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A Just Cause

Complete Story Mission 7.

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How to unlock the A Just Cause achievement

  • A Wise NinjaA Wise Ninja135,717
    31 Mar 2010 02 Apr 2010
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  • ComplexspiralComplexspiral17,553
    20 Jan 2011 20 Jan 2011 20 Jan 2011
    13 1 2
    Here's how I got past the fight inside the submarine without the rocket launcher.

    First, move up to the big stack of gold bars that's in the center of the room, close to where Baby is standing with his rocket launcher. Deal with any ninjas that are left; for me the 6-star assault rifle usually killed them before they got a chance to Disapparate.

    Then, just after Baby harmlessly rocket-spams your impressively impassive protective golden shield, pop out and throw a triggered explosive at him. DO NOT TRIGGER THE EXPLOSIVE—just throw it. He'll run off to one side, away from the explosive, which will land about where he was originally standing. Duck back behind the gold stack to shelter from more rockets. Then he'll run back to the center where you threw your explosive. Do the same thing again, maybe twice more.

    Once you feel like you've built up enough potential blam (this may vary depending on the difficulty level you're playing), wait until he runs back to the center and your neat little pile of explosives. Is he there? Great. Trigger them. Ka-BOOM.

    Smirk at the cutscene and move on to the next, final, and even more impossibly ludicrous stage of the level.
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    HellCreeper666Nice one mate! Positive from me.
    Posted by HellCreeper666 on 19 Feb 11 at 20:45
    Hirsute DavePositive from me - exactly what I did and it worked a treat. Having 18 explosives probably helped :)
    Posted by Hirsute Dave on 24 Dec 12 at 14:49
  • HeyMrBassmanHeyMrBassman360,869
    28 Apr 2011 03 May 2011
    8 1 0
    I did this mission on Hardcore with 4-star SMG and Assault Rifle. This mission has 3 distinct sections (major spoiler alert):

    First, jump into the nearby chopper and fly to the waypoint. When the sub emerges, hang back and fire at the front of it. You should be out of range of the SAM sites and three enemy choppers will spawn. Lure them close to take them out one by one. Then, move in closer and circle-strafe the sub to destroy the SAMs. Keep moving and you should be able to do this part without a scratch. Once you've landed on the sub, some soldiers will instantly spawn, so take them out quickly with your SMG. Use the door lock and you should be inside.

    For the fight with Panay, keep well back and hide behind the gold piles. Don't get too close to them or his rocket splash damage will still get you. Use your assault rifle on the ninjas first and then aim for Panay's head when he's not firing (it may be my imagination, but I'm sure that killing ninjas also knocked a bit off Panay's health too). There are two fresh rifles and a health pack down here, so take your time.

    Finally, you'll do the rodio with the nuclear missiles. Simpy shoot Panay to knock him over, then diffuse the missile and press B to jump to the next one. Repeat this until you're on the final missile and the end cutscene will show.
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