No restrictions achievement in Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X 2

No restrictions

In story mode, fly for 60 minutes in Assistance OFF.

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How to unlock the No restrictions achievement

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    Ok, so to much frustration, confusion and debate on here with this achievment like "is it bugged?, is it patched?, can you only use USB stick solution now?" ect ect. I took the time to (painfully) obtain this cheev tonight myself and explain in this solution what criteria i needed to meet to make this one pop.

    People say this cheev is glitched. but its NOT. People are just reading the achiement description wrong i think. notice how it says "in STORY mode".

    Please read carefully :)

    If you have ALREADY completed the single player story campaign, this is the "story" over. It WILL NOT pop if you go back and re-do missons from the single player misson menu because these now become just single "missons". It is not the "STORY". (trust me. ive tried), so tough luck if you didnt get it on your first playthrough (although it makes no difference either way lol)

    (( Note:: if you havent completed the story, then u can still get it. but depending on how far on you are with it, u may just want to do as i have written below. its probably the easiest way really)

    This cheev will now have to be done online in "Co-op Story" (coop story is under "player match" and press RB to filter along to coop story)

    Quick note: DO NOT play "Co-op Mission" as this will not count.

    Set up your own match on the level "training day" (or one you prefer but i recommend that one) and make sure the settings are to your requirements, i.e set it to 2 players max, and an invitation only game, because you dont want some random joining and ruining 59mins work!!!! (or get a friend that needs it too, because this cheev is pretty boring!).

    Now just fly around with assistance off for 60 mins. fly up high and get a rubber band for the controller stick and ram it in one direction. stay near the tv and keep an eye on your height. it doesnt matter if you crash or go out the map though, you just restart from last checkpoint. (as this is a cumulative achieve, it adds up all the time)

    So its not bugged, and you dont need a USB stick after all.

    You just need a spare 60mins!

    Hope this helps clear things up abit!

    if your are confused please comment and i will try and help!

    **also please see my solution on the "Peripheral Vison" cheev if your struggling on that because i know it can help you out :)

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    SonakCo-Op Story worked perfectly! Thanks!
    Posted by Sonak on 20 Nov 12 at 14:09
    MolnezeSo, I just played a story mission co-op online and switched to that mode... boom... Achievement! Note: I already had WAY over 60 min flying like that.
    Posted by Molneze on 22 Mar 13 at 20:53
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    Like TAI JASON said this is bugged but I have found a way to do it but run out off time.

    You can get 2 achievements in one here. On the second misson (Training) do all the objectives then don't land as told. Turn your assistance off speed up to max speed then fly around for 1 hour slowly turning in very big circles using the rudder with out dropping below 2500 km/h. Then you should get this and the achievement for flying faster than Mach 2. (If you have compleated the campaign DON'T load the game save or you won't get the assistance off achievement and play the first level first). Mach 2 is 2447 km/h or 1,522 mph.
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    ciornyiMDthis nicely works but u dont have fly 2500 km/h 2448 enough
    Posted by ciornyiMD on 28 Dec 10 at 23:47
    Th3 ReplicantDEATHONPOO: you might want to add that flying out of the map and restarting from checkpoint does not affect the time. I got lazy towards the end and had to restart twice but I still got the achievement after 60 minutes of flight.
    Posted by Th3 Replicant on 27 Jan 11 at 15:08
    NordegardeAfter a lot of perseverance, I got both achievements here, so I can assure you that this guide is correct. Mach 2 is variable depending on the altitude. I kept a little bit above 15000 meters so I wouldn't need as much speed to get to Mach 2 - roughly 2300-2400 km per hour will do. The Eurocap Fighter did the trick in "assistance mode ON" so, obviously, it's fast enough. I kept flying with the edge of the map always visible to my right so I could make the most of it. But since moving your plane too much (as turning it when you hit the edge of the map will require you to do) will, inevitably, drop you below Mach 2, you will need way more than 60 min. to get "Peripheral Vision" (closer to a couple of hours, I'm afraid, depending on your flying skills). This is one of the most boring, stupid, time-consuming achievements ever!
    Posted by Nordegarde on 15 Aug 11 at 12:37
    14 Sep 2010 28 Sep 2010
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    Just do this in the Training mission when you are shooting blue bullets at your team just don't shoot them down.
    Double click left or right trigger fast and assistance should shut off now you see your plane. You can crash if you get bored you can shoot one down just need 60 mins off EASY.
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    ZavisticIf you go into the P.E.C. challenges in the level 10 category you will find "No Restrictions" it will say how long you have flown with assistance OFF
    Posted by Zavistic on 05 Oct 10 at 12:01
    Venom1983PROThat Pec challenge is across ALL game modes not just story as i have done the challenge ages ago but still no achievment
    Posted by Venom1983PRO on 12 Dec 10 at 18:24
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