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How to unlock the Home Lawn Security achievement

  • LunarKnightXLunarKnightX739,069
    09 Sep 2010 09 Sep 2010 09 Sep 2010
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    As with most "Beat the Game" achievements, this is given for taking out the last boss (level 5-10, as with every other 10th stage you have a conveyor belt inventory scrolling the top of the screen). He may seem tough at first when you see how he can completely wreck your plants, but you can counter most of his attacks.

    Pots: Initially you want to use your pots to give yourself more room to build, you'll want a few extra columns from what you're given at the start. Later, save pots for when your plants inevitably get smashed, so you can rebuild as fast as possible. I'd recommend leaving one empty pot at the front of each row for using your peppers, and to give the regular zombies something to munch on for a second while all the catapults in the row smash them.

    Catapults (Lettuce, Corn/Butter, Melon): You don't really need to think too hard with the catapults, just spam them out as fast as you can until you've got all your pots full, if you've got catapults clogging up your inventory, dig up your corn catapults and replace them with the better ones.

    Ice-Shroom / Jalapeño: You'll get a LOT of these, but you definitely want to save them up. Other than the summoning of zombies, the boss has 3 attacks that can destroy several plants at once; unfortunately the RV can't be blocked or stopped (as far as I know.), but the two large balls can be stopped by these plants. After the boss lowers himself to be wailed on by your attack plants, he will use one of his attacks before he stands back up, if he throws a large red ball down a row, quickly plant an ice-shroom somewhere to destroy it and save the plants on that row. The opposite works for the blue ball, place a jalapeño on that row and it will take out the ball. If you're getting backed up on these, using an ice-shroom while the boss is on the screen being hit by catapults will let you get some extra hits in before he attacks and leaves.

    Knowing how to avoid his attacks should make this boss fairly easy, since you'll only have to recover from his RV toss. After the progress bar in the bottom right corner fills up from damage to the boss, you'll get the achievement, end credits music video, and be able to play more of the mini-games from the main menu.

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    LunarKnightXIf that's right it'd be extremely helpful, I'll have to check it out in the boss rematch in the minigame section later.

    Also: thanks for the tip with the eyes NLi10, I didn't even notice that until you said something about it.
    Posted by LunarKnightX on 16 Sep 10 at 21:40
    Solario32Definitely save jalapenos and ice shrooms for the ball coming out of the boss's month.
    Posted by Solario32 on 29 Oct 12 at 01:58
    Radient StarExcellent solution! First time around was pretty difficult, knowing how to counter with jalapeños and ice shrooms made a huge difference. +1
    Posted by Radient Star on 05 Nov 12 at 01:51
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  • SpelunkieSpelunkie142,029
    02 Jul 2015 02 Jul 2015 02 Jul 2015
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    This achievement is completed upon defeating the final boss at 5-10.
    For this guide, I will give you a brief rundown of how to make this easier on yourself.

    -Always use sunflowers, not sun-shrooms.

    -As you progress, start making two columns of sunflowers 4MAXCA$HMONEY.

    -Use the peashooters as placeholders to kill pre-wave zombies, but then replace them with snow peas as soon as you can

    -When using chompers, pair it with a wall-nut/tall-nut right in front of them. (The chompers can reach past one space ahead of themselves to eat an opponent.)

    -The minigames sprinkled in throughout the adventure mode are easy. So don't worry about those.

    -Keep an instant seed packet (cherry bombs, jalapenos, doom shroom, squash) with you for each level

    World 1: Day
    Nothing special for these levels.

    One column of sunflowers, one or two column peashooters, and some wall-nuts if you have to. When you unlock the snow pea, use those instead of the peashooters.

    World 2: Night
    You can't get CA$HMONEY, from the sky anymore. But that ain't no biggie, you don't need no sky money.

    Place puff shrooms 4 spaces away from the right edge of the screen to fend off the zombies while you construct your sunflower columns. Now keep placing additional puff shrooms behind the original column.

    Once you gather up enough CA$HMONEY, place snow peas in front of your sunflowers and place repeaters after that. The levels will get significantly harder around here, so don't be afraid to put down another row of repeaters or wall-nuts.

    Also, use hypno-shrooms to convert some of the special zombies to your side.

    You can dig up your puff shrooms to accommodate your new plants.

    World 3: Pool
    Now you got a pool, but not a fun pool. It's that kinda pool that always has a dead mouse at the bottom of it.

    Anyway, you don't have to worry about any pool zombies early in the level, so just keep doing what you were doing.
    When you acquire enough CA$HMONEY, use lilly pads to place your plants in the pool just how you've been doing.

    Snorkel zombies will attack, so place a wall-nut on a lilly-pad in the pool halfway down the lawn. They'll poke their heads out to make out with your nuts, so the snow peas and repeaters will lay waste to them.

    When the zombie cars start showing up, use spike-weeds to pop dem tires.

    World 4: Fog
    Now it's all foggy and spooky, but don't let that bother you! The fog is your BITCH!

    Do the same thing here as you did for World 2 & 3, just guess and place where your plants need to be.

    A new enemy comes up here. It's a balloon zombie that floats to you. At first you'll need to use cactus to kill them, but just use the blover on them when you get it.

    You might need to start pairing up chompers with your tall-nuts during this world.

    Magnet shrooms become useful at the last levels here as well.

    World 5: Roof
    This is a simple world:
    1st column: Sunflowers
    2nd column: Sunflowers
    3rd column: Cabbage-pult
    4th column: Cabbage-pult
    5th column: Chomper
    6th column: Snow pea
    7th column: Tall-nut
    8th and 9th columns are for cherry bombs.

    When you unlock corn catapult use that instead of the cabbage.

    Halfway through each level, when CA$HMONEY isn't a problem, replace the 2nd column with catapults.

    Meh, it's just a slightly more challenging conveyer belt minigame. You'll be fine.
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    Spelunkieright on the CA$HMONEY?
    Posted by Spelunkie on 07 Jul 15 at 03:57
    Crazy DutchmanSolution: Awesome
    CA$HMONEY: Funny
    Not respecting CATACLIZM's pun: Lame

    Overall I give it a 7/5
    Posted by Crazy Dutchman on 09 Jun 19 at 14:09
    EmivaderJust an advice that worked for me in the rooftops, whenever you decide to pull out the second column of sunflowers to replace them with corn-tapults, modify the first column of sunflowers with the twin sunflowers to keep the same sun energy rate.
    Posted by Emivader on 10 Jul 19 at 16:54
  • KDxSAKDxSA132,228
    31 May 2020 22 Nov 2020 22 Nov 2020
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    This is an unmissable story-based achievement that can be unlocked by completing the game by defeating Zomboss on the roof. Here's a full walkthrough of the game:
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