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Grease Monkey in Dark Void

Grease Monkey101 (30)

Grease Monkey - Upgrade all weapons

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85,461 (50,757)
Achievement won on 17 Nov 13
TA Score for this game: 1,761
Posted on 23 January 10 at 13:23, Edited on 05 November 13 at 19:28
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NOTE: Check out Molly2006's solution for this achievement. He/She has a way around the glitch if you were unfortunate to get this glitch. Please give him/her (sorry, dunno if you're male of female hehe) a thumb up for posting their solution! Thanks to L0Straniero91 for bringing this to my attention. We write solutions to make it easier for others to acquire achievements and HOPEFULLY this will save some peeps a few headaches. Good luck and thank you Molly2006 and L0Straniero91!

Thanks for everyone's diligence in compiling info to help prevent others from getting this nasty, evil glitch. There's a lot of info in ALL solutions as well as comments in those solutions. I know it's a major pain, but do yourself a favor and read through them thoroughly (before starting the game preferably.) It may save you a major headache.

First let me ask that if you post a new solution on how you got around the glitch or just simply wanna post what worked for you, please send me a PM so I can tell people to go look at your solution for a possible remedy. I don't have the time to come back and check this solution all the time to see if anything new has been posted. So pleasepleaseplease let me know so I can direct some peeps to head your way and check your solution from this solution since mine is the one always exposed for now. It will get your solution more exposure and that's what we want.

I am trying to compile all the info I can about this glitch in my solution. So if you want info on the actual achievement, then scroll down to where it says, ***SOLUTION BEGINNING***. I want this info to be easily accessible and I don't want people to have to sift through pages upon pages of comments just to find something. So I am putting it all down in my solution and at the top of the page.

If you want to write your own solution on what has worked for you, then please do so. I will tell people in my solution to go check out yours as a possible fix for this aggravating glitch. We just need to get the info out there for people to see, it doesn't matter whose info it is, we just want to help each other out

Here's another update from AgileDuke. Maybe if you follow the steps he did you can avoid the headache many of us have gotten from this achievement:

"After reading this solution thread I was very worried, I decided to play through until chapter 2 part 4 without doing any upgrades at all. I did this on hardcore and it wasn't so bad. I grinder out the points for the upgrades and then purchased all upgrades from the upgrade box after the level starts. I did this while online and it popped as soon as I upgraded the jetpack."

Got another update for the solution. This one comes from STARWARZ and he received a reply directly from CAPCOM. CAPCOM goes into detail on what *might* remedy the problem:.


"I actually did get a reply. Here it is in full:


We are sorry to hear you are frustrated over this particular issue. Unfortunately there are no current plans to release a patch or update to the title, as the parties involved have moved on to other various projects. We have contacted multiple people who have worked on Dark Void, and even though there is not a true solution, we were provided a workaround to help with your inquiry. Again, we know it's not optimal, but it was the best we could for your inquiry, and about a franchise that does not have planned future support.

The only way to prevent this glitch from happening is to make your last upgrade at an in-game upgrade bench, as opposed to doing so at the pre-game mission upgrade screen. Unfortunately if you have encountered the glitch already, you will have to restart to try and unlock again. The absolute best level to grind for orbs would be Episode 2 Mission 4 by killing all the UFO's in the turrets placed around the level and once they're all destroyed, reload the level and do it again. We say it takes about an hour or so to get enough orbs you need to upgrade all weapons to receive the achievement. We hope this helps you in your endeavor, and we thank you for contacting Capcom Customer Support.
CAPCOM Customer Support


I was going to post this as a "solution" here but it's not really a solution... at least one that's not mentioned already. It would probably just get voted down. If enough people want it posted as a solution so it appears on the main page, PM me and I'll post it there.

In short - this will never be patched. I guess I'm gonna have to replay the whole game and grind again... one day... maybe..."

Again: Check out Molly2006's solution for this achievement. He/She has a way around the glitch if you were unfortunate to get this glitch. Please give him/her (sorry, dunno if you're male of female hehe) a thumb up for posting their solution! Thanks to L0Straniero91 for bringing this to my attention. We write solutions to make it easier for others to acquire achievements and HOPEFULLY this will save some peeps a few headaches. Good luck and thank you Molly2006 and L0Straniero91!


I don't have this achievement yet and likely won't for some time, but I have finished the game and figured I'd pass on some info.

The total amount of Tech Points (currency in Dark Void) I found on a Hardcore Mode run was around 50k. The total cost I have left to upgrade weapons + jetpack is about 90k (I'm not sure if your jetpack has to be upgraded to get this achievement or not; if not then I have 75k left).

So this achievement will take some grinding. I have found a nice spot to farm credits and figured I'd share it with people.

Episode II, Chapter IV - Breaking Camp.

Go to the episode select after you select "Play Game." Select "Episode II" and then "Chapter 4 - Breaking Camp." Select Casual difficulty, skip the cutscene and jump into one of the Ark's AA guns. Shoot down all the UFOs and Knights for 100 tech Points per kill. You don't even have to chase them down as the red balls o' Tech Points will automatically come to you.

Once you finish them all off, a Watcher dropship will drop off ground forces. If you don't have https://www.trueachievements.com/a41533/bird-of-prey-ac....htm yet, fly through the camp and waste the ground forces (took me running this chapter twice to get this achievement). If you do have the achievement, drop to the ground and waste everything to speed up the process. There will be two or three dropships then the next part will start).

Now, Tesla will tell you to go to his work shop. Don't go. Instead, head to the Ark's AA guns again and shoot down all the UFOs again. There will be more this time.

By doing this, I made 6k in less than 10 minutes. Remember to set to Casual and to skip cutscenes. I play this chapter until I shoot the docking clamps with my jetpack's guns (or you can use AA guns for all except one I think - you may be able to reach the last one if you switch AA guns). The reason why is because this is where the next checkpoint is (though I don't think waiting to a checkpoint is necessary to retain your Tech Points).

Good luck and feel free to post other good Tech Point farming spots.


EDIT: Grimmr74 has confirmed you have to upgrade the jetpack as well. I can't tell because this stupid achievement just glitched on me...

EDIT #2: More info on tech points and what may be the glitch problem by The Nerevarine:

"I'd note that you can quit at any time and it will save your tech points, you don't need to get to a checkpoint.. I just killed the UFOs and before even leaving the AA gun would just restart the chapter.

I got the achievement fine. I only applied one upgrade before having 120k in points to do them all at once. It made the campaign a little harder but I got the achievement, and this may have had an effect. Note that the gun unlocks store on your gamertag, so the problem with the glitch is likely a result of networking, or perhaps has something to do with where your gamertag is stored locally. I'd be curious to know if the people with the achievement glitch had their game save and gamertag on different devices or something."

EDIT #3: Here's some useful info about the glitch from PeetalusX.

"I just got the glitch.
Upgraded last upgrade through in game storage box.
Most of my upgrades were done on the pre-mission screen.
My GamerTag was on a memory disk.
And like others say, it's locked to your gamertag, so it's impossible to delete your progress and start again.

I recommend anyone caught by this glitch go here:
Make a post on their wall asking for the fix to this glitch. They appear to be reading their posts, so it's a good plan to swamp them with as many requests as possible."

EDIT #4: Here's something else to try if this achievement has glitched on you. Thanks to L0Straniero91 for letting us know about it! BTW, if anyone gets any of these to work, please let us know so I can post it int the solution and we can save some peeps a headache. Thanks!

"I have this game on PS3 and if you glitch the trophy you can just delete the "PROFILE DATA" from the save game utility. Though the Xbox 360 version keeps this save inside your gamertag so it can't be deleted. But for those who glitched this one should try the USB method that is working for a lot of games including Army of Two: TFD and Sniper: Ghost Warrior. It's worth a try..."

EDIT #5: Just got a PM from Nuffzx who has confirmed that this glitch can be obtained by using the Army of Two method. I'm about to go to work, but I'll research on how to do this exactly and post it in the solution. More confirmation on this would be very nice, so let us know!

EDIT #6: Here's another possible solution for this glitch from Case Dang It:

"I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in here, I just got the achievement and I did a lot of the stuff you're not supposed to do, mixed with things that may work. When I got the game and started it a year ago, I upgraded a gun right off the bat to get the achievement. After reading that upgrading can suck I never upgraded again....until I got 90K, which for some reason, I mixed up things I read and thought that's how many points ya need to upgrade everything. Derr, it's really around 140-150K, but whatever. So I went on my happy upgrade spree and ran out of points, and then had a few guns left that I only halfway upgraded. So I got irked and went another few weeks without touching the game. ANYWAY, so finally a few days ago I decided to sit down and grind out the rest of the points, but for some reason or another I had cleared the system cache days prior to doing this, so when this game asked me if I wanted to update, I declined it and played offline throughout the rest of my grinding tenure. Minus my first upgrade being on the first level in some weapons crate, I did all the rest of my upgrading from the same weapons crate at the beginning of Breaking Camp. Upon my last upgrade, on a weapon that I had at a level 2 for a while it popped and I leapt up in the air while yelling profanities and waking my girlfriend. Um, I would have this game complete now (minus DLC) except the game DID glitch on another achievement, Ultimate Bad Ass. I beat the game on hard and never got this. So to summarize, I upgraded things at random times, I played online, but played off during my final upgrades. I only used the crates to upgrade from. Even over the course of the last year I had moved my Gamertag to a memory card and at some point, back to the xbox harddrive."

If peeps are still having issues, try out this method from the start and it may save you a huge headache.

EDIT #sideways8: I just moved the info about Molly's solution to the top to make sure peeps see it as it is very important info. Be sure to thumb up Molly2006 please. Thank you.
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