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Complete every chapter without being seen.

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How to unlock the Invisible achievement

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    If you quickly pause the game once you've been spotted then switch off your xbox it doesn't count. I don't know if just restarting the level or last checkpoint from the pause menu would work, but this definetly does.
    getting killed in quicktime events doesn't matter, just carry on from last checkpoint if you die.

    It's mostly easy without doing this though, just take your time. Chapter 7 was the only problem for me as it has a long mission avoiding lots of spotlights and guards. After chapter 7, there is barely any places where you can get spotted (Just beginning of chapter 8 I think)

    Can also be used for "Ninja" achievment

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    GREGO McGEEJust a little tip I didn't see posted elsewhere. If you're worried about accidentally pressing "A" while picking a lock, etc and then screwing up your chances by continuing, you can change the control layout in the menu. I did that and never had a problem...
    Posted by GREGO McGEE on 22 Jul 14 at 05:07
    Plaguewielder87Just finished this today. I deleted my Shark save before starting the Guppy stealth playthrough. Do this just in case. It only takes a minute and it'll be worth it in case you did everything else right up to the end and got screwed just because a fresh save might've been necessary (can't be certain but don't take the risk of not doing it). I personally didn't clear the cache, though.

    I was only spotted once but dashboarded when the "press a" screen came up. If you're about to be spotted or know you've messed up something, you can load the checkpoint manually and you'll be fine, just don't press A when you actually get the fail screen of course.

    I'm not sure if failing a quick time event or losing a fight would count against you, but just to be safe, keep an eye on the QTE combos in the walkthrough so you know when one's coming up. The fights are pretty much impossible to lose anyway on Guppy, especially if you build yourself up with the weights (much quicker than the punching bag and annoying voice).

    There's a fantastic video guide on YouTube which will make your life significantly less stressful with this achievement. Delete old Shark save. New Guppy save. Keep the QTE combos beside you. Use the YouTube walkthrough. Load checkpoint from menu if about to be spotted. Dashboard if spotted. Best of luck =).
    Posted by Plaguewielder87 on 11 Sep 14 at 00:22
    x SATELE SHAN xBeware: reloading last checkpoint voids the achievement, even if You haven't been spotted yet! You always must dashboard, restart the game and select "continue" from the main menu. You can also use a USB memory stick and create backup saves.
    Posted by x SATELE SHAN x on 25 May 18 at 21:07
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    Here is a super-useful picture guide, which you can use to get through this easier, as it tells you where all the guards and other hazards are going to be, so you can prepare:

    As other solutions have stated, it is recommended that you try this on "Guppy" difficulty, as the guards are slower to react and don't spot you as easily.

    Also, if you are caught, make sure you DON'T press (A) to restart at checkpoint when prompted. Instead, pause, then quit to dashboard and reload the game. You may have to start some way back, but this is the only way to still get the achievement if you get caught.
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    PugslyPuppyCan anyone confirm or deny that chapters can be done out if order? Also, do I need to quit to the Xbox dashboard or just to the game menu?
    Posted by PugslyPuppy on 18 Jan 13 at 04:45
    PhantoM XIThis game is a joke. Went back to it for the first time since Sept '10 to get this last achievement. Spent last night and today on-and-off doing it. Dashboarded the second I was seen every time. I messed up maybe 3 quick-time events (continued from there) but other than that didn't do anything wrong. No achievement.

    I'm so stubborn I may just do it all again, but I really, REALLY don't want to.
    Posted by PhantoM XI on 29 May 13 at 17:11
    Tankk OGdo you actually have to pause? cause i just dashboarded when i saw the continue screen when getting spotted by a spotlight and i dont want to continue if so
    Posted by Tankk OG on 19 Jan 15 at 06:08
  • Lockyz75Lockyz75593,966
    20 Aug 2012 17 Aug 2012 18 Aug 2012
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    I would suggest doing this on a second playthrough and play on guppy and just exit to the dashboard if spotted as others have suggested it is much easier on guppy and i would also delete your save game and clear the cache and start anew as on my first try of this ended with dissapointment and have had to go through again
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