Metropolis King achievement in Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter

Metropolis King

Complete Metropolis level in single player on serious difficulty without loading.

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How to unlock the Metropolis King achievement

  • xDexbuildxDexbuild105,670
    17 Jan 2010 16 Jan 2010 21 Jan 2010
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    This guide shows you excactly what to do from the beginning till the end.
    There is also a guide below, which will help you to pass the final arena fight very easily.

    In Addition, there is another video for the guys who can't watch the video above, below (In Germany, it's not available). Unfortunately, this video does not show the easiest way to get the achievement. Nevertheless, the easiest guide is posted below. (Comments forced me deleting the video)

    Tipps for the Arena Fight:

    The Arena consists out of 4 enemy types:

    1.Kamikazes: Just look around and kill them before they hit you.

    2."Flying dogs": Just pass the arena like a circle and always look back and shoot the enemies who are coming too close. After some time, there will be a bunch of enemies in the middle, which makes it really easy to kill them.

    Okay now, things are getting tricky:

    3. Bulls: Right after the "Flying dogs" Part, there will be a health package and some armor in the middle. Pick it up except the ammunition. Go straight to the left or right corner (From the Entrance) and do a rocket jump up on the wall. I recommend these corners, because they furthermost of the rocket robots (See enemy type 4). A few seconds later, the bulls will respawn. Now its really easy to kill them. Just use the grenade Launcher for them. If they are too close to the wall, i would recommend using the laser rifle.

    4. "Rocket robots" and Kleers: After the bulls, 2 red robots are spawning in front of the exit of the arena with some kleers too. This part is the hardest. Just focus on the robots and try to avoid getting hit by the bullets of the Kleers and the Rockets. I would recommend to use the grenade launcher again to kill the kleers. After you killed the next 2 enemie waves, Sam will be saying "Yehaaaa", which means that the door is open.

    Additional tipps:

    -Select infinite ammo (You will still get the achievement). Just press Y in the menu, where you have to select the difficulty.

    -On each Wall in the arena, there is a little place, where you can't get hit by the enemies. You might want to use it for the "Red Robots".

    -Instead of doing the first Rocket Jump to get out of the map, I would rather recommend to do it on the right corner, which you can see, when you come up the ramp from the beginning. There is also an armour on the left in front of the wall.
    If you follow the way of the video below, you will have to kill too many enemies, which makes it havier.

    -If you die, don't load any savegames, even not the one which was created right from the beginning. Quit the game and restart it manually.

    -Turn the auto-aiming with notation in the menues on.

    -For the first rocket jump, you need more than 50 healtpoints.

    You ve got problems surving the "Spawning Part"? Here is the guide:

    When spawning, there are 3 enemies in front of you (downside), one above them, on a wall, another one on the right and 2 "Greenys" on the left and right tower.
    At first, kill the 3 guys in front of you with the laser rifle. Now keep jumping and shoot the 2 bullets of the "Greenys" (Its not that bad if one hits you). After that concentrate on the two enemies, which are on the wall. They might jump in the quarter where you respawned. So now its only you against the 2 "Greeney". Get into the left corner from where you spawned. There, the left "Greeny" won't see you and will not shoot at you. Just shoot the right guy and watch out, that the green bullets won't hit you. After that kill the left guy. When you get up the ramp, now, there will be a Kleer spawning in front of you. I would recommend using the rocket for him. On the top, there are also two little guys in front of you and on the right. Just kill them, pick up the armour on the left and do the rocket Jump where I wrote. After you killed all 3 of them, watch out for a "Greeny" who is on the very back of the level. You can't see him very well, because he is covered by the palms. He will keep shooting with green bullets at you so just kill him. With Auto-aiming with notation turned on, you will simply see him.

    I hope this will help you to get the achievement very fast. Just stay concentrated and you will be able to get the Achievement even at its first try!

    Please accept my apologies regarding to my bad english.

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    Nath360skillzThank you so much for the 'Rocket jump onto the wall of the arena when the bulls spawn', I think that was probably the tip which helped me unlock the achievement.
    Posted by Nath360skillz on 27 Dec 12 at 22:45
    xDexbuildNice to see that there are still people playing this awesome game :D
    Posted by xDexbuild on 19 Jan 13 at 15:29
    DaOverUnderWhen doing your playthrough on Serious Difficulty you can get 200 health and 200 armor in the level before this one. Make a save right at the end. That way you have 400 health to start off with, which means you can get out of the map with two rocket jumps at the very start rather than fight your way out normally. And you'll *STILL* have plenty health to jump in the map rightat the cannon, and right back out.

    I only had 200 health and 100 armor.

    I missed the secret armor pickup and didn't want to redo the level.

    This makes this much easier.
    Posted by DaOverUnder on 17 Apr 15 at 11:36
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  • dataDyne 2023dataDyne 2023This gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    13 Jan 2010 18 Jan 2010
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    Beat Level 9 / Metropolis on Serious without dying.

    It says without loading because you have to load when you die so this prevents people from loading just before they are dead. If you do die just restart the level from the beginning.

    Below is a video trick that will allow you to get outside the level (for those who can't view the video all you have to do is rocket jump over the wall at the very beginning of the level and follow the edge of the map to the end and then jump on the last booster to get back in)

    When you get back in near the end you will be in large area and will be attacked by multiple sets of enemies each activated when you pick up the items in the centre.

    > Headless Kamikaze - Camp and use the Tommy gun / Laser.
    > Harpies - Strafe and use the Laser.
    > Werebulls - Jump strafe out of their path and use the the Double Barrel (or the Cannon or Rocket from afar).
    > Kleer - Laser them while strafing their attacks.
    > Biomechanoid Major (Red) - Strafe and Rocket or Cannon them

    This will be hard so here are some tips:
    1. Press Y on the difficulty select screen activate infinite ammo! (it doesn't affect achievements)
    2. Strafe & Jump A LOT this will help you to dodge the many projectiles that will be flying your way!
    3. Save rockets and other large weapons for the bigger baddies.
    4. Press B and review the enemies and what tips the game has to offer on them.

    Hope this helps!
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    Taco BobActually, you can get the cannon with no loss of health. When you hit the jump pad, hold down (away from the buildings) and you will land atop the buildings and be able to walk around to the cannon without triggering any enemies!
    Posted by Taco Bob on 16 Jan 10 at 06:41
    dataDyne 2023Yeah but surely you will lose health rocket jumping back out?
    Posted by dataDyne 2023 on 17 Jan 10 at 01:06
    B8TINGUI hate that this video doesn't show the rest of the fight..I mean yea this is good info, but where the rest of the fight.. and yes the Cannon is worth getting, as it take's out most enemies in one hit.. exception being the RED (rocket shooting) Mechs(6-7 hit with cannon) and RED Arachnids (2 hits with cannon)..
    Posted by B8TINGU on 30 May 10 at 23:52
  • iM3RKxYOUxiM3RKxYOUx394,133
    01 May 2011 30 May 2011 30 May 2011
    9 1 1
    I have made my own video of me earning this achievement on Serious difficulty to help anyone else who still needs it because i tried the other video solution but it wasnt done on serious difficulty so i died a lot...

    Overall this achievement is not too difficult but it may take a few attempts to figure out where the enemies spawn, considering kleer seem to jump on you from behind quite often i recommend scanning every corner you come across just to be sure.

    To start you off you want to turn infinite ammo "ON"
    To do this once you choose the level, on the difficulty selection screen press "Y" then customise the settings. Make sure the difficulty is set to "Serious".
    *Note changing the settings doesnt affect achievements*

    Now if you follow my video up to the second rocket jump, you have a choice to either do what i did (which was to jump over and grab the cannon) or you can carry on following the wall and you should see a pad in the middle of the grass, you can walk over that and it will automatically put you into the finish area, but you will have low health and no cannon.

    I recommend getting the cannon because it makes serious difficulty 100% easier especially if you use infinite ammo but by all means you can follow the guys video in the other solution and jump back in at the final area.

    If you do choose to follow my method make sure you check every single corner because the majority of the time kamikazies and kleer will spawn in them randomly. You will see me in the video sometimes checking each corner twice just to be sure (i was kinda paranoid...) Anyway once you get the cannon dont rush the next part, take it slowly, it may seem like an endless wave of kleer but fear not it does eventually end.

    Once you jump over the gap to the bulls just spam the fire button with the cannonballs until you clear them all out. Once you've cleared that long stretch and you walk into the massive square area, i recommend equipting your minigun and slowly spinning around in circles spraying bullets until you see a kamakazi then focus on him, then carry on spinning, just keep repeating that and you should clear them all out with no damage taken.

    When you reach the part with the demon witches, running around the side of the map is your best bet whilst shooting at them with a minigun or lazergun.

    The rest should be a breeze, anyway good luck people!

    There are 4 different parts for my video, i have linked them below. Now the videos are widescreen so i suggest watching them on YouTube so you can see the picture much clearer.
    To watch them on YouTube simply click the title of the video (in the video screen) e.g. for the 1st video click the "(1) Serious Sam TFE: "Metropolis King" Achievement Guide" text then it should take you straight to YouTube provided you havent blocked pop ups.
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    oakdale7nice video display its helpful.. Thumb up!!
    Posted by oakdale7 on 21 Dec 12 at 21:32
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