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Achieve the rank of Brigadier General. Hats off to you!

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How to unlock the General achievement

  • Sora401KSora401K95,522
    18 Feb 2011 13 Jul 2010
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    You should unlock this upon reaching rank 62.

    Rank 62 is 660000xp.

    To put that in perspective:
    Thats 6600 kills in Team Deathmatch, not counting any headshots.

    Yes this could take awhile, but it isn't too bad. I hit 40 in less than a week by playing for about 2-3 hours every evening.

    Some leveling tips from my other solution:
    If you want to level faster, and you don't care what you play, I have noticed several things.

    Team Deathmatch gets you 100xp per kill, and 25xp extra per headshot.
    Last Team Standing gives (if I remember correctly) 150xp per kill, and 50xp per headshot.

    These two seem to give the most xp for your kills, but thats because killing is the goal of those gametypes.

    I am fairly certain you get xp for canister captures and CP hacks, etc. But if you just want to kill your way to the top, then try to focus on those modes.

    Another way to level faster is to obtain awards.Theres Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You can guess which gives the most xp, Bronze being the least, Silver the middle, and Gold the highest.

    Each award has all 3 levels of Bronze, Silver, and Gold. When each milestone is reached xp is given, as well as the occasional Weapon Tag.

    Some easier to work for awards are (Please note that I will list the stats I can see from what awards I have gotten. Some I already have Gold on, meaning I can only tell you the Gold standard, as it no longer shows the goal for Silver/Bronze. Others I haven't yet obtained any medal on, meaning I can only tell you the Bronze. If anyone can contribute extra info please message me with the standards, or comment with them below. Some stats are from memory, and may be off. Please help me to correct them if that is the case):

    BODY COUNT: Kills
    Get 500 Kills for a Silver Award.
    Get 1500 Kills for a Gold Award.

    HEADHUNTER: Headshots
    Get 10 Headshots for the Bronze Award
    Get 50 Headshots for the Silver Award
    Get 250 Headshots for a Gold Award

    DREAM TEAM: Team Wins
    Win 25 Matches of a team-based gametype for the Bronze Award
    Win 100 matches of a team-based gametype for the Silver Award
    Win 250 matches of a team-based gametype for the Gold Award

    1000 YARD STARE: Time Played
    Play 21600 Seconds for the Bronze Award
    Play for 86400 Seconds (24 Hours total) for the Gold Award

    Get 5 Double Kills for the Bronze Award
    Get 150 Double Kills for the Gold Award

    LEADER OF THE PACK: Kills in Team Deathmatch
    Kill 50 Enemies for Silver Award
    Kill 250 Enemies for the Gold Award

    TEA PARTY: Want some Tea?
    Teabag 1 fallen enemy for the Bronze Award
    Teabag 50 fallen enemies for the Silver Award
    Teabag 100 fallen enemies for the Gold Award

    Yes, this game DOES reward teabaggers. I know that some will have a problem with it, but if you want to level faster it helps.

    Thats all for now, if you want to see the rest you can check your Awards and their status of completion in the Field Locker, which is found right under Armory on the main menu.
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  • JayourJayour1,055,881
    05 Sep 2011 03 Jun 2011 04 Jun 2011
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    For this achievement you'll need to reach level 62 which will require 660,000 experience. There's no quick way of reaching level 62, you'll need to invest a lot of time and patience into this achievement even if you're boosting.

    How you decide to play is entirely up to you but seen as the online modes to this game are nearly dead I recommend that you consider boosting for the experience.

    To boost you'll need a minimum of 6 players as the lobby won't let you start up a game until you have that number of players. There's no way of playing in a private lobby and so when boosting it's more than likely that a few random gamers will find your lobby and disrupt your boosting party. It's best to try and explain to them that you're only boosting and ask them to leave, if they refuse to leave then switch game modes for a little while to try and get rid of them. It's also a good idea to set yourself to appear offline while boosting as this will prevent any of the random gamers from going to their "Recent Players" list and clicking to "Join game in progress" from your profile.

    Now, as for the actual boosting methods. The most efficient way to boost this in a group of 6 people is to play "Domination". In this game type you're tasked with hacking each of the maps control points and holding on to them to win. Now each map (bar one of them) has 3 control points in it, which makes this method ideal because no-one will have to sit around and wait for their turn.

    Domination Boosting:
    In the game lobby have 3 players set their clan title to "ONE" and the remaining 3 players set their clan title to "TWO". The names aren't important and feel free to change them to whatever you like, but they're cap-sensitive so make sure each "clan" has exactly the same tag. The reason we're doing this is because the game will recognise the clan tags and always group you together with your clan.

    When the game starts each of you need to head to a control point each. Once you're at the control point there should be 1 player from each clan, if there are 2 members of the same clan there then 1 of them needs to move on and find their own control point.

    Now the next step is down to your preference. You can choose to simply hack the control point backwards and forwards. This will net you 100xp every 20 seconds or so or you can add in kill patterns by playing like this:

    Clan ONE player hacks the control point, Clan TWO player kills him and then hacks the control point. By this time Clan ONE member will have respawned and made their way back to the control point. They then kill the Clan TWO player and hack the control point.

    Repeat that process through the game and you'll receive a lot more experience. 100xp every time you hack the control point, 50xp for every kill you get and an additional 10xp if you kill with a headshot. Using this method it's easy to get 17 rotations for every player and that will work out as close to 3000xp per game without taking into consideration end game bonus experience.

    An important part of this method is always using the same control point throughout that match. For the entirety of a match you only hack the one control point, working on Hack the Gibson in Blacklight: Tango Down drastically reduces efficiency and you'll end up with much less experience per game.

    Now, while this method of boosting is great there are 2 maps it doesn't work on, here's why:

    Slum Lord: This map only has a single control point. When it comes up it's a good idea to let every hack it in turns toward their Hack the Gibson in Blacklight: Tango Down and from their just pair up and take turns killing each other. You can quit out and lobby up again, but that's down to you.

    Derailer: Now this map does have 3 control points but 2 of them are stationed on the middle of the subway tracks each side of the map and to make things worse, the map is very long. There's some easy workarounds to continue your boosting on this map. You can either pair up as usual and carefully hack the control points on the subway tracks, not killing each other to prevent the long run back to the control point or you can meet up at a agreed area of the map and just trade off kills.

    Alternatively there's an interesting exploit that awards you experience to team killing. Have your team member jump up on the side of the bridge (right at your spawn) and shoot at them, while shooting at them have them walk off the bridge and as they die you'll be rewarded as if you just killed an enemy. If you plan on doing this I advise you at least rotate it every 10 kills allowing each player to get a "Godlike" streak and the bonus experience that comes along with it. Both team members will be able to get 20 kills using this method once they know what they're doing and this will result in up to 4000xp for the game.

    You can also do this in "Team Deathmatch" mode with a friend, use the exact same method when "Derailer" comes up. Bear in mind that this will likely annoy any legit team mates you have and may also result in the opposing team quitting the match out of frustration, if they do quit the match will end early but you'll be rewarded all the experience you earned up until that point.

    Here's a list of maps the "Team Kill" method works on and where to do them:
    Derailer: Use the side of the bridge inside your spawn point. One player shoots and the other walks off the side of the bridge.
    Sky Fire: Use one of the railings close to your spawn point. Once player shoots and the other walks off the building.
    Wharfare: Use the edge of the map close to or inside your spawn. One player shoots and the other walks off the side, into the water.
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