Youth Trumps Experience achievement in Alpha Protocol

Youth Trumps Experience

Provoke Marburg into a fatal duel.

Youth Trumps Experience0
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How to unlock the Youth Trumps Experience achievement

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    Here's what you need to kill him:

    Reputation with Conrad Marburg: -4 Answer blue/Suave at every chance with him, and save Madison.

    Dossier on Marburg: 66% This is where I was when I got it. Lower might work. Buy the Intel relating to him, and before saving Madison, go to the right, there's an (easy) lock on a door to your left. Inside is a dossier on him. That'll get you to at least 50%.

    Razor Wit: Answer Blue/Suave for the entirety of 10 conversations. Self-explanatory. Heck in Taiwan and Gregori in Moscow are both easily accessed and respond well to full conversations in Suave. Your first conversation with Marburg can count towards this, and I assume your second can as well. You'll want it before entering the museum.

    You'll get the perk "You talking to me?" once he's been provoked, and the achievement once he's down. Enjoy.

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    AxGryndrRazor Wit is the key. I have Marburg at -6 and the dossier at 66% and he runs like a coward.
    Posted by AxGryndr on 16 Feb 13 at 06:30
    Lockyz75I agree totally don't go for this unless you have razor wit
    Posted by Lockyz75 on 13 May 13 at 19:16
    ReliantGung hoDefinitely don't work at -3.
    Posted by ReliantGung ho on 14 Feb 15 at 18:19
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  • KwokowskiKwokowski387,953
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    I provide a summary of the achievement and if you require more detail look at the full detail version

    There are 2 requirements for this acheivement :
    - Marburg dislikes you (meaning : below -3 like), easily done by using only suave answers with him.
    - Since the beginning of your current playthrough, you must have used more suave answers than pro and agressive.

    Dossier on Marburg MAY be inconsequential, since 83% is enough (and the convo with Marburg mentions facts you dont know at 83%).
    - Thanks to Omegalite
    This is what worked for me and is not the only solution to this achievement. I provide a detailed runthorugh of where most of the negative reputation is gained and his dossiers. I also provide Madisons dossiers because there might be a link between her and Conrad.

    You can either follow my way or just do what everyone else has been saying & just act suave when you meet Conrad Marburg & you should kill him at the end of Rome (This does not always work!!)

    Youth Trumps Experience
    (By carefully pushing his buttons, you provoked Marburg into fighting to the death.)

    -To Make Conrad Marburg Fight You At The End Of The Museum Mission In Rome


    First You must make sure that the majority of the speech options are suave (blue) when talking to people at the beginning of the game (This will give you a "Suave" perk which may be crucial to getting Conrad Marburg to talk differently to you)

    -Started Game: Freelancer (Probably Doesn't Make Any Difference What You Start As)
    -Difficulty: Easy As I've Already Done It On Hard (Again Probably Doesn't Matter)


    -Executed Nasri
    -Executed Shaheed


    -Mina On Conrad (Dossier) 16%
    -CIA Non Lethal (You Could Just Shoot Everyone If You Like)
    -CIA Second Floor In Dufflebag On Conrad (Dossier) 33%
    -Gelato Shop Executed Guy
    -Email CIA Intercept/Gelato Shop Intercept On Conrad (Dossier) 50%
    -Mina On Madison (Dossier) 25%
    -Shot No-One Leading Up to Jibril Then Executed Him
    -Conrad Sent Email "Taunt" Him

    Went To Moscow
    [To Visit Another Safehouse Press Back Button, Intel And Press LT/RT Until You Get To Choose A Different Place To Go]

    -Received Reply From Conrad Email
    -Leningrad Train Station (Only Time I Used Aggressive Stance To Make Sie Like Me) Impressed SIE At End

    Back To Rome

    -Clearing House Before Cafe Meeting On Conrad (Dossier) 66%

    Cafe Meeting

    Remember Because Your Majority Of Your Previous Stances Were Suave Conrad Should Say Something Along The Lines Of "more prone to talking than taking action". Otherwise it May Void Your Achievement - Thanks To doomedtolive
    -Suave (Introduction?) -1
    -Suave (Broadcast) -1 (Trail All Over Rome [Killed Someone in Rome -- Jibril, Gelato Shop Guy or CIA]) -1 (Must Have Used Suave For Most Of Previous Conversations, Otherwise 0 For Being Agressive or +1 For Being Professional) -1 (Interaction With SIE in Moscow)
    -Suave (Suave) All Options Give 0 Rep
    -Aggressive (Threaten) -1 (Tried Suave But Gave Me 0 Rep)
    -Suave (Questioning) All Options Give 0 Rep
    -Suave (Bluff) -1
    -Suave (Persuade) -1
    -I managed -7 Rep With Conrad After This but I heard Its Possible To Get The Achievement With Less

    Back To Safehouse

    -Clearing House Before Meeting On Madison (Dossier) 50%


    -Suave (Dismissive) All Options Give 0 Rep
    -Suave (Bluff) -1
    -I managed -8 Rep With Conrad After This
    -Madison (Handler) [Doubt It Makes A Difference To Whom You Choose]
    -Suitcase Downstairs Near Piano on Madison (Dossier) 75%
    -Suitcase In Secret Tunnel Right In Gardens On Conrad (Dossier) 83%
    [It Has Been Said That To Gain Access To The Secret Tunnel You Must Purchase The Map In The Clearinghouse Before You Start This Mission (To Be Safe By Everything Related To This Mission In The Clearinghouse)]

    Back To Safehouse

    -Did Warehouse Mission Next
    -Then Ruins Mission
    -Ruins - Next To Comm Array, Suitcase On Madison (Dossier) 100%
    -Romanced Madision " Check On Her" Rep With Her +4
    -Revealed Secret On Madison By Sleeping With Her (Secret Fact)

    It Is Not Necessary To Sleep With Madison To Get The Secret Fact Just Make Sure That You Have A Good Reputation With Her And She Will Tell You Before The Museum Mission -- Thanks To Daradarka

    -Before Going West/East Wing Go Through Locked Door, Secret On Conrad (Dossier) 100%
    -I Chose To Save Madison

    Ending Summary

    So Before Meeting Conrad For The Final Scene I Have The Following:

    -100% Dossier On Conrad
    -Conrads Secret Fact Is Not Available Before This (It Can Be Found Though At The End Game By Hacking A Computer Before The Interrogation Room That Scarlet Is In)
    -(-8) Reputation With Conrad
    -100% Dossier On Madison + Secret Fact On Madison (Doubt It Matters)

    Whichever Path You Choose Is Up To You Depending On What Other Achievements You're Going For. Although Choosing To Defuse The Bomb Gives An Additional -1 Rep
    (Choosing To Save Madison)

    *Before 1st Fight With Conrad

    -Suave (Contempt)

    *Before 2nd Fight With Conrad

    -Suave (Taunt)
    -Suave (Taunt)

    (Choosing To Defuse Bomb)

    *Before 1st Fight With Conrad

    -Suave (Contempt) -1 (You Get A +1 For Choosing To Defuse The Bomb)
    -Suave (Mocking)
    -Suave (Mocking) -1

    *Before 2nd Fight With Conrad

    -Suave (Taunt)
    -Suave (Taunt)

    Video Of What Is Suppose To Happen Is Provided By Kahdeksan And Not Me
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    doomedtolivegot it! might wanna add to the guide that if you do enough suave answers before talking to him the first time there will be a trigger phrase that he says in the start of the cafe meeting. He will mention that you are a person more prone to talking than taking action. If you dont get him to say this, Im pretty sure that you wont fight him the second time.
    Posted by doomedtolive on 12 Aug 10 at 03:45
    Kwokowski@ doomedtolive Okay will add to the guide as I haven't made it that clear. Thanks :o)
    Posted by Kwokowski on 12 Aug 10 at 12:51
    omegaliteI didnt have enough suave responses (thus I couldnt kill him) so I dashboarded and loaded last safehouse savegame, then I did taipei using all suave responses possible. It worked. When I went back to marburg, I got to kill him even though he didnt tell me "more prone to talking than taking action" (but the opposite) in the cafe meeting.
    Posted by omegalite on 20 Jan 11 at 13:43
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