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03 Jun 15

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Freeroamer 1

Reach 100% complete in 15 locations.

Freeroamer 10
14 June 2015 - 4 guides

How to unlock the Freeroamer 1 achievement

  • Epsilon ThetaEpsilon Theta753,114
    26 Mar 2010 28 Sep 2010 08 Oct 2017
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    In order to complete a location you need to do two things; destroy all Panauan equipment and find all resource crates.

    Destroying the equipment is done by, well, blowing it up. Sometimes it requires only gunfire and sometimes it requires heavy weaponry. Using helicopters works fine. For information about what exactly is destructible I advise having a look at Destroyer in Just Cause 2. A quick word of advise though, watch out for transformers as they are mounted on posts and well hidden.

    To find the resource crates you should watch out for the homing signal. As soon as you enter range, the top left of your minimap will display a signal power meter using the same measurement system you should be used from cellphones. The stronger the signal gets the closer you are.

    The completion percentage will be shown as you collect/destroy items and should give you an indication on how much there is in total and how much you still need to do to complete the location.

    Review 2 June 2015: Adjusted naming: Transistor / Transformer.
    Review 23 September 2014: Added cross-reference.
    Review 08 October 2017: Fixed formatting issue.

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    Warboy925Stupid question but what do the transistors look like? Willing to bet they are the 3% I'm missing....grrr!
    Posted by Warboy925 on 02 Jun 15 at 02:11
    Epsilon ThetaMy bad, I meant Transformer. As on the linked solution. You can find an image here! Most of them are mounted on two poles and look like big boxes with cables and ceramic resistances mounted onto them.

    I'll correct the naming in this solution to be consistent.
    Posted by Epsilon Theta on 02 Jun 15 at 16:15
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  • The GlobalizerThe Globalizer1,121,713
    25 Jan 2011 10 Feb 2011 10 Feb 2011
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    As others have noted, completing a location to 100% requires that you collect all resource items and destroy all Panauan government property in the area. You need to do this in 15 locations to earn this achievement.

    Finding the resource items is easy: look for the proximity indicator in your HUD (top left corner); the more bars you see, the closer the item. These items can be weapon parts, vehicle parts, armor parts, or money boxes. Just keep covering all of the ground within the location's area (if you see a % in your HUD, you're in a location) and keep watching the proximity indicator.

    Finding the government property is a bit more difficult, as they are not identified in your HUD. However, when you aim at them, the building's name and health will show (with the chaos symbol, the scorpion). And, of course, they will have red and white paint, with the Panauan star on them. Just blast away as these until they explode.

    Exceptions: Fuel shafts and pipelines both require a quick-time event to destroy, rather than shooting. Communication antennas require that you extend them (press Y at the three consoles that surround them) before you can shoot them.

    Some general tips on getting 100% in a location:

    * Come with a lot of firepower. Grenades are very effective; I also recommend upgrading the assault rifle or machine gun as soon as possible. Best case scenario: Bring an attack helicopter or Stonewall/Razorback (light tank).
    * Get good at grappling. Not only are many items on top of buildings, but it is helpful to grapple out of danger. Sometimes fighting the spawns can be a losing battle, both in terms of health and time lost killing enemies.
    * I prefer to destroy all property first. I get the resource items that are around/available, but I'd rather come back to an item with a beacon than skip a piece of government property and forget where it was.
    * Note that SAMs do not appear to contribute to your location completion %. Faction items also do not count.

    Some tips on choosing locations:

    * If you're just working on this achievement at the moment, always focus on villages (locations with a house icon). Some of these locations can have very few targets; I've visited a few that only had 2 or 3 resource items to reach 100%. The biggest problem you'll usually have in a village is a propaganda trailer.
    * Avoid cities. These are incredibly rich in targets, and they're not always in the most obvious locations. Don't waste your time finding the last water tower on a small building surrounded by larger buildings, a resource item on top of skyscraper, or a propaganda trailer in a park.
    * Military bases and naval bases can be worth it. Yes, more targets and more enemies, but most of these locations also have military hardware that make your job easier. You can do serious damage -- fast -- with a mounted gun you've removed from its base.
    * Best areas for villages: Archipelago in the northeast; central coast area; south-central delta area; southwest desert; eastern jungles.

    While working on this achievement, you'll make progress towards these achievements:

    Just Cause 2Finders KeepersThe Finders Keepers achievement in Just Cause 2 worth 22 pointsCollect 100 resource items.

    Just Cause 2Leaving No Rock UnturnedThe Leaving No Rock Unturned achievement in Just Cause 2 worth 80 pointsCollect 1000 resource items.

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    Just Cause 2Freeroamer 2The Freeroamer 2 achievement in Just Cause 2 worth 60 pointsReach 100% complete in 100 locations.
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    Warboy925Love this game, didn't even know about the "the proximity indicator in your HUD (top left corner)" until I read this solution...its a pain in the ass when I'm like 97% in the "Roach's Harbor" and I have no clue wtf I missed!!!
    Posted by Warboy925 on 02 Jun 15 at 01:52
  • Ghenghis AlexGhenghis Alex357,263
    24 Mar 2010 25 Mar 2010
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    Reaching 100% in a location requires you to destroy all the military marked objects. Radio towers, fuel depots, generators, and other harder objects. Like pipe lines you have to find the switch and enter the button combos, or biofuel towers. Sail down and enter the button combo. Or radar antennae press the three buttons then shoot the antennae that protrudes from the center. You must also collect all the resources. This is done by following your little wifi signal and playing a hot/cold game. 15 isn't that big of a task you should have this before agency mission 3
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