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MR.PERFECT in Mega Man 10

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Clear the game without getting damaged.

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This achievement can be obtained on any difficulty but it is much easier to get on easy difficulty. On easy you can save between the five Wily stages, there are fewer enemies, the enemies shoot fewer projectiles, and the enemies attack more slowly. Also on easy you will find power ups called yashichis that look like a white pinwheel on a red background which will restore all of your health (irrelevant) and weapon energy. Make sure to save your game after you beat a level without taking damage.

You can get this achievement as Proto Man but I recommend playing as Mega Man. Playing as Proto Man you can slide and block shots but you also have to hit the bosses many more times even when you use charged shots. When you play as Mega Man every boss is weak to at least one of your weapons so you can kill nearly all of them faster.

I'm not going to write a lot about the levels because they are the same every time you play them and once you know where the enemies are it is easy to kill them or avoid them. In general keep the W. Shield ready when you have to ride a seesaw pump trolley and don't worry about using your weapons because there are weapon refills before most of the bosses. I am instead going to list all of the level bosses in the game along with their weakness and some tips on how to kill them without taking damage. After you reach a boss in easy mode you will be able to replay them by choosing them in challenge mode.

This is probably the easiest route to take through the eight Robot Masters.
Sheep Man > Pump Man > Solar Man > Chill Man > Nitro Man > Commando Man > Blade Man > Strike Man

I will be listing the bosses in this format
Boss Name /// Weakness /// Notes

I'm breaking the format right away to say that right before reaching Sheep Man there are two mouse cursor enemies that you can avoid without taking damage if you fall down as far to the right as you can and hold right on your controller as soon as you enter the screen that they are on.

Sheep Man /// R. Striker /// Shoot him with your mega buster but stay far enough away from him that you can avoid his fast and low or slow and swerving lightning shots. When he splits into four thunder wool clouds he will always drop to the floor from the fourth cloud to shoot lightning so position yourself where you think you can avoid his shots. Once you have the R. Striker you can knock him out of cloud mode by shooting the R. Striker diagonally upwards either by holding up and firing or bouncing it off of the walls.

Pump Man /// T. Wool /// When Pump Man activates his water shield he will jump towards you once and release it. If you time your T.Wool shots so that he jumps underneath them when lightning is coming down you can damage him and destroy his shield before he can fire it at you.

Solar Man /// W.Shield /// Solar Man will headbutt you if you get close to him so try to hit him at a distance or when he is jumping. If you are standing near a wall and his head star is still small he cannot hit you except by jumping on you. After you activate your W. Shield you can release it by pressing the fire button again and its will expand outward in a spiral. The direction that the spiral expands changes depending on which side you are facing when you activate the shield, so if you want to hit Solar Man while he is below you and to the right you should activate the shield while facing to the left. I usually just constantly stay to the left of Solar Man and move close enough that the W. Shield will hit him when I release it. He will sometimes fire a projectile directly downwards into the center of one of the middle three sections which will then send a force wave out to the sides of the screen. When he jumps next to either of the walls of the stage you should move to the side of the low section next to and underneath him with your W. Shield out to hit him three times for 60% of his life.

Chill Man /// S.Blaze /// Stay away from the walls because once you are cornered he will either hop towards you, run at you, or fire at you and they are all difficult to dodge when you don't know what he's going to do. Jump over him, fire the S.Blaze, slide a little ways away from him, then move towards him to build momentum for your next jump over him. You should constantly be either jumping over him or preparing to jump over him. Sometimes he will shoot you in the back or shoot ice spikes on the ground where you will land right after you jump over him and there is no reliable defense against that.

Alternate Method: Once you have the W. Cutter you can climb walls with it by holding the fire button and moving into the wall. You can quickly change back and forth between S. Blaze and W. Cutter with the shoulder buttons since they are right next to each other. If you climb the walls of Chill Man's stage you are completely safe from Chill Man as long as you are on the top half of the screen and you time the wall climbs correctly. Wait until Chill Man has shot the wall to drop down and shoot him with the S. Blaze or else he will shoot you in the back. When you get to the opposite wall repeat the process.

Nitro Man /// C. Spike /// You can repeatedly hit him with the C. Spike and he will remain stunned until he jumps away from you and turns into a bike. The C. Spike destroys his projectiles and when he runs over the C. Spike on the ground he takes more damage.

Commando Man /// W. Cutter /// Hold the fire button with the W. Cutter equipped and the W. Cutters blade will spin in front of you. Commando Man’s missiles will always hit the W. Cutter blade when you have it spinning in front of you and you are facing toward him. When he jumps and fires a missile at you if you jump straight up with the W. Cutters blade extended you will destroy the missile in mid air as long as you are far enough away from him and facing toward him. After he fires a missile and you destroy it he will pause long enough for you to run up and hit him. If you are close to a wall be ready to run underneath him when he jumps toward you.

Blade Man /// C.Bomb /// When Blade Man is on a wall run towards him and his blades will miss you. When he is on the ceiling his blades will miss you as long as you keep moving. He will occasionally jump off the wall straight at your position on the floor. When you are directly under him he cannot hit you by jumping onto the floor. Jump and fire at the wall he is moving towards with the C.Bomb and continue moving towards him until you are directly under him. If he jumps towards the ceiling start moving towards the other wall and fire the C. Bomb at it. The explosion a C.Bomb makes hurts him more than the missile itself and the explosion from one C.Bomb can hit him twice so try to aim just underneath him.

Strike Man /// T. Blade /// Fire the T. Blade as fast as you can and after his double rolling jump get in close to him and hit him with the T.Blade to finish him off.

Wily Stage 1:
W. Archive 1: The W. Archives are sets of three robots that use the attacks of previous Robot Masters in the Mega Man series.
Elec Man /// W. Cutter /// This is the black and yellow robot on the screen. He fires lightning toward you from ground level then he fires lightning towards you again in the air but it will miss you if you stay standing on the ground.
Gemini Man /// W. Cutter /// This is the white robot on the screen. This robot will fire a laser at you and fly around the screen in a figure 8 pattern while the laser bounces around the stage. Jump over its laser and stay on the left side of the screen. Don't jump anymore after jumping over the laser just move back and forth on the left side to avoid the robot and the laser.
Wood Man /// T. Blade /// This is the brown robot on the screen. Shoot him twice with the T. Blade and he will die.

W. Archive 2:
Flame Man /// W. Shield /// This is the red robot on the screen. When he appears on the screen activate the W. Shield and run next to the robot. He should die before you get damaged.
Napalm Man /// R. Striker /// This is the blue robot on the screen. When Napalm Man appears on screen stop moving or there is a good chance the robot will land on you. This robot will jump into the air and drop two bombs towards you. When it does that just run underneath it and shoot it when it touches the ground and repeat the process when it jumps again.
Ring Man /// S. Blaze /// This robot will shoot a ring at ground level and move into the air to catch it then it will shoot a ring in the air and move to the ground to catch it. Then it will slide across the floor to the other side of the stage to repeat the process. Jump over the ring at ground level and jump over the robot when it is moving across the floor but stay on the ground at all other times.

W. Archive 3:
Frost Man /// C. Bomb /// This is the big blue robot on the screen. The explosion the C.Bomb makes when it hits the stage damages the Frost Man robot much more than the missile itself.
Slash Man /// C. Spike /// This is the robot with lots of hair. When he appears onscreen start moving toward the center of the room, fire the C. Spike, and stop just short of the C. Spike blades on the ground. If done correctly the robot will land in the C. Spike blades and lose half of its life.
Tornado Man /// T. Wool /// This is the green robot on the screen. When he appears on screen switch to T. Wool and shoot two wool clouds above him so that the lightning will hit him and jump towards the other side of the screen. He should be dead before the mini tornadoes hit you.

Wily Stage 2: The two bird miniboss will never hit you with its fire if you stand still.
Crab Puncher /// C. Bomb /// Shoot the crabs mouth with the C. Bomb so that the explosion it makes hits both of its eyes. It is a lot easier to avoid damage if you destroy his bottom claw right away. His claws takes damage as quickly as you deal it so as soon the fight starts run up to the bottom claw and hit it with your mega buster or T. Blade to destroy it. When he covers his eyes with his claws he is about to shoot bubbles at you. Run to the far left and use the T. Blade, W. Shield. or T. Wool to destroy the bubbles before they hit you. Also two correctly placed T. Wool shots over the eyes will kill this guy but I recommend not getting within range of its upper claw if you can help it.

Wily Stage 3:
Block Devil /// T. Wool /// Killing Block Devil without taking damage depends on counting his movements and memorizing when to move. Stand on the two leftmost pink blocks and jump when the purple blocks move for the 3rd and 5th times. After the blocks move for the 6th time run to the center until the 7th block joins the center mass and then run to the far left until the blocks make a 4x4 square. Shoot T.Wool so that the lightning hits the robot eye as it emerges from the bottom of the floor and keep firing it until you run out of ammo. After the eye fires lasers at you and moves off screen the blocks will start to move again. Run to the far left touching the wall and jump during the 5th and 9th movements. After the 9th movement move to the center of the room. Hop and fire the T.Blade in mid air to hit the robot eye under the stage. The purple blocks will pop towards the center of the room in order so when the blocks on the wall at ground level are about to pop out prepare to jump to the other side. The boss will then repeat its actions from the beginning.

Wily Stage 4: I recommend you practice fighting the eight Robot Masters in challenge mode before attempting this stage. Take the ladder on the left and ignore the enemies. If you hold up and switch ladders quickly they won’t hit you. After fighting the 8 robot masters grab the yashichi and the weapon tank if you don't have one.

Wily Machine part 1 /// S. Blaze /// Wily’s homing missiles will not reach the bottom left part of the screen. Jump onto his mouth missile at ground level and either hit the skull's eye holes with the S. Blaze or shoot a homing missile with the S. Blaze so that its force wave hits the skull's eye hole. There is no real trick to this boss you just have to replay him until you know the timing of when to jump to the second missile and shoot and when to drop off the first missile to the floor.
Wily Machine part 2 /// W.Shield /// Activate your W.Shield while Wily is changing forms and move to the left side of the room. As soon as his life bar is filled jump and release the W. Shield. If you timed it correctly then Wily will fire his green projectile at where you were at the apex of your jump. Run towards the right to avoid the green projectile while Wily is on the left side of the screen and activate your W. Shield again. As soon as Wily reaches the right side of the screen he will fire his green projectile again so jump and release your W.Shield when Wily is about to reach the right side of the screen. If you are facing towards the right when you activate the W.Shield then it will have a much better chance of hitting Wily when you release it. It is easier to dodge Wily's homing cage attack if you wait until it is close to you to jump over it. If you are caught by the homing cage fire your weapon until you get free and continue playing because it doesn't damage you. When Wily goes down to ground level run underneath his pod to avoid the moving lightning wall. After the lightning passes hop next to his pod with the W. Shield out to get some hits in. The T. Blade damages Wily more than the mega buster so you can also use that when Wily is at ground level. Use a weapon tank to refill your W. Shield when you run out of ammo or use the R. Coil to jump up and shoot him.

Wily Stage 5: Use W. Shield on the floating drills. When you come to two ladders take the one on the right and run straight through the next room without stopping.
Wily Capsule /// C. Spike /// There are two capsules one with a robot decoy and one with the real Wily. Only the real Wily takes damage when you shoot him. The capsules have two types of attacks. For the first type of attack one of the capsules will shield itself with five projectiles and then the five projectiles will fly directly at you. To avoid this attack get as far from the five projectiles as you can when they appear and jump as high as you can when the first one is moving towards you. Move back and forth to avoid them as they move towards you and jump again over the last one. The five projectiles will then move into the capsule that did not fire them and if you can't remember which one fired them then wait until they start moving to jump and shoot Wily. For his second type of attack one capsule will pass an energy ball to the other one and then the capsule that caught it will shoot it back across the screen and it will shoot energy balls towards the floor. There are three ways I've found to dodge this. You can jump over it, you can run to the Wily capsule that did not originally fire the energy ball, or you can stand between the projectiles. There is a point sticking out of the bottom of Wily's capsule and if you stand so that you are barely on the side of the point that is away from the wall you will be safe.
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