Serious Sam achievement in Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter

Serious Sam

Complete the game in single player on serious difficulty.

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How to unlock the Serious Sam achievement

  • lifebringer23lifebringer231,252,694
    08 Oct 2011 10 Feb 2012
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    OK to start off Im averagely good at shooters but if you follow these tips and guidelines you should make it with some patience.

    1.OK firstly you want to play they game at least once first so you know how to complete all the levels, as you do not want to get lost and go into a room that you do not need to and get killed by the enemys

    2. Before you start off your game hit the y button on the difficutly screen and turn on infinite ammo, then the game becomes much easier as you dont need to worry about ammo.

    3. Know how to rocket jump, good. If you dont know how to do it its a simple as with a rocket launcher aim at your feet, jump, and at the peek of the jump fire a rocket and it will launch you into the air. this tactic is good for skipping parts of the levels, for example the level called dunes, you need to kill alot of enemies before you can eneter the temple courtyard but if you run round the right side of the temple you can rocket jump over the wall and skip a huge fight. Another example is the Metropolis level, you rocket jump over the back wall at the start and run outside the level untill the end and then there is one fight.

    4. Use your initiative, for example use the rocket jump to get to hiding places when theres a big fight, in dunes once over the wall rocket jump on the side thing on the left hand side while looking at the temple and this gives you perfect cover for the whole fight. Also if your health is full and you see a simple +1 helath and decide you want it, get ready for a fight.

    5. SAVE OFTEN, biggest tip is save save save. the saving system is quick and so is the loading one so dont be afraid to abuse the crap out of it. I saved before everything i picked up, before i entered a new room, before i turned a corner, after a big fight. if you pick up a health item and get attacked by a spawning enemy load pick it up again but know where the enemey is coming from and kill him first. just remeber so save before you pick up anything aswell

    6. Follow a secret walkthrough. This helped me greatly as if you do this you get the rocket launcher, the tommygun, the grenade launcher, and the cannon launcher all early. this helps with over fighting. Obviously do not go for the secret levels as they do not help as its just more pain. and do not go for every secret as some are not worth it, example moon mountains (secret level i know but it works) you go behind a pit and open a large room with lots of health and ammo but spanws in way too many demons for you to kill so avoid it. The secrets are up to you wether you want them or not, the guide on gamefaqs is a good one.

    7. Be patient. Theyre are bits in levels which are annoying, but you will accomplish with some patients. Dont remeber the level but you get stuck in a room with frogs, it will take time but you will find a way to do it, i found strafing run to work.

    8. In above point learn strafing run. this helps in hards place like the above point says, but i found its also best to jump while strafing, for example the level the great pryamid at the start in that hellish boxed off room you will be swarmed with skeletons, strafing run and jumping with the cannon launcher works like a charm as when they attack if you jump it doesnt hurt you as your on their head :)

    9. The quick save system is limited to about 20 saves so it will just delete the oldest one and make a new one. so be weary if your saving too much but you should only save when your good. Also after each time playing maually save your game in the pause menu just to make sure your stats save as the quick save system is only good when playing.

    Hopefully you find this useful and good luck
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  • Red Thunder 86Red Thunder 86285,133
    08 Feb 2014 07 Feb 2014 09 Jul 2015
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    This guide and the associated videos are not mine. I do not claim any ownership of them. They are not specifically for this achievement, but rather show methods of speedrunning the original game on Serious difficulty, which includes an incredible number of tricks that can save you hours of pain. At the top of the linked page is a Tourist guide and videos; scroll halfway down the page to get to the Serious difficulty portion. All thanks go to Arran 'ShadowWraith' Kelf, Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore, and Bart 'TheVoid' de Waal.

    PLEASE NOTE: As o DEEVIUS o pointed out in the comments, these videos come from the original PC version of the game. Every now and then, one of their tricks will not work on the 360 version. However, you can compensate for a lot of the little differences and make about 90% of the secrets/glitches/shortcuts function properly. You will need more health than they do for rocket jumps. You will also sometimes need to do 2 rocket jumps when they only do 1, as they do not take you quite as high in the 360 edition. Keep your eyes open and adjust the way you approach a shortcut based upon how the physics have changed.

    The original guide can be found here:

    I have included videos of each individual level. A full-game video is also available on the site. Below are the speedrunners' comments, followed by the videos.

    "==== Level 01 - Hatshepsut - 0:35 ====

    This was the only run where I intentionally used a Kleer for a slight speed boost. They really hurt, so I don't get hung up on it, but since the run was so short, it might have helped optimize the time a bit. Also, is it just me, but does a Kleer seem like the skeleton of a Quake Fiend... large scythes for arms, hooved feet, leaping attack... hrm.

    ==== Level 02 - Sand Canyon - 1:45 ====

    The first trick jump, which uses a Kleer as a step over the gate, is rather tough to stage... it's hard to see in that dark tunnel, so getting the jump immediately made me happy. In the Marsh Hopper (exploding toad) room, killing the headless enemies quickly makes the toads appear faster. The armor for the end run was entirely optional, but requires quite a bit of luck to survive without it. Overall I'm pleased with how this one turned out, despite getting hung up a bit at the very end.

    Also, as an aside, I normally let the final cutscene play out completely in these demos, but the slowdown there got so horrible that I cut it short early. I was afraid for the rest of the runs where I would be avoiding large numbers of enemies, hoping the slowdown wouldn't get too bad, but it seems this was the worst case scenario. :)

    ==== Level 03 - Tomb of Ramses - 1:46 ====

    I'm very happy with the way this one turned out. I had two monster boost tricks and both were implemented without much loss of time here. In the tunnel after the secret passageway, with virtually nothing going on, I jump once while running through it. This jump was to avoid a trigger that will close the door in front of you and trap you with an Arachnid and some kamikazes. I discovered this trick by accident and was quite glad, as I was using the kamikazes to painfully jump over the door to get out of the trap, putting me in an unhealthy position for the remainder of the run.

    ==== Level 04 - Valley of the Kings - 4:35 ====

    This was the last run done for the pack, replacing a 4:50 run that I wasn't happy with and eventually couldn't ignore. It's one of the more frustrating runs in the game on the fastest route. In the valley, I don't kill the Gnaar (beartrap teeth creature) or the Werebull, as their deaths will cause many more enemies to appear in their place. I just let them trail behind me as I run for the temple. The Reptiloid (green magic missile caster) has to be killed for the rocket launcher to be appear, which in turn causes the boss to appear when it gets picked up. At this time, the Werebull is still running around trying to get me, and sometimes I can actually get him stuck on the left side of the platform so that he'll eventually stop trying to chase me. This is luck-related though, so I sometimes have to kill him. The boss takes exactly 14 rockets to kill, incidentally.

    Inside... I hate that rocket jump to the key. It's easy to miss grabbing the key entirely. This is also the room where you can ghost around the map by rocket jumping on top of the ceiling. I don't do this, though, having made it against the rules. You could fly right to the exit if you wanted, though. :)

    Rocket jumping over the wall of darkness... self-explanatory. At the cage trap with the heart, it's possible to avoid getting caught inside, but the door to the next area will not open until the trap has played out. The cage provides protection against the Kleers anyway.

    ==== Level 05 - Moon Mountains - 1:41 ====

    The first secret level of the game. There's not much to explain here, since the run is fairly straightforward. There's two shortcuts that I use here, but both of them actually count towards the secret tally, so there's really nothing that I can take credit for, here. At the very end, I rocket jump over a werebull that spawns in front of you, though this was probably hard to see in the demo. I'm also quite happy with this one.

    ==== Level 06 - Oasis - 3:25 ====

    This is a luck-oriented pain in the ass on the fastest route, since the Bio-Mech that spawns inside the building can keep you from advancing too quickly. I had to cancel out his rocket attack at close range with the tommy gun to make it by. In the boss room, you can rocket jump on top of the outer walls in this room, but that's rather boring. :)

    Also, it's worth mentioning that the two health potions that can be found in the boss room are both booby-trapped and cause more toads to appear, which aren't part of the boss meter. The one that appears in the middle of the room partway through the battle is particularly unforgiving...

    ==== Level 07 - Dunes - 0:48 ====

    Special thanks to LarvaExotech, who contacted me sometime after the original demos were posted and revealed to me a trick for finishing this level quite a bit faster than before, making the final battles unnecessary. I assume that he/she is close to the Serious Sam community, as this trick's existence would have been difficult to predict, otherwise. Basically, this run exploits a "thin door" bug whereby the player can initiate the final cutscene of the level through the exit door and end the level early. This is done by taking damage and forcing Sam in the direction of the door, apparently reaching through it briefly to activate the end-level trigger. LE described this trick using a Bio-Mech for the required damage boost, but some rocket splash damage from your own launcher is sufficient. Although some other levels in TFE come close, this is the only level that I know of where it actually works. As a word of caution, for this trick to work, you MUST end the cutscene before it finishes, because you won't end the level if you do. Instead, you'll be returned to Sam's point of view, stuck inside the door, unable to turn, and with a red screen. It's weird, but true, so pressing fire sometime in the final cutscene is necessary to move on to the next level.

    That said, the level became much shorter, and so I also felt obligated to implement some time-saving Werebull jumps to cross the desert faster than before. These jumps are rather uncooperative, as you can either take a lot of damage from the hit or no damage at all, and the direction is tough to control. However, for such a short run, I felt it necessary to do so... if just for the practice, since I've found at least one place in The Second Encounter where such a jump is needed because the rocket launcher isn't available yet.

    This was a lengthy session, working down the time second by second, and I don't feel like doing it again. It's not that fun, so I hope the result was an enjoyable 48 seconds. :)

    ==== Level 08 - Suburbs - 1:53 ====

    This was the first level where I thought I'd have to slow down and deal with the battles that are scripted by the game, but by choosing which enemies to kill and which ones to ignore, I can make my way through without having to get too hung up by the hordes. In the first half, I briefly retreat to the secret corner until the situation calmed down a bit. I'm normally getting chased by several Reptiloid projectiles, as well as the Werebull, so reaching the door quickly required some sacrifices on my part. In the second half, the screen changes briefly when I hit the two switches that open the way to the sewers. This is the game trying to initiate some small cutscenes showing what the switches do, but it assumes that the player would have cleared the area before hitting the switches. I make those cutscenes as short as possible. :)

    ==== Level 09 - Sewers - 1:38 ====

    I had a hard time seeing the electric fish, so I sometimes couldn't predict exactly where they would appear in the final underwater segment. I only had the general idea of their locations. I don't think I lost any time, though, since I kept moving on the right path as they appeared.

    ==== Level 10 - Metropolis - 9:18 ====

    I'd say this is the run I'm the least satisfied with, as it was rather boring on the shortcut route. As such, I played a run where I got to the end and dealt with the final battles in a manner that wasn't too embarrassing, but didn't spend a lot of time shaving away the seconds. For future improvements, it's possible to be right by the door as it opens, though that greatly depends on some blessing from the Kleer horde.

    ==== Level 11 - Alley of the Sphinxes - 6:16 ====

    Perhaps the first run to use the new Number of the Beast, not that it matters. This run is similar to Dunes, in which I avoid a large portion of the battles by rocket jumping past the segments before the final arena. For each item that is placed in one of the four corners of the last arena, a different set of enemies will appear. I tried to move from each corner of the arena to the next so that some collections of enemies would overlap with each other, but not becoming too overwhelming. A shame that minigun and laser ammo was more limited here.

    As I found out, only the largest of the lava golems need to be killed for the final door to open, not any of his offspring. I move towards the door without getting too close to the boss as his melee attack is, not surprisingly, rather painful.

    ==== Level 12 - Karnak - 7:07 ====

    Another run like Metropolis. I demonstrate the trick jump at the start, run off to the end, giggling the entire way (maybe) and then basically do a walkthrough of the final battles of the level. I'm not sure why the rocket jump off of the beheaded soldier's head seemed to get more height, but that was the case here. I got knocked away from the exit door right at the end, so that's one possible improvement.

    ==== Level 13 - Luxor - 5:34 ====

    For this run, I'd like to give credit to someone named Prestige, assuming that was the first person to discover the trick seen here:

    This trick makes the level rather quick like Karnak and Metropolis, but also makes it just a walkthrough of the final battles of the level. I know some people were disappointed by the lack of action in these instances, but it did allow me to speed up the final battle when it was reasonable to do so. In the final arena, you must collect the four Ankhs and place them on the center pedestal to make the final door open. They appear one at a time, and you must place that Ankh before the next one will appear, but at least they'll always appear in the same places.

    Also, near the start, I use a seemingly useless RJ over one of the walls to get to a nearby courtyard. This is used to avoid a trigger that would bring in some tough monsters (large lava golems, reptiloids, etc) that would cost even more health and time to dodge, since they will lead their attacks.

    ==== Level 14 - Sacred Yards - 1:30 ====

    The second secret level, and oh dear, another boring run because of the rocket jump possibilities. I didn't spend much time here, but I'm actually happy with the way the final run looks. I guess things go rather smoothly when there isn't much going on, I just got the gold sphinxes and got the hell out. :)

    Also, at the start, I pick up that health pill since a rocket jump will cost exactly 50 health without armor... so I'm afforded a second rocket jump without killing myself here.

    ==== Level 15 - The Great Pyramid - 5:59 ====

    I skip the first arena with a double rocket jump right off the bat. Hurray! :)

    Reaching the ramp of the great pyramid will initiate the countdown on the door, so doing that as quickly as possible is the idea here. Afterwards, I'm free to defend myself in any way I choose, all while shooting cannonballs clear across the landscape at the boss in the distance. The final battle could be a potential luckfest, since even if you go through the four hoops as fast as possible to zap the boss, he won't always be in the right position at the end. Sometimes he'll stay in place and use his weapons multiple times so the blast misses him entirely... grr, annoying I tells ya."
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    I noticed quite a significant difference here; At the of Luxor the video just runs straight forward and is forced to go to the Secret level: Sacred Yards. However in the 360 version you have to go left at the end and go through a side door to do Sacred Yards. If you go straight ahead on the 360 it takes you straight to the Great Pyramid, bypassing Sacred Yards altogether.

    I'm not sure if this will affect the achievement, so I'm going to back up my save at the end of Luxor and see what happens, if I can actually do the Great Pyramid shock
    Posted on 12 Jul 15 at 18:42
    OK I can confirm that skipping Sacred Yards altogether is fine, I skipped it by going straight at the end of Luxor and my achievement unlocked. Also got the one for beating all times as a bonus smile

    Thanks for the great guide, wouldn't have done this without it.

    I'd just like to add: After jumping the wall in Great Pyramid, don't go near the door you just skipped, you can go down the road and use your cannon to gradually kill all enemies without anything behind you or having to run like a mad man and die a billion times trying copy the guy in the video.

    However, I encountered a glitch where if you reach the ramp and open the door to boss area before opening that previous door, the boss will have no health bar and be immortal. So avoid the door you jump over, kill everyone leading to the ramp but don't walk onto it, then run all the way back and open the door to unleash the boss with a few Kleers.

    This makes it much easier as there will only be the boss and some Kleers, good luck and don't give up on this, it isn't as hard as it seems toast
    Posted on 12 Jul 15 at 20:04
    Red Thunder 86Thanks for all the additional tips! I didn't take the time to write down which tricks carried over and which ones didn't (derp), so any clarification will probably be a huge help to anyone else that follows this guide.
    Posted by Red Thunder 86 on 14 Jan 16 at 03:53
  • dataDyne 2023dataDyne 2023This gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    22 Feb 2010
    11 7 11
    This is the same solution as the "Game Master" Achievement only you have to beat the game on 'Serious' difficulty which is going to be very hard for some people!

    1. Save Often: You will probably die a lot so make sure to tap Y after every little battle to avoid disappointment!
    2. Save rockets and other large weapons for the bigger baddies.
    4. Save/Use the Cannon on the bosses.
    5. Strafe & Jump A LOT
    6. Press B and review the enemies and what tips the game has to offer on them.
    7. Press Y on the difficulty select screen and enable infinite ammo, it won't affect your achievements

    Last but not least GOOD LUCK!
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    dataDyne 2023Tip 3 is too awesome to be read!
    Posted by dataDyne 2023 on 25 Feb 11 at 00:40
    MrSunchaserhow is rocket jumping done? im not sure they patched it?
    Posted by MrSunchaser on 19 Jun 13 at 09:57
    Brandon oh noI can verify that you can turn off your xBox while doing this achievement. I did so many times. To rocket jump, aim down, jump straight up, and at the highest point of your jump, shoot a rocket underneath you. It will hurt a lot, but gives you a boost to get to some areas.
    Posted by Brandon oh no on 18 Aug 14 at 03:41
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