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Legendary Agent

Bonus for completing the game on Hardcore difficulty.

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How to unlock the Legendary Agent achievement

  • DaShAgDaShAg241,744
    02 Jun 2010 08 Sep 2010 02 May 2011
    52 2 3
    I started this game on experienced difficulty, beat the game and grabbed all the achievements along with it ending up at about 60 hours of game time and 80% complete. I lost interest in the game but the 40g achievement score for completing this game on hardcore mode made me run for a quick hardcore mode session.

    if some of you are still in doubt whether to do this here are some stats

    Game time to complete the story:
    around 8 hours

    Chaos needed in order to unlock 6th-7th mission ( They are tied, so when you finish mission 6, the 7th mission will automatically load ):

    Percentage complete after 7th mission:

    How I did it:
    I started with grabbing some resource items in the small villages. Made sure the little chopper, the Rowllington or whatever, was upgraded to level 6, I did the same with the assault rifle. These are the only 2 you basically need. Then I did the stronghold missions, switching to faction missions in order to unlock more strongholds and agency missions. This goes pretty quick and I was done with the 4th agency mission at 3-4 hours of game time. Then all I did was take the little chopper and fly to all the big bases and oil rigs and shoot every chaos object I saw. Until I was at 435k so I could finish the game.

    dropK1CK ninJA gave us some nice chaos numbers for completing certain places.

    Oilrigs: 1,500 Chaos
    Big Oilrigs: 3,000 Chaos
    Skull Island ( in the shape of a horseshoe on the map, around the middle ): 18,000 Chaos
    Strongholds: 7,500 Chaos

    P.S. I did it in 8 hours but you can probably do it between 6-7 hours. While doing this run I still found myself messing around and wasting time...

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    dropK1CK ninJAIt is also worth noting that completing the oil rigs is worth 1500 chaos, and the larger (the ones where you can see areas paved) are worth 3,000 chaos and abundant items to blow up. The one on the horseshoe area (don't have the game loaded up at the moment) in the middle of the map, after completing everything, gave me over 18,000 chaos. Also, stronghold takeovers are worth 7,500 chaos. Wish I had realized that sooner instead of doing them when I was looking for easy chaos...
    Posted by dropK1CK ninJA on 02 May 11 at 10:55
    ScottFromDerbyThanks for this info, very useful. Just managed to get the achievement, here was my endgame summary:
    Game time: 11:08
    Agency missions: 7
    Faction missions: 15
    Stronghold takeovers: 7
    Challenges: 1
    Locations discovered: 133
    Locations completed: 30
    Resource items: 374
    Faction items: 4
    Baby Panay Statues destroyed: 7
    Colonels assassinated: 11
    Completion: 26.00%

    I must admit, I died A LOT :S more than I thought I would. I did the same as OP, started on experienced and this final dangling achievement together with this guide helped gave me the motivation. Same situation, I was messing around a little. The skull island helped TONS, and all strongholds/faction missions were best in gaining chaos. Also I had the explosive weapons DLC, so using the quad rocket launcher made a huge difference, especially in some of the bosses :D had a blast playing it again so no regrets with the 11 hours :)
    Posted by ScottFromDerby on 07 Mar 13 at 21:08
    darkavenger786Been playing the game over the past few days and I've found the dual wielding SMGs is more powerful than the assault rifle ... well, it has been for me. Just something to add.
    Posted by darkavenger786 on 26 Sep 16 at 22:12
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  • The SwillThe Swill75,599
    05 Apr 2010 05 Apr 2010
    33 1 13
    This only requires that you beat the 7 Agency missions, not the races or faction missions. Important notes:

    The 7th mission launches straight after the 6th named 'Into the Den', there is no free-roaming gap inbetween. As far as I can tell the choice you make at the beginning of mission 6 has absolutely no impact on the rest of the game (please make a note in the comments if you have found this is not the case).

    This achievement will unlock you the 2 lower tier related achievements (Top Agent) and (Heroic Agent) so there is no need to go back and play through on easier difficulties if this is your first completion. If this is the case you should also unlock (Into the Den) and (A Just Cause) achievements.
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    UnboundVerminzCompleted it in 10 hours and 28% completion. Actually not that hard compared to normal :P
    Posted by UnboundVerminz on 07 Nov 10 at 13:50
    Perkinator 3000Finished it at 28.41% completion.
    Surprisingly it felt easier than this time around than it did on my first, normal run. I guess with the experience built up I was just flat out better at the game 2nd time around.
    Posted by Perkinator 3000 on 21 Feb 11 at 20:19
    jochtaMy 2nd playthrough on Hardcore took 10h59m and 26.02% completion. Pretty easy really. The 6th agency mission unlocked at 436,050 chaos. I found going through Panau city good for chaos, lots of statues and propaganda trailers (each worth 1000) and several colonels (also worth 1000 each). Challenges give no chaos so no point doing those. I didn't buy a single thing from the black market and didn't upgrade any weapons to max.
    Posted by jochta on 29 Dec 11 at 17:10
  • jvestjvest198,131
    29 Jun 2010 29 Jun 2010 29 Jun 2010
    19 0 0
    I first got all achievements on the easiest difficulty, then headed for this and the experienced difficulty.

    I just needed to boost my way up to the sixth agency mission. It took me 26 %, and when I finished the seventh mission, I barely used 11 hours and was at 28 %,

    For you to get to the next agency mission, you only have to create chaos. Every panaun (white star) object you destroy, gives chaos. Strongholds gives a good amount of chaos, and so does the faction missions.
    Baby Panay statues and the propaganda speakers gives 1000 Chaos points.

    Don't finish any races! They only give money and completion.

    Hopes this helps, and don't be afraid. I was surprised of how easy this difficulty was. Just upgrade the weapons you use the most (submachine and assault for me) and collect the armor upgrades at the highway bridges.
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