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Law Enforcer

Win as the Undercover Cop by killing all criminals yourself (Ranked Match).

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How to unlock the Law Enforcer achievement

  • OwlowisciousOwlowiscious47,033
    12 Sep 2010 13 Sep 2010 13 Sep 2010
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    This achievement isn't as hard as some people make it out to be. Honestly, the real difficulty lies in making sure NPC cops don't steal your kills, and a degree of luck if somebody decides to go traitor.

    The trick is to kill the people as fast as possible. Once the level is in progress, people are separated, and there's a chance that while you're finishing one robber off, another will make it to the getaway vehicle. Even in the beginning round, when nobody has any money to buy weapons with, you can easily kill somebody with the starting SMG. Just aim for the feet, so that when the person goes "Down Not Dead", no wasted bullets go in the air. If you fail to kill them with the first clip, don't reload, just switch to your pistol and pump them full of lead. It's faster, and you can reload afterward. Just repeat this process with each person, and you can get the majority of the group killed before they leave the loot area.

    But what weapons are the best, if you don't draw the cop on the first round?

    The first trick is: If you want this achievement, always buy weapons assuming that you'll be the cop. It might not outfit you perfectly for the actual level, but you weren't trying to get to the end anyway, were you?

    The weapons you want are (depending on rank): The Kalingrad 74 (I believe you start out with it, correct me if I'm wrong). It's a good short-to-mid range weapon, and that's the range you'll be poppin' perps at. The Gras 12 (Unlocked at Rank 3, I believe) is probably the best shotgun in the game, because unlike most of the shotguns, it has an 8 shot clip, but a similar fire rate. However, the other shotguns can be used to effect. The Wasteland Hawk (Rank 3, again) is a brilliant pistol, and a three-shot spread to the chest will knock most people to the ground, to be finished easily. It's only $30,000, so if you came out of a round poorly, it can round off your setup nicely. Stay away from the snipers. At long range, human players still take three sniper shots to down, and another one or two (depending on placement) to kill. At that distance, you're bound to miss one shot, and the reload delay means you'll be outed quickly.

    If I got any details wrong (such as shots to kill/down, or unlock ranks), please clarify in the comments. Also, if you've noticed any guns that work well, please tell me, so I can try them myself/add them.

    EDIT: Also, a quick note: Remember that if you're the Undercover Cop, you ARE a cop. That means all NPC cops/goons are on your side and won't shoot you. And if you shoot them, it marks you as an undercover cop, and even if you manage to kill all of the other players, you still technically failed your mission, and can't get the achievement. (No, it doesn't make sense that the "goons" are on your side. But they are.) This makes the "Financial" map one of the harder maps to do this on, as the loot is carried by goons in the beginning, and you'll look suspicious not shooting at the start. However, I have completed the details of this achievement on every (non-DLC) map, so I feel that this guide is adequate.
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  • CounterInsurgntCounterInsurgnt435,106
    23 Aug 2010 24 Aug 2010 24 Aug 2010
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    try to host a undercover cop game yourself, this can be done by trying to join someones game and failing to connect or leaving a game and trying to reconnect again. When you get host you will know because your name will be the only one in the room.

    You want to get host because sadly so many people quit when their feelings get hurt after you own them. If they quit it will not count

    Ok so you got host, now as soon as two OTHER players join start hitting the a button over and over so that when a THIRD joins you will force start the game. Your odds at getting selected as the undercover cop are very good, you should get it two out of four times.

    Now if you are the undercover cop a star will be near your name at the upper left corner of the screen and it will also prompt you at the start of the round.

    At this point I suggest allowing Players to start looting the cash as this is the best time to kill them. Simply aim for the head and drop one player, now try to move around a bit, I wouldnt take cover just try to run and kill the next guy, then the last guy. YOU MUST KILL ALL THREE PLAYERS YOURSELF! this means if one dies by a enemy AI you will not get this achievement.

    If you dont get undercover cop on round 1 try to get enough money to buy better weapons for later rounds.

    WARNING: THIS ACHIEVEMENT IS BUGGY! I killed all players three times and it didnt pop for me, the forth time it did. My thoughts are this, select FINANCIAL map and allow players to loot before killing them, I think maybe allowing them to touch the money helps unlock it and in financial the money is at the start. The three times before when I killed everyone they either didnt loot or it was a different map.

    Good luck, this is a tough one anyway you look at it. But this did work for me the way described.
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    xxBigBoss87xxI've done it about 10 legit times and 10 boosting times.......nothing
    Posted by xxBigBoss87xx on 05 Mar 11 at 05:11
    JAH herbIt took me 6 tries for the achievement to finally unlock.
    Posted by JAH herb on 31 Mar 11 at 13:42
    IstIngilizIn case it helps anyone else. Just did this on Airport.

    Stay in the garage you spawn in. One person goes outside and kills an NPC cop to commit a crime. Then the undercover cop kills the other players before any NPC cops come to the garage and kills them. No one must become a traitor. Achievement popped at the end round, doesn't matter if it's the first round or the last.
    Posted by IstIngiliz on 27 Oct 13 at 08:25
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