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World Beater

Get an online form of 1.

World Beater+12.4
14 January 2020 - 7 guides

Achievement Guide for World Beater

  • DragonYenDragonYen753,591
    22 May 2010 20 May 2010 02 Jun 2011
    58 1 6
    You can better your online form through private matches. If you invite one person to the game and beat them (with AI turned off) you will better your rank by 1. If you have 2 people (including you) you will better your rank by 2, 2nd place gets nothing (but doesn't down rank), and 3rd place loses 1 rank. So 98 wins in a row against one player should net you this achievement (or 49 wins against two players).

    You could also work on this by playing public matches. You can better your rank faster by beating 7 players (you also get points for finishing in the top half of the pack). However your rank can drop easier playing public matches. You lose 10 rank for quitting early. Also note that people online use the best cars, so you are likely to lose often if you haven't unlocked all the cars.

    Using the mode Elimination is the quickest way, since a race is approx 1 minute for 2 people and 1 minute 20 seconds for 3 people. With loading screens and other waiting an elimination round is approx 2 1/2 minutes.

    Courtesy of BrutishMuffin:
    you can lose up to 7 ranks in a race with 8 people. It goes by how many people you beat compared to how many people beat you.
    2 People: +1, -1
    3 People: +2, 0, -2
    4 People: +3, +1, -1, -3
    5 People: +4, +2, 0, -2, -4
    6 People: +5, +3, +1, -1, -3, -5
    7 People: +6, +4, +2, 0, -2, -4, -6
    8 People: +7, +5, +3, +1, -1, -3, -5, -7

    Courtesy of PackageDonkey:
    You can backup your save via memory card/usb stick and restore it (restoring your level) if you have any issue with a few bad races in a row. This would also allow you to trade first place with someone else, and restore your first place position after you've given them their wins.
  • KirblinxKirblinx289,161
    20 Aug 2011 21 Aug 2011 21 Aug 2011
    22 1 8
    Since not many people play this game anymore the best way to get this achievement is to boost. The best choice of game type for boosting is elimination as by the time the last person is standing they would have only done 2 laps, unlike 3 laps if they are doing a race, so this saves a lot of time.

    The Method:
    The easiest way to boost is what I like to call the 'Simple Method', where each person gets the same placing until they reach level 1 then they go to last and each other moves up a placing, then repeat the process until everyone has hit level one (some people will be back to level 99 but you will still have the achievement).

    The players in the top half of the pack will go up levels and the bottom half will go down. When starting you should let anyone who is above level 99 be in the top half first to save time (so they don’t go down any ranks). The ranking distribution is as follows:

    Courtesy of BrutishMuffin:
    2 People: +1, -1
    3 People: +2, 0, -2
    4 People: +3, +1, -1, -3
    5 People: +4, +2, 0, -2, -4
    6 People: +5, +3, +1, -1, -3, -5
    7 People: +6, +4, +2, 0, -2, -4, -6
    8 People: +7, +5, +3, +1, -1, -3, -5, -7

    If you are doing elimination with AI on (you can turn them off if you wish), then it doesn’t matter where the AI come, only the human players. This means it is best to let the AI win (or turn them off) to save time.

    Also, this game does not kick idle players!!! So any of the people who are in the back of the pack can just idle until it is their turn ot be at the front of the pack. One person in our session idled for 30+ races, so use this to your advantage and do something else while waiting.

    The Number of Games:
    Using some math, assuming everyone is at lvl 99 and using the 'Simple Method' we get the following fewest number of total races needed to get everyone up to level 1 at some point:

    2 People: 196 Races
    3 People: 147 Races
    4 People: 104 Races
    5 People: 87 Races
    6 People: 72 Races
    7 People: 63 Races
    8 People: 57 Races

    So as you can see, the more people you have in your session the quicker it will be for all of you to reach level 1.

    Time Saving:
    The amount of time that this takes could be quite substantial (It took my 6 person session 5 hours), so there are a couple of things that can save you some time.

    • Play Elimination – As stated at the start, it only requires your group to do ~2 laps instead of the 3 that races require.
    • Reversing Glitch – You can eliminate 2 people at once. Once the first person has been eliminated you can reverse behind where they were eliminated to be behind them in the rankings. If two people reverse behind the eliminated person then they both get eliminated. Sometimes the game will not eliminate anyone for the next elimination because of this, but it can save you 15+ seconds a race.
    • Avoid Powerplays – You may crash one of your boosters, which could confuse people as to what position they are supposed to be in and lose points and require another race to be run. You can avoid this by just making people sit in position at the start-line, but this is easier said than done.

    It takes about a minute to get everything set up for each race (loading screens) and 1 minute for the first elimination and about 15 seconds for each one after that. Using this information you can get a rough estimate of how long it will take you using the number of people and number of races required. If you have 8 people it will take about 3.5 hours. That is the shortest you will be able to do it one sitting.

    Have fun with your fellow boosters as it can be quite the grind. Hope all this information helps you out in trying to get to number 1!!!
  • System of a DomSystem of a Dom393,001
    29 Jul 2010 29 Jul 2010
    12 1 0
    If you are doing it legitimately. In race mode.

    The thing with the online racing is, when you keep winning you start further back on the grid.

    If you are having trouble competing, People tend to ram you or get in the way at the start. Quit out of the lobby after about 4 or 5 wins and search for another game and you will start at the front of the grid again.

    Even if you end up back in the same lobby you will start towards the front.

    Getting to 1 shouldn't take more than about 25+ wins. Depending on the amount of people in the race.
  • The Ol n DeThe Ol n De253,760
    15 Jan 2018 15 Jan 2018
    5 0 0
    if you decide to boost the online achievements
    Split/SecondGiant KillerThe Giant Killer achievement in Split/Second worth 61 pointsBeat an opponent with an online form of 10 or better.

    Split/SecondIn Good FormThe In Good Form achievement in Split/Second worth 35 pointsGet an online form of 75 or better.

    Split/SecondOut Of ReachThe Out Of Reach achievement in Split/Second worth 102 pointsGet an online form of 25 or better.

    Split/SecondWorld BeaterThe World Beater achievement in Split/Second worth 207 pointsGet an online form of 1.

    It is impossible to boost without "sacrifying" the form level of a chosen player.

    If you boost with 2 players, at each race, the winner gets +1, the loser gets -1.
    So alternating winning will not work, and leave you at same level without progression.

    One of you will have to finish at top level, the other one at the bottom.

    Run 99 races with always the same winner,
    (he will get Start, Good Form, Out of Reach, World Beater)
    then run 99 races with the other player winning all,
    (he will get Start, Giant Killer, Good Form, Out of Reach, World Beater)
    the run a race with the first player as a winner again.
    (he will get Giant Killer)
    At the end player 1 will be of form 98, and player 2 of form 2.

    For each half of the session,
    only the player that needs to win requires to be at his controller.
    The other one can go away from his xbox/tv.

    The player to win starts a private elimination match with no AI, any track.
    (elimination will only last ~1 minute)
    He invites the other player. The other player accepts the invite.
    From there for all the levelling of player 1, no interaction of player 2 is necessary.

    Once player 1 at the top, swap and repeat.
    Do not forget to swap again for one race at the end, for the last cheevo.
  • F3AR AvengerF3AR Avenger722,160
    03 May 2012 25 Apr 2012
    6 1 1
    Just to let you know this method defiantly works iv done it on a old gamertag!

    Simple and easy just boring can be done with two players minimum and can be done in private.

    Basically all you do is one player stays idle while the other just keeps beating the idle player over and over until they reach level 1/ form 1 now thats the hard and boring bit out of the way and will probably take 2-3 hours. Now that one player is form 1 all that the idle player does now is continually beat the form 1 player and it shouldnt take half the time to get the second player to form 1.
  • minus15Tminus15T305,372
    15 Jun 2010 09 Jun 2010
    6 4 0
    Your form starts at 99 and increases or decreases by the net amount of people you beat, or who beat you, eg, in an 8 person race, finishing first gives you plus 7 rank (+7 - 0), in a 4 person race, finishing second will increase your rank by 1 (+2 -1)

    So the quickest possible way to rank 1 is winning 15 8 man races in a row.

    Also, there is no point in going for the online achievements until after finishing season mode, as the cars available online represent the ones you have unlocked offline, and most people online now have the fastest cars in the game
  • Confused ShelfConfused Shelf139,176
    10 Aug 2010 28 Aug 2010
    4 4 0
    Getting to rank one is actually fairly easy if you are even remotely good at the game. I suggest you complete the story mode first so you are familiar with the controls. If you have done this you should be better than most people online who have simply bought the cars through the DLC and are lacking in experience.

    If you are any good at survival, this is the fastest way to progress. Most people find it really difficult and stressful but if you can keep a cool head, even when in last place you should be able to build your combo and rocket into the lead. The combo is vital in survival. Someone can overtake twice as many trucks as you but die every other time. If you are steady and avoid any dangers you will end the race with twice as much points as him.

    You can race up to seven other people online, making a maximum of eight people in one race including yourself. You level increase at the end of each race is determined by the amount of people you bet, take away the amount of people who bet you. If you come 1st in a race with seven people. You will gain 6 ranks. If you come 2nd in a race with four people, you will gain 1 rank. If you come 7th in a race with eight people, you will loose 5 ranks.
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