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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

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Chinese Waltz

Kill 5 enemies without losing your human shield.

Chinese Waltz0
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Achievement Guide for Chinese Waltz

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    This achievement can be done in the level "Blood and Sweats".
    To grab enemies as human shields run towards them you can be infront or behind them and press B.
  • AnnieGoesRawrAnnieGoesRawr259,242
    06 Oct 2010 06 Oct 2010
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    This one is a little more difficult than you would think. Mostly because when you attempt to run directly up to an enemy to grab them, even on easy mode, they will still kill you almost instantly.

    I got this achievement on chapter 2 with the difficulty set to easy. Once you are ambushed, you will see a man off to your righthand side taking cover behind a gray van. Run to the right side of the van, going behind the man, and press b. Once you have him, try to stay to the right side of the street and stay behind cars. Also use ammo conservatively because you only have 30 bullets in a gun. That's about 6 bullets a person, try not to shoot at anyone too far away and waste ammo.
  • CASS190684CASS190684234,666
    03 Jul 2011 08 Jul 2011
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    Another place you could get this is at the beginning of A Thousand Cuts. There are exactly 6 enemies in the first area so it works out perfectly. Easy difficulty works best.

    When you make your way to the bus park area, you will have to jump down and take the nearest enemy hostage anyway, so once you've grabbed him start walking backwards a little for some extra cover next to the bus and then 4 guys should come at you from the front. Try for headshots to make lighter work of it and also to use less ammo. Sometimes one of the enemies may try and come around the back of the bus, so just be aware of that, but on easy you really shouldn't have too much trouble.
    Then once you've killed all 4, if you make your way forwards to the next door there will be one last guy patrolling back and forth along the way, so just sneak up fairly close to him and take him out too. This shouldn't be hard at all and once done you will have your achievement!
  • mongrominetmongrominet505,414
    02 Apr 2013 23 Jul 2015
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