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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

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There's An I In Traitor

Become Scum in a Multiplayer mode (Ranked Match).

There's An I In Traitor0
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  • CounterInsurgntCounterInsurgnt421,119
    23 Aug 2010 24 Aug 2010 24 Aug 2010
    16 9 7
    this is a very easy achievement, I would suggest reading my guide for the
    "putting on the ritz" achievement first though.

    Ok here is what you do, at the start of the game as soon as players start getting the loot, walk up behind anyone and press b to grab them as a shield. This will make you and instant traitor! You DO NOT want to try to shoot them first as you may miss or not kill them and you will get a yellow card and they can then kill you.

    Now after you grab them and turn traitor try to finish them off and anyone else you can kill.

    The goal is to become a traitor as soon as the looting starts as this is the fastest way to become scum.

    Good luck, should only take a few matches to get this done, just do it every round.
  • Sir LumboSir Lumbo329,816
    22 May 2012 22 May 2012 22 May 2012
    7 1 0
    The amount of stuff you do as a traitor does not matter - what counts is the fact that you become a traitor.

    For example, you can kill 7 of your team mates in one round and escape as a traitor. However, this brings you just as closer to Scum as becoming a traitor against one team mate.

    So what I am saying is - traitor is traitor - doing more things that count as traitor does not make a difference.

    If anyone is still boosting this game, the quickest way to do it is:

    1. Load up a match on Airport on Undercover cop
    2. Ignore the cash, head straight to the roof (make sure to kill at least 1 NPC)
    3. Every player grab everyone else as a human shield with the B button
    4. Everyone become traitor and escape alive

    Grabbing a team mate makes you a traitor but does not kill your team mate. This way, your rank drops and everyone can do it quickly. Will take 4/5 matches using this method for everyone to get it if starting from Saint.
  • evilqpaevilqpa229,723
    13 Dec 2013 14 Dec 2013
    4 0 0
    All the cheevos in this game are fairly easy but can get confusing, so I'm going to beak it down for you, stet by step.

    1. You need at least 4 people to ges the session starting.
    2. Load up Subway, probably the best map for all the online stuff.
    3. Run straight to the vault, thake out all the security guards.
    4. Gather up all your fellow robbers in the center of the vault.
    5. One of the robbers grabs the nearest one from behind (press B), this will give him the "traitor status" then release him (by pressing B again) then KILL'em where they stand:)
    6. That's it folks. Simply switch players once the round is over, rinse and repeat until it pops.

    The cheevo pops once you've completed the whole set, not the single round.
    Ignore the loot, it doesn't matter wether you escape with it or not, just kill your felow robbers.
    One more thing, once you get killed by the traitor you respawn as one of the cops. DO NOT move, or do anything once you respawn, let the bots do the killing.

    Four people can go from Saint to Scum under 2 hours, and grab a few more achievements on the way if it's done this way.

    BTW thanks to Avarat, xGhostFaceKilax and Cloud 995 for helping me with this one.
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