Flatten and Reinstall achievement in Blacklight: Tango Down

Flatten and Reinstall

Kill 25 opponents in quick match games while they are EMPed!

Flatten and Reinstall+0.2
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How to unlock the Flatten and Reinstall achievement

  • xLoCk 0nxxLoCk 0nx346,646
    10 Jul 2010 10 Jul 2010 11 Jul 2010
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    This achievement requires you to stun your opponent with an EMP grenade and then kill him any way you like while he is still stunned. Ensure you have the EMP grenade selected in your loadout - the symbol is a lightning bolt.

    By far the easiest way to get this legitimately is to play on Domination mode. Simply wait until an opponent starts hacking one of your control points, then throw an EMP grenade to stun him and a frag grenade to kill him. Rinse and repeat and you will eventually unlock this achievement.

    It is also worthwhile becomming familiar with the locations of the ammo crates on each map so that you can reload your grenades over and over.

    This method can also be used to earn the Opportunist achievement - simply do the same thing but with Digi grenades instead of EMP grenades.

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    Sora401KI've been wondering about this one.

    The damage done by the explosion of an EMP can kill your opponent.

    If the EMP is what kills him does it count? Or must they live through the initial EMP blast?
    Posted by Sora401K on 10 Jul 10 at 19:17
    xLoCk 0nxI'm not sure, it's hard to tell because I did that several times myself. I'm guessing it would because the EMP grenade can't really kill them without stunning them at the same time, but this is something that could be tested.
    Posted by xLoCk 0nx on 10 Jul 10 at 21:11
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  • Riispawn NationRiispawn Nation63,874
    03 Feb 2012 06 Feb 2012
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    Providing an update solution/warning for this achievement.

    The Domination game mode online is pretty much completely dead at this point. I can guarantee that you won't be able to get a game started without spamming invites to all of your recent players or get people from TA to boost with you, and even then it's a long shot.

    This means that you will have to either obtain this legit in TDMs (the only game mode that people still play on Blacklight at this point), or find people on TA (or randoms online) to boost with you, which is also surprisingly hard since not many people on TA are still willing to go back to this game and randoms aren't always too cooperative.

    Just a warning to anyone who might still be thinking about getting this game.

    For people that still need help with this achievement, send me a PM via here or XBL and I will definitely try and help you out.
  • Vestri SatorVestri Sator867,772
    15 Jul 2010 15 Jul 2010
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    Exactly what xLoCk 0nx said above. I will add that it really is not as daunting of a task as it may seem. I thought I would have to boost this to be honest, but the best place to get it is playing Domination. For those who don't know, Domination is a gametype in which you capture 3 separate points, most caps wins. So just chuck a EMP, then almost directly after throw your nade at the capture point. Try to do it when you see someone there, but I would throw them anyway, at the far off ones that I couldn't really tell and would get some every now and then. Just play threw Domination, and it'll come with time.
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    CurtiesonAdd this as a comment to his solution...not a new solution
    Posted by Curtieson on 17 Sep 10 at 17:49
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