never ever take a battle head on unless its with another scientist or maybe a scout, you will die 90% or more against a soldier or a leader head on. ive gotten many kills just because of scientists thinking they can take me on while im using a leader
b) if you use the disguise build never rush in to a battle the scientist is about speed and stealth, move in behind your enemy even if you have to take the long way its better to get a clean kill and run than to go in guns blazing and end up in the scrapyard with nothing.
c) keep your distance and shoot from far if necesary (the energon burst rifle is the tool for this)

Some people might argue why not use a turret build... the turret might get some kill but it dissapears once youre dead and dosent really have a nice point bonus like double agent or vampire


Main Weapon: Scrapmaker (good mid range weapon)
Secondary weapon: EMP shotgun

Whirlwind (will get you out of bad situations, also helps when overwhelmed)
Hover (used the ONLY when a enemy was coming at me with a whirlwind that way i could avoid it completely. other than that youre just a sitting duck enemies will flank you and kill you off quickly)

Upgrades: Sharpshooter (greatly increases accuracy for the not so accurate weapons of the soldier)
Flak Armor ( helps you take less explosive damage, fussion cannons, missiles, and so on)
First Aid.

*** this guy is a heavy hitter slow but hits hard you can even get into big battles and make out alive theres really not much to say about him.

Here are my stats from when i just got to combined 100(so you can know pretty much what to aim for) i need to note this is 100% conquest games and i didint play any of the classes after they got to level 25. i leveled all 4 classes almost even.

Score 10056
Games 313
Time Played 2d 0h 38m
Wins 158
losses 154
kills 4339
deaths 3125
assists 2000
conquest score 2859

hope all this info helps see you at the top of the scrap heap!

***Edit - This game as of June 27 2011 will be getting a permanent 5x Xp Bonus so technically you will be able to level up 5 times faster***
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Posted on 17 September 17 at 16:35
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As of 2017 the online for this game is still popular with cn_guidea handful of people, but it's also got some modders and hackers about as well. Be on your guard when you are playing this game.

I would like to give credit to Domanator316, gameaddict25, M I K 3 ID, M I K 3 ID v and scotwolf2 with their assistance when boosting this game with the groups we had at the time.

So the fastest way in getting the XP done in this game is to do the XP Boosting in the Conquest Game Mode. A minimum of 4 people are required in order to start an online Conquest Match, but in order to prevent any randoms joining your match, you will need 10 people in total. No more, no less. You can bring in dummy accounts as well, but they will get kicked for idling after a short while. So unless you are intending to get them involved with the boosting as well as yourself, you will likely need to rubberband the cn_LS and cn_RS to make them run round in circles.

Setting Up Your Lobby

In the game when you go into Multiplayer, you will automatically be placed in a Private Lobby. Here is where you can invite friends and recent players to form up a group that you can take in any game mode you like. You can have a vast amount of people in the lobby, but if your boosting the maximum recommended amount is 5. You can invite them using your cn_guide guide to help you.

When it comes to organisation the best thing to do is to choose 2 people in particular that can host the lobbies and get them to invite up to 4 people for each of their sides. The 2 chosen people should be living in the same regions as that will give everyone a good chance in connecting with each other. For example the two party hosts could be both from the USA, UK, Europe etc.
Once a decision has been made as to who will do the hosting, they can start inviting them. It's up to you all if you want to put everyone in 2 individual XBox Live Parties or get 8 people in one Party with 2 left out or other methods you wish to apply.

Connection Issues: One main problem recently that this game has suffered with is the fact that some people cannot connect to each other easily in the lobbies as you constantly get the same error message. If this is the case there are some ways around it that me and my friends have discovered.

1. Ask for another game invite and see if you can connect to the lobby.
2. Ask for a game invite from the other player that is hosting the lobbies.
3. Return to your XBox 360 Dashboard, reload the game and accept a game invite whilst the game is loading up to the title screen. We noticed this worked sometimes.
4. Return to your XBox 360 Dashboard and accept a game invite whilst you are sitting on the XBox 360 Dashboard. This has a could chance in connecting to the lobby you wish to be at.
5. Test your XBox Live Connection.
6. Switch off your XBox 360 console for 10 Minutes.
7. Reset your Internet Router.

When both groups have a respectful amount of people in their lobbies and are ready to search, it's recommended that everyone chooses "Regional" in Matchmaking first. If that doesn't work, switch it back to "Worldwide". Whoever is searching first as a host needs to click on "Find Match" and then click on "Conquest". They will take their team with them into a lobby. You need to check and see if the game will Create A Lobby for you, otherwise you will likely be paired up with randoms.
Meanwhile when they are in the lobby and everyones loaded in, the other host of the team needs to do the same and hope to find the other team in their lobby. If done correctly you should all be paired up and ready to boost the game once the timer goes down to 0.

If you haven't got 10 people in the lobby, you can always manually use your cn_guide guide to invite them into the lobby, or get them to search for the Conquest Match.

Boosting Method

Pretty simple. All you have to do when the match starts is choose a Class of your choice and get everyone to go for Control Point B only. Do not go for Control Point A or Control Point C. When everyone arrives at Control Point B, one team needs to run in and capture it. Then once it's captured they need to back away and let the other team run in and capture it. Then once it's captured they need to back away and let the other team run in and capture it. Rinse and repeat this method for the whole of the match. This is known as Ring Boosting and it has been famous in many other games as you might have guessed.

You must not stand for a very long time and block your opponents group from capturing the Control Point, because if you do, they will have the right to shoot and kill you and you will have to respawn and head to the Control Point to try again.

With the fact that the game has a permament 5x XP Bonus, each time you capture the control point, it will give you a total of 750XP.

You will automatically get this achievement once you have reached Level 5 with any Class...

Transformers: War For CybertronYou Got Spark, KidThe You Got Spark, Kid achievement in Transformers: War For Cybertron worth 8 pointsReach level 5 in any single class in Multiplayer.

Eventually one of the Classes you use will reach Level 25, giving you this achievement...

Transformers: War For CybertronSpike's BFFThe Spike's BFF achievement in Transformers: War For Cybertron worth 45 pointsReach level 25 in any single class in Multiplayer.

Level 25 is the maximum Class you get with each one you choose in the game, so once you have done this, stand in the middle of the flag, blocking access, then press the cn_start button, "Choose Character" and pick a different Class before you get killed. Once you are dead you will respawn with your new class, ready to boost again.

Transformers: War For CybertronThe Kup's Half FullThe The Kup's Half Full achievement in Transformers: War For Cybertron worth 69 pointsReach a combined class level of 50 in Multiplayer.

This one is unlocked once 2 Classes have reached Level 25 each.

Transformers: War For CybertronOnly the Strong SurviveThe Only the Strong Survive achievement in Transformers: War For Cybertron worth 159 pointsReach a combined class level of 75 in Multiplayer.

Then this one is unlocked once 3 Classes have reached Level 25 respectfully.

Transformers: War For CybertronTop of the Scrap HeapThe Top of the Scrap Heap achievement in Transformers: War For Cybertron worth 254 pointsReach a combined class level of 100 in Multiplayer.

And then finally you will get this achievement for reaching Level 25 in all 5 Classes in the game.

Transformers: War For CybertronPrime DirectiveThe Prime Directive achievement in Transformers: War For Cybertron worth 102 pointsUnlock Prime Mode.

Then after that match you can promote yourself and get this achievement within the Lobby Menu.


This game is known to disconnect people time to time, and if that's the case the recommendation is to use the cn_guide guide and invite them back in as soon as possible. You may need to get opposite team members of yourself to invite the person if that one who got disconnected was not on the same team as yourself. You must act quickly when this happens or even find a replacement, because should a random join, it will be hard to get rid of him/her as they will consider boosting as a great opportunity of kills, or possibly just join in for the sake of it.

I hope my information provides some use for you. Good Luck. You will need it.
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