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Surpass Hephaestus in Clash of the Titans

Surpass Hephaestus335 (50)

Completely reinforce all Sub Weapons.

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Achievement Guide for Surpass Hephaestus

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Clash of the TitansSurpass HephaestusThe Surpass Hephaestus achievement in Clash of the Titans worth 335 pointsCompletely reinforce all Sub Weapons.

For this achievement you must completely reinforce every sub weapon in Clash of the Titans. There are a total of 91 sub weapons in the game, each represented in an arsenal of 11 different categories. This should be one of the later achievements you attempt in the game since you can complete the Main Quests, Challenge Mode, and S-Ranks beforehand, which work toward this achievement enormously.

There is a slight aspect of RNG (random number generation) to this achievement, when obtaining the gifts necessary to reinforce everything; but you’ll be able to manipulate it by re-spawning enemies, re-entering Quest sections, and following this guide. If you haven’t noticed, in order to fully reinforce a sub weapon, you have to accumulate multiple gifts and points from the exact same enemy that you originally seized said sub weapon from.

Sub-Weapon Seizing & Axe of Themis
Primarily, always make it a habit to Sub-Weapon seize [LB] every single enemy in the game when playing Story Mode, Challenges, and obtaining S-Ranks. This alone will reduce the amount of farming you will need to do toward the end to fully reinforce all 91 sub weapons. Minor enemies such as skeletons and killer frogs cannot be seized.

Before starting this achievement, it is highly recommended that you obtain the Axe of Themis and fully reinforce its ability set so that you can automatically receive perfect weapon seizes without having to press anything during the quick-time events. This will increase the amount of gifts and seize points that you obtain from enemies making this achievement and Challenge Mode itself, quite trivial. The axe can be obtained by gathering 98% of the game's weapons. See the link below if you still don’t have the Axe yet. You can use this guide to find the gifts necessary to reinforce it.

Essentially every enemy and gift drop can be tracked within the in-game menus. To access them, press start, scroll over to "Help" and select "Enemy Records". When navigating this menu, you can press [Right] or [Left] on the d-pad to see what enemies drop when you defeat them and the Quest they appear in. Remember, for some of the more powerful enemies, they will not always drop the gifts listed. Gift drops are random as well as the number of each gift they drop. This is why you will be entering and exiting areas repeatedly in order to farm the ones you need. Also, it is important to always perfectly time the sub-weapon seize on the enemy as this increases the amount of rare gift drops. Excellent manual timing or a fully reinforced Axe of Themis will make this easy for you (it must be equipped before pressing LB for weapon seize to reap effects).

Note: Once you have obtained your gift or items they are automatically saved to your inventory. You do not need to complete the Quest to keep them. After you have what you need, simply quit out of the stage by hitting start, scrolling over to "Quest" and selecting "Resign Quest" to return to the Realm of the Gods.

Farming Gifts and Seize Points
When farming gifts and seize points, simply defeat the enemies with sub-weapon seize, leave the area, and then return to repeat the process. Occasionally for some Quests, you may have to sit through a load screen in order for the enemies to re-spawn, but other than that you can simply walk a great distance away then return and they will re-spawn. Repeat until you have all the items you need.

Once you have completed the Main Quests along with the majority of the S-Ranks, you should nearly have enough seize-points to reinforce all weapons. You can mainly focus on getting the gifts needed to upgrade everything at that point.

However if you’re still low on seize points for certain sub weapons you can use this guide to find efficient areas to farm for those points to reinforce all items. You’ll want to amass anywhere from 1500 to 3000 seize points max depending on the weapon category; this should take less than an hour per category using the farming areas listed below. That will be enough to reinforce everything point-wise. In the end, the amounts of sub weapon seize points you end up needing ultimately depends on your play style and approach throughout the game.

Reinforcing Sub-Weapons
To reinforce a sub weapon press start, go to “Sub Weapon” and select a weapon. Press A and select “Reinforce”. When finding components to reinforce you will see a side box that says “Necessary Materials”. Follow this box of information when searching for the required gifts to fully upgrade a weapon. Remember that you’ll need a large amount of seize points as well in order to reinforce everything. Once you have fully reinforced a sub weapon an icon of a flashing gold crown will appear next to its name signifying that it is full upgraded. See the guide further below on areas to farm seize points for each weapon category.

Dark Enemies
A Dark enemy is a rare enemy type that randomly spawns in specific areas of the game (mainly free-roam Challenge quests). They are quite distinct amongst enemy groups since they are completely black and emit a purplish pink aura. There are a total of 14 Dark enemies in the entire game. Be careful when facing them as they are much more powerful and tougher than their regular counterparts. Avoid accidentally killing them before they reach change condition (flashing orange); you don’t want to have to repeatedly re-enter an area again due to accidentally killing them before seizing.

They also drop rare gifts and sub-weapons that you will need for 100% completion. Therefore, make sure you perfectly sub weapon seize them to get as many items as possible each time they spawn. Remember that you can usually find these enemies in spawn areas of their same type of respective enemy. For example, the Dark Centaur will randomly spawn with the two Centaurs that appear at a dead end in Norn Mountain. Whichever missing sub-weapons or gifts you don’t yet have are likely from these Dark type enemies. You’ll be farming items from these enemies heavily for this achievement. Please be patient when getting them to appear. This guide will list every Dark Enemy location in the game.

Gift Location Guide
Gifts are glowing orb-like, reward items that you use to reinforce weapons in the game. They are obtained by performing sub-weapon [LB] seizes on enemies that have entered change condition (flashing orange). To access them, press start, and scroll over twice to the “Gifts” tab. Each gift has its own category and rarity based on star ranks (three stars is the rarest). Only the rare 3 star gifts (in red letters) will be listed in this guide; the other gifts you should have plenty of upon completing the Main Quests, S-Ranks, and Challenge Mode. For a complete location list of every gift in the game see the link below:

It is suggested to farm around 15+ of each rare gift so that you won’t have to return to the Quest ever again to farm more. Also, by destroying enemies’ parts and protective gear, you can occasionally acquire gift items different from what you’d have obtained from a sub weapon seize. Take the Desert Rowdy Quest for example; in order to get the Thunderhorn of Conquest gift, you have to destroy the Chimera Boss’ horns with a Hammer attack for it to drop the gift. It cannot be weapon seized. The Flame Core weapon will also be necessary in order to get specific undead enemies and Sirens into change condition to seize their gifts.

For this guide, the rare gift will appear along with the enemy it drops from in parenthesis (rare weapons may also be listed). Skim this guide as a reference for certain gifts you may need. This is more convenient than repeatedly going in and out of the Help Menu to find what you need. Each Gift and Farming location will be categorized based on Challenge Quests:

[Mount of Idols]
The Mount of Idols is a wild, green place with abundant water near where Perseus grew up. This map should be familiar as it is where the initial Quests of story mode take place. You’ll mainly be using this Quest to farm Siren-related items and gifts. You can also farm Harp weapon seize points here on the Sirens that spawn.

- Water Nymph’s Azure Silk (Dark Siren)
The Dark Siren can exclusively be found at the top of Mount of Idols. Being a Dark Enemy, she is a random spawn. From the start take the right path, go through the wooden gate on the left and climb up past all the Skeleton enemies until you get to a watery area with 3 Sirens. It is the same area where Perseus found dead soldiers at the beginning of Story Mode. She will randomly spawn here. Simply drop down and climb back up until she appears. Use a Flame Core attack to put her into change condition for sub weapon seize.

- Piscium Harp (Siren)
Follow the directions above to find Sirens that drop Piscium Harps when seized. You have to inflict a Flame Core damage attack on a Siren in order for them to enter change condition for a sub-weapon seize. This Harp is instrumental in completing the game as when accompanied by the Axe of Themis can flat out decimate opponents. Feel free to farm Harp points here for reinforcement if needed.
- Harp Seize Points (Siren)

[Streets of Argos]
The streets of a kingdom that rebelled against the Gods. It faces the sea and is the center of maritime shipping. There aren’t too many rare gifts on this Quest but you can farm Bow, Axe, and Hammer points here if needed here.

- Hammer and Axe Seize Points
Skeleton Warrior enemies yielding Bows, Hammers, and Axes just straight ahead from where you start the Quest. After defeating the statue enemies just head straight to find this area.

- Bow Seize Points
Each Skeleton Archer drops 50 points spawn when seized, totaling 100 points per spawn.

[Miasmic Swamp]
Miasmic Swamp is famous for the appearance of the Death and Killer frog enemies. This is a simple map to learn and memorize. You will likely already be familiar with it after clearing most of Story or Challenge Mode. This map is ideal for farming Vampiric Fangs and Hellhound Fangs for reinforcing sub-weapons. Be sure to farm enough of them to reinforce all weapons so that you don’t need to return again.

- Vampiric Fang of Keres (Dark Spirit)
From the start, take two lefts. After you pass the second broken white pillar take a left and you’ll cross a bridge. Three Lost Spirit enemies will spawn in the subsequent area. If you don’t see a dark purple version of the enemy with them, you can simply jump down the rock steps if it doesn’t spawn and jump back up there until it appears. Use your Flame Core to set up a weapon seize easily.

- Barrier Core Points (Dark Spirit)
You can farm 200 seize points here per spawn. Even more if the Dark Spirit appears. Use Flame Core for easy change condition.

- Healing Core Points (Lost Spirit)
While farming Vampiric Fangs you can also procure 50 Healing Core points per spawn. This is a great place to farm them, as it is so easy to re-spawn the enemies.

- Hellhound Fang (Dark Hellhound)
The Dark Hellhound is a random spawn at the end of the map where the Mating Season challenge takes place. It will spawn along with two other Lost Spirits, Hellhounds and Death Frogs. Repeatedly enter/exit until it appears along with its Hellhound brethren.

- Flame Core Points
The two Hellhounds that spawn in the area mentioned above give you 120 points per spawn. Farm them here if needed.

[Desert of the Djinn]
This is a great desert of rocks and sand, home of the Djinn Tribe. This map is abundant in Satyros and Savage goat enemies. These goat enemies carry all sorts of sub-weapons which makes it an ideal Quest to farm Hammer, Sword, and Axe sub-weapon seize points.

- Hardened Skin (Dark Sidewinder)
From the start take the right path into the small cave. This will take you to an open area where 2 sand worms spawn. If you’re lucky, a dark version of the sand worms called a Dark Sidewinder will spawn. Lower its health and use sub-weapon seize on it for Hardened Skin.

- Healing Core Points (Sidewinder)
Same area where the Dark Sidewinder spawns you can farm Healing Core points from the regular Sidewinder worm enemies. Around 80 total points per spawn can be obtained.

- Hammer Seize Points (Savage Warrior)
In the same exact area mentioned above you can farm 240 hammer points per spawn by seizing the two goat Savage Warriors enemies. Wait for them to strike; their hammer will get stuck in the ground opening them up for an easy weapon seize. Afterward head into the cave straight ahead and do the same to the 2 hammer goats that spawn below. Return to the previous area and repeat.

- Divine Black Horn (Dark Savage)
The Dark Savage is a shadowy black and pink goat enemy that wields a sword and feathery shield. It randomly spawns in the spacious area not far from where the Dark Sidewinder spawns. From the start take the right path into the small cave. Next, take the cave that is straight ahead. From there, drop down and take the cave on the right. It should spawn out in this area where four other goat enemies spawn (middle area).

- Axe Seize Points
In the exact area mentioned above 2 Axe-yielding goat enemies will spawn. You can farm 240 Axe seize points per entry.

- Bow Seize Points
If you head straight into the cave ahead after entering the area where the Dark Sidewinder spawns you’ll come to another area. There will be two goat enemies with Bows on the edge of a cliff below you. Seizing them both will grant you 80 points per spawn.

[Norn Mountain]
Norn Mountain is a place of deep mists where witches are said to live. You won’t be frequenting this Quest much outside of the Main Quests and Challenges. This Quest is home to the Centaur and Eye of Decay enemies. You can also farm Dual Sword and Healing Core points here.

- Dual Sword Seize Points
From the very start of the Quest walk straight; you will come to three Centaur enemies. Wait for them to charge at you for an easy seize opportunity. Seizing all of them will net you 360 seize points each visit. Simply leave and then return afterward and repeat. This is one of the best places in the game to farm dual sword points.

- Heretic Fur (Dark Centaur)
The Dark Centaur can be found at a dead end area of the map along with 2 other Centaurs, a Succubus, and a Sightless enemy. From the start head straight until you get to an intersection then take the right path. This will lead to the dead end where it spawns. No need to attack him; just wait for him to charge at you then hit LB to seize him. It gives 150 dual sword points per seize and also drops other rare mandatory gifts listed below.

- Sagittarius Hoof
- Shakuba’s Hoof
- Lunar Secret Starfire
- Healing Core Points (Sightless)

See above for the Sightless enemy location. They are a fine way to farm Healing Core points while grinding Furs and Hoofs. Sightless are pretty rare and have limited appearances in the game.

[The Underworld]
The Underworld is a barren world of the dead ruled by Hades. This is an extremely small map and a multitude of rare gifts and points can be farmed here. Due to its small size it is very easy to navigate as there are only 2 areas overall including where you fight the Skeleton King. Most of your farming should be done on this Quest; it is the most lucrative one stop farming spot in the entire game to grind.

- Black Cloth of the Abyss (Dark Soul)
The Dark Soul is a random spawn in the area where 2 Soul Eaters and 2 Living Dead appear. It is in the area shortly after you climb up the rock upward and then to the right. Repeatedly enter/exit until it appears. Use Flame Core for easy seizing.

- Feather Seize Points (Cockatrice)
There are two in the area where you fight the Skeleton King. Defeating both yields 240 seize points per spawn. Use Flame Core for easier change condition; it will also sever its tail off dropping a rare bone item.

- Blazing Core (Lava Dweller)
Three of these along with skeletons spawn right before the Skeleton King area.

- Blazing Flame Hide (Hound of Tartarus)
Two of these hounds can be found in the Skeleton King area. They also drop a whopping 150 Flame Core seize points.

- Flame Core Seize Points (Hound of Tartarus)
Seizing both hounds in the area mentioned above nets 300 points per entry.
- Poisoned Dart (Desert Crawler)
- Barrier Core Seize Points (Soul Eater)
Defeating the two that spawn will yield 200 seize points per entry.

- Underworld Core Seize Points (Lava Dweller)
There are 3 of these Lava Dweller worm enemies that spawn along with a bunch of skeletons. Defeating all 3 yields 180 seize points per spawn and Blazing Cores.

- Tail Seize Points (Desert Crawler)
Four of these spawn in the Skeleton King boss fight area. They also drop poisoned darts.

[Medusa’s Temple]
This is the ruined temple where Medusa lives. This temple is one of the most complex and labyrinthine maps in the entire game. You will need to memorize and recall where areas are located and which areas spawn what enemies. This guide will give you direction on where all the rare enemies and gifts are located. This is the only Quest where you can get Runestones of Alectoria. It is also great for farming Tail and Martial Arts Core points:

- Runestone of Alectoria (Dark Talos)
The Dark Talos is a random spawn found deep into the temple. From the start, go down the stairway. Take the left door in the main waterfall chamber. Once in the Totem room, take yet another left again. Follow the stairs and take the door straight ahead past some skeleton enemies. Then take the right door once you’re in the next Horse Totem room. Attempt to exit, and the Dark Talos will randomly spawn on the front pedestal of this room. You must defeat all enemies in order to enter/exit for re-spawns. I suggest getting a Chain Seize on the scorpions outside with the Storm Blade combo (XXYYY[mash]) and use it on the Talos statues whenever a Dark Talos doesn’t spawn to speed up the process of getting it to appear (then finish off the main one with a soul seize).

- Tail Seize Points (Deathstalker)
You can farm 270 points per spawn in the area where the 6 scorpion Deathstalker enemies spawn. To find it, head down the stairs from the start and enter the exit door. Once you are in the main chamber take the right door and once again follow the stairways down. There will be 6 of them along with a fire-spewing Totem in the room after the loading screen. Use a lock-on Down + Y launch attack to pop them into the air, landing them on their back for easy seizing.

- Martial Arts Core Points (Talos Statues)
Follow the directions above for the Runestone of Alectoria to find the Talos Statue room. You can farm at least 340 points each time you enter the room when seizing every Talos statue.

- Hero’s Luminous Bones (Dark Soldier)
From the start, go down the stairway. Take the left door in the main waterfall chamber. Once in the Totem room, take yet another left again. Follow the stairs downward and the door below will take you to a room with a riverbed in the center. The Dark Solider will randomly spawn in the middle circular area.

[Argos Castle Area]
This map is simply an expansion of the Argos Street Quest area. It is a great place to farm martial arts core seize points from the Talos Statues. You will also be farming Hero’s Luminous Bones here to reinforce all weapons:

- Hero’s Luminous Bones (Dark Archer)
The Dark Archer appears in the main town area along with a group of other Skeleton Warriors. Make your way through the building you start in and once you get outside, defeat the 4 Skeleton Warriors and after entering the gate the Dark Archer will possibly spawn in the center of the street market.
- Bow Seize Points
In the same area where the Dark Archer spawns you can seize the Skeleton Archers here for 80 points per kill. Pretty solid area to farm considering you have to re-enter this area anyway to spawn the Dark Archer.

Other Quest Challenges
Below is a list of several other Quests where you can farm rare mandatory gifts and seize points for all sub weapons.

[Enemy Remnants]
In this Quest, you’ll clear an area of floating eyeball enemies and then enter an area where you’ll face pairs of Horn enemies (Satyros Goats). This is a great area to farm Sword and Axe sub weapon seize points as each enemy yields around 130 points per spawn.
- Skin of Marysas (Dark General and Berserker)
The Dark General or Berserker can randomly spawn in the open area after defeating the floating eyeball enemies. Go into the cave and waves of Horn Goat enemies with gold armor will spawn (along with more eyeball enemies). Occasionally, some of them will be Dark Generals or Berserkers. Seize them and they will drop the Skin of Marysas.
- Sword Seize Points (Horn General)
- Mystic Armlet (Horn General)
- Axe Seize Points (Horn Berserker)

[Revenge of the Satyros]
- Hellbeasts’s Upper Horn (Dark Destroyer)
- Skin of Marysas (Dark Destroyer and Assassin)

[Poison Wildlife Territory]
- Feather Seize Points (Cockatrice)
If you sub weapon seize all seven Cockatrice enemies in this Quest you will obtain 840 seize points per stage clear. This is likely the best farm area for Feather points in the game.

[The Desert Rowdy]
This quest is a boss fight. It contains an exclusive gift item listed below:

Thunderhorn of Conquest (The Desert Rowdy)
This can be obtained from the Chimera Boss that appears at The Desert Rowdy Quest. Equip the Cyclopean Maul and aim for one of its long pointed horns stemming from the blue goat head. Any other brutal weapon should also work. Make sure you are very close to the horn; whenever the Chimera roars that tends to put it in position. If done correctly you will shatter the goat’s horns and it will drop this rare gift item during battle (glowing orb will fall and home into you).

[Twin-Bladed Cavalry]

Ixioms Diamond Horn (Pride of Ixiom)
Repeatedly clear this Boss Quest to obtain 2x Ixiom Diamond Horn gifts as rewards per completion.

[Gladiator 5]
The Gladiator Challenge Quests are full of opportunities to farm seize points and rare items. From the start, a group of Horn enemies will spawn (all with two Red Frogs) and there’s a chance some of them will be in their Dark form. Dark versions of Hellhounds and Sirens can also spawn occasionally in the 2nd phase of the challenge. Due to how much time it takes to re-start the mission for respawns however, it may not be the most consistent place to farm.

Sagittarius (Dark Assassin)
The Dark Assassin is a Satyros enemy that uses a Bow sub weapon. Outside of the Revenge of the Satyros Quest, he cannot be found anywhere else but Gladiator Challenges. You can also pick up the following gifts:
- Black Powder Gold
- Skin of Marysas
- Hellbeast’s Upperhorn
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