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Achievement won on 02 Feb 11
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Posted on 26 January 11 at 03:20, Edited on 08 January 13 at 07:12
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I have just determined that you do not have to win the operation you just have to finish it. I just received the achievement on a mission I failed.

Anzio (Jan 1944, Italy) - There are 11 secondary objectives in this operation, 4 of which are hidden to start with.

(1) Kill all enemy units in 15 minutes
This objective requires you to go on the attack straight away and don't defend, the way I did this was build 3 supply depots then an armor base in the right corner and a barracks in the left corner, I sent my wolverines up to the armor base and had them wait there.
Then I made 5-10 infantry on the left and hid in forest while pumping out Lee tanks on the right with whatever money I had left then attacked with Tanks and wolverines behind them. Make sure you use terror and fanaticism to your advantage. When the enemy was engaged by my tanks I sent my infantry in and took his HQ and any building around it that I hadn't already destroyed.

(2) Lose less than 20 units - See (1).
Make sure you use Fanaticism and Terror to your advantage.

(3) Preserve all your AT guns - See (1).
Put your at guns in the forest near the crossroads and keep your wolverines behind your tanks.

(4) Capture the enemy HQ - See (1).
Just make sure your infantry capture the HQ and the tanks don't destroy it.

(5) Destroy 10 tanks - See (9).

(6) Don't lose any buildings - See (1).
If you attack fast enough the Obice shouldn't get any of your buildings, if you need to use camouflage. Supply depots and construction trucks count as buildings as well.

(7) Kill 10 infantry units - See (8).

(8) Hidden to start Kill 20 infantry units (Kill 10 infantry units for this to appear) - See (1)
If you can't get this from following number 1, Start the level building an infantry base and 3 supply depots. Build 5 infantry and send them over the bridge with your at guns and wolverines, make sure they are not in the forest keep moving your wolverines around so the artillery wont get them. At this point use camo and radio silence on your base and make an armour base and pump out Lee's.
They will either send their infantry to attack you and your lees and push forward and kill the infantry or like mine, they started building light tanks out of their barracks, when this happens you hopefully have about 15-20 Lee's they had about 30 tanks and 30 infantry at this time. I sent everything I had, tanks wolverine at guns and infantry at him using terror and fanaticism to my advantage while still making lees.
This rattled him and he made an armor base but he couldn't produce enough medium tanks in time so his inferior units couldn't stand against my superior units with the aide of ruses and I rolled through his base getting the 20 infantry along with a few others.

(9) Hidden to start Destroy 20 tanks (Destroy 10 tanks for this to appear) - See (1)
If you win this operation there should be no reason you don't get this objective.

(10) Hidden to start Kill all enemy units (Take longer than 15 minutes before winning for this to appear) - See (1)
Leave 1 unit alive until after 15 minutes have past, this requires you to fail (1).

(11) Hidden to start Kill 3 Obice or More (Wait for him to build some Obice for this to appear) - See (1)
When you attack he should have 2 or 3 Obice deployed, if only 2 then don't destroy his artillery factory until he makes another one.

Seelowe (Jul 1940, England) - There are 8 secondary objectives in this operation, 5 of which are hidden to start with.

(1) Win in 20 minutes
The easiest way to do this was to build 10-15 infantry at the start and send them straight to the armor base and barracks to start with, destroying the anti tank bunkers and capturing the buildings, a second airfield will be deployed here as well so make sure you take it and make some Fighter-Bombers.
While this is happening you need to make AA base and create about 5 Flak and 5 AT/AA guns, move the Flak up to the forest just in front of the enemies HQ , and the AT/AA guns over to the buildings you captured. At some point you will want to make some Recon units for your AA. Soon he will get Prototype units which approach from the north of your captured bases, this is what the AT guns and the Fighter-Bombers are for. make sure you send all your planes at the Mobile AA he brings first.
With whatever spare money you have you should be building AA guns because he will soon bring the Red Devils Paratroopers. They will come from the same place as the Prototype units. you should be able to shoot them all down while they are in the planes, if any survive to make the drop take your remaining infantry and hunt them down before they can take anything. Now you may have gotten 20 planes if you were able to take out all the Devils. So you can just go in and finish him off.

(2) Don't lose the Whirbelwind - See (1)
Keep the Whirbelwind behind your infantry at the start and then it should be fine to stay in the middle of the map.

(3) Destroy 10 planes - See (5).

(4) Hidden to start Destroy 20 planes (Destroy 10 planes for this to appear) - See (5).

(5) Hidden to start Destroy 30 planes (Destroy 20 planes for this to appear) - See (1)
You should get this if you down all the red devils while they are still in the planes, if not just let them gain money and make planes toward the end, when his planes take off they should fly straight into your AA in the forest.

(6) Hidden to start Kill all enemy units (Take longer than 20 minutes to win for this to appear) - See (1)
Just wait until you fail (1) and when this appears finish them off.

(7) Hidden to start Destroy the Prototype Units - See (1).

(8) Hidden to start Stop Airborne "Red Devils" - See (1)
Don't let the airborne units take any building/supply depots.

Pincer Movement (March 1941, Lybia) -There are 11 secondary objectives in this operation, 1 of which is hidden to start with.

(1) Destroy all enemy units
I found that rushing was the way. Create 2 supple depots then a barracks and armor base. As the Germans are tougher than the Italians in my opinion, send your Pershings to attack the Germans. Build 5 infantry and get them to follow your Pershings capturing the HQ and Artillery Base. while you are doing this the infantry recon and at guns from the center will move to attack your Pershings, your remaining infantry can deal with the AT while your Pershings deal with the infantry and recon.
While this is going on build another 5 infantry and as many Lee tanks as possible and send them around the left to the Italians. Here you are not defeating them only crippling them leaving a barracks, HQ and whatever supply depots they have still alive. Now make some more infantry to get the anti tank base which should not have any enemy around it, your Pershings will also move around to the Italians but stay away from their supply lines as you want them to gain money.
The goal here is to get him to make infantry which are also recon units until you have 75 kills. If he builds any new building you can destroy them or let him build units from them to kill. When your ready make sure you have 5 supply depots then finish him off.

(2) Win in 20 minutes - See (1)
Instead of crippling the Italians finish them off.

(3) Defeat one enemy - See (1)

(4) Destroy or capture German HQ - See (1)

(5) Destroy or Capture Italian HQ - See (1)

(6) Seize abandoned Anti-Tank Base - See (1)

(7) Preserve your Pershing Tanks - See (1)

(8) Get 5 supply depots - See (1)

(9) Kill 50 units - See (11)

(10) Kill 5 recon units - See (1)
These can be recon planes or recon infantry.

(11) Hidden to start Destroy 75 units (Destroy 50 units for this to appear) - See (1)
You should get this if you don't overwhelm the Italians straight away but if you do overwhelm them you can let them build units once you have control of the area.

The Maginot Line (July 1942, France) – There are 8 secondary objectives in this operation, 4 of which are hidden to begin with.

(1) Keep enemies away from Bord-L’Etang
This means the enemy does not come into the town to your north, you can have units in the town ambushing them as long as they don't make it to the town square.
When you start gain the three supply depots near your center base and build an AA base, you are going to want 4 Maginot bunkers out the front of Bord-L'Etang. Send your two heavy tanks and 2 of your laffly out as well to help repel the 1st wave until a bunker gets set up. the 3rd laffly should be sent all the way south as far as you can to make sure he dosent get killed.
After building the first of these bunkers you will want to make 5 AA and put the in the forest to the right of the city to stop early plane approaches. once you have the four bunkers done go to the left headquarters and build 2 bunkers .next to the northern supply dump. at this time start using money to build more AA and put them in the forests surrounding Bord-L'Etang. when you think its under control build a supply depot near your left HQ.
At some point your right HQ will be taken by the Russians, don't worry about this as the russians will be of no matter until later in the game and you have a secret weapon for that. With around 10 minutes left in the game you will gain an armoured recon and an FCM F1 prototype heavy tank. send the recon into the forest right of Bord-L'Etang and the FCM1 F1 to the left to help with the italian assault. When you get the money build an armour base and make 5 heavy tanks, send 3 north to Bord-L'Etang and keep 2 at your central HQ.
At 6 minutes remaining you will get the secret weapon, a Nuclear Long Tom, thank you J. Robert Oppenheimer, ("Father of the A-Bomb.") Anyway you will get a long tom and a tank destroyer, send the tank destroyer north to join your defenses, at this time your should start to gather money, once you get over $200 just build whatever you need whilst keeping above $200. the Long Tom should be kept where it is using the 2 tanks that you left with your HQ to protect it when the infantry come. the long tom will devastate the enemy, try and kill clusters before they get close to your defenses as this can also kill your own troops, in saying that dont be afraid to kill your own troops if the are being overwhelmed and killed anyway.
You must make sure that you have enough AA to stop the planes attacking your long tom. To finish the objective all your have to do is have at least 1 unit remaining when time runs out.

(2) Preserve one of your Laffly
You have 3 of these weak at guns, make sure you move one to the very south at the start so it wont get destroyed.

(3) Kill 50 enemy units - See (6)

(4) Keep more than $200 - See (1)
Requires you to have over $200 when time runs out. With 6 minutes or so left you will get a nuclear long tom, if your defenses have held well you can start saving money, if you are doing good you can build an administrative building earlier on, but be aware it costs $100 to build.

(5) Hidden to start Kill 100 enemy units (Destroy 50 units for this to appear) - See (6)

(6) Hidden to start Kill 150 enemy units (Destroy 100 units for this to appear) - See (1)
Once you get the long tom just hammer away at the enemy.

(7) Hidden to start Preserve the long tom (wait until about 6:30 left on the clock for this to appear) - See (1)
Keep the long tom where it is and destroy approaching enemies.

(8) Hidden to start Preserve the FCM F1 prototype (wait until around 10:00 left on the clock for this to appear) - See (1)
This is a super-heavy Tank it should move to the left to help repel the Italians.

Tobruk ’45 (June 1945, Cyrenaica) – There are 8 secondary objectives in this operation, 5 of which are hidden to begin with.

(1) Defeat one enemy - See (8)
You just need to make 1 of the four enemies surrender.

(2) Destroy 10 tank units - See (8)

(3) Destroy 10 air units - See (8)

(4) Hidden to start Destroy 25 air units (Destroy 10 air units for this to appear) - See (8)

(5) Hidden to start Destroy 40 air units (Destroy 25 air units for this to appear) - See (8)
If you do not get this in 8 you can set up a defense and just hold out with lots of AA guns in forest, lots of Maus/King Tiger and lots of Jet Fighters. Just send Jet Fighters out to attack the planes if they don't come to you.

(6) Hidden to start Destroy 25 tank units (Destroy 10 tank units for this to appear) - See (8)

(7) Hidden to start Destroy 40 tank units (Destroy 25 tank units for this to appear) - See (8)

(8) Hidden to start Destroy every enemy unit (Defeat one enemy for this to appear)
This operation is by far the easier of the multi-player ones. What we did was have the 2nd player build 4 supply depots then put 5 flak in the forest next to mountain on the left and 5 next to mountain on the right. Once this is done build a prototype base and build wirbelwinds and send 8 to the bridge on the left at the river crossing. Then continue building but leaving them in the center just below the town.
Player one will build 4 supply depots then an armor base. He will make King Tigers because Maus are to expensive and SLOW. He will send the tigers to the left bridge with the wirbelwinds, 5 should do here then he will start putting them on either side of the town in the center so that they can defend and he will put one on the right. then he will keep making them and put them in the center with the other wirbelwinds. When both players have got the required units at the bridge on the left send them up towards the French.
Communication is key the wirbelwinds need to keep close to the Tigers but not to far ahead or they will get killed. Keep going north attacking French units and their base. Terror and Fanaticism are a must. A tiger must now be built and sent to this area to keep the enemy from rebuilding here. Now that the French units are removed from their starting positions send your northern force south towards the center but keep them north of the Lake.
At the same time send all the tanks and wirbelwinds that are waiting at your base north towards the lake. Once this area around the lake is clear send all of these units towards the starting position of the Royal and Canadian air forces. This entire time wirbelwinds and tigers will be getting destroyed so you will have to constantly build new ones and send them up. Now the lone tank you left where the French started should move along the top of the map destroying the buildings and units up here, there shouldn't be much but if you want you can send a 2nd tank to help him.
You should be just about to wrap it up so when you think you have them under control or that they have no air units left stop building wirbelwinds and build an airfield and produce 1 recon and then fighter-bombers. when you destroy their last building all the units will be visible and you can finish them off with your fighter-bombers. Don't be afraid if you start losing wirbelwinds when you attack the center, as long as you have 10-15 when you start to assault the British you should be ok.

Triple Alliance against the Axis (May 1940, Northern Europe) – There are 12 secondary objectives in this operation, 8 of which are hidden to begin with.

(1) Destroy every enemy unit
This is probably the hardest objective to do in all the operations. Whether you win this or not depends on what strategy you use and what strategy the Germans use as they change what they do all the time. Each player will start surrounding the Germans however, you can only make a few type of units, and the units are inferior to the Germans upgraded units.
The Italians have access to Medium Tanks, (which are the equivalent of German Light Tanks,) and Anti Tank units. Luckily one of these units is AT and AA so it will help in your defense.
The British have access to Air units, Armored Recon, and Artillery Bunkers.
The U.S. has access to AT Bunkers, AA Bunkers, and Machine Gun Bunkers. They also have Artillery and Medium Tanks.
All teams get 3 paratroopers at the start, however this is the only Infantry you can get so be careful with them.

The Germans start out with a Siegfried Blockhouse Bunker in front of each enemy, an AT base in front of the Italians, an Armor Base and Airfield in front of the U.S. and an Artillery and AA Base in front of the British, they also have a Barracks and Machine Gun Bunker in the centre with their HQ. In the Central forest surrounding the HQ they have AA and AT Guns. This Central forest is Split into 3 parts, they are the part between Italians and British, between British and U.S. and the U.S. and Italians. In the Italian-British part are 2 AT guns and a Recon, in the British-U.S. part there are 3 AA guns and in the U.S.-Italian part there are 2 AA and 1 AT guns.

What needs to be done is the British must destroy the bunkers opposite the U.S. and Italians with their planes so that the Allies can go forward. After this is done you will want to continue building fighter bombers so that you can take out the Maus and Nuclear Long Tom when they arrive.

The Italians will want to build 4 AA/AT guns and then as many Tanks as possible until they have about 25-30.

(2) Destroy 10 tank units - See (10)

(3) Destroy 10 infantry units - See (8)

(4) Destroy 5 air units - See (6)

(5) Hidden to start Destroy 10 air units (Destroy 5 air units for this to appear)[i/] - See (6)

(6) Hidden to start Destroy 15 air units (Destroy 10 air units for this to appear)

(7) Hidden to start Destroy 15 infantry units (Destroy 10 infantry units for this to appear) - See (8)

(8) Hidden to start Destroy 20 infantry units (Destroy 20 infantry units for this to appear)

(9) Hidden to start Destroy 20 tank units (Destroy 10 tank units for this to appear)[i/i] - See (10)

(10) Hidden to start Destroy 30 tank units (Destroy 20 tank units for this to appear)

(11) Hidden to start Destroy the stolen nuclear Long Tom (wait until it gets dropped in by paratroopers at around 13 minutes for this to appear)
Just before the Long Tom arrives you will see planes coming in for the side of the board between the U.S.A. and the British, this will drop in paratroopers which will turn out to be the Long Tom. When you see this happening the British must use a Spy in the middle and send 5 Fighter-Bombers up so they are in the air. As soon as the paratroopers change into the Long Tom attack with your 5 Fighter-Bombers, this will ensure you get the objective and it only fires 1 Shot, if you miss it and you are attempting to win you should restart.

(12) Hidden to start Destroy the Maus tanks (wait until they get dropped in by paratroopers at around 17 minutes for this to appear)

For most of these I give credit to Tully123 and tweekfu, as they advised me on how to get most of the objectives.

The information on how each objective is done is strictly what I did for the operation and NOT a guaranteed method to win as the AI changes its strategy every mission based on what you do, however if you get the objective you are not required to win.

This is just the list of objectives so you can check of what you have done, I will do descriptions of how I earned each of these objectives in time. Anyone offering advise as to how they got it will be taken into account.
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