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Catacombs Complete achievement in Shrek Forever After

Catacombs Complete

Complete 100% of the Catacombs (primary profile)

Catacombs Complete0
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How to unlock the Catacombs Complete achievement

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    * 5 Secret Items
    * 17 Treasure chests

    * Note: You can not get every collectible here until you have beaten the final level of the game at least once. I highly suggest that you go through the game completely first and then if you are missing anything, you can follow my guide on getting them by replaying the levels with all upgrades. This guide is 100% accurate and I have had others follow this step by step to get the 100%.

    Chest #1 - Right at the beginning, after you break through the wall with donkey and go left, go down immediately for this small chest.

    Chest #2 - After going through the water and reaching the other end with donkey's help, you will see this small chest right beneath you.

    Chest #3 - In the same area you will see this big blue chest hidden behind the logs that you need Fiona's upgrade to get.

    Secret #1 - when you get in the cave, in the area where you will have to use Puss to free up the space in the water for you to get through to the other end, once you arrive on the far left, go up, push the big block with shrek, go through and there is a waffle hidden on top.

    Chest #4 - The next area where you have to climb with Puss to free up the water, once you climb up this small chest is on the far corner.

    Chest #5 - In the next area you go through the water on the piece of wood at the end you will reach the castle, and there is a big blue chest waiting for you. This place has a bunch of bats that will attack you.

    Chest #6 - After the big fight, you will have to save 4 Ogres in this area. First on your left, one of the blocks that you have to move inside the water has a small chest hidden behind it.

    Chest #7 - Pretty much the mirror of the chest #6. This one is on the right side of the area in the water.

    Secret #2 - Go in the Magic Mirror, and you will see a Heart Piece which you can get by blowing up the blocks.

    Chest #8 & 9 - Go all the way to the right in the same area and on top there are 2 small chests.

    chest #10 - After saving the 3rd Ogre, use Fiona to create a bridge going down, once there you will get the small chest. There is a Magic Mirror on this area.

    Secret #3 - This one is when going through the Magic Mirror, all the way on top, after breaking through the rocks, you will see this on the bridge to your left.

    Chest #11 & 12 - In the same room that you saved the 4 Ogres, instead of following the arrow to go up, head down. Use Fiona's upgrade to burn the logs, go all the way down till you get to a new area with a bunch of "L" shaped woods that you have to move around on both ends. Use Fiona to turn on the fire in the middle. Then use Fiona to turn on the fire on the statue on the left to raise it. Use Donkey to lower the water and then climb down the stairs. With Fiona walk all the way to the left and burn all 4 logs on the floor. Next go back up and raise the water again with Donkey and with Shrek allign these accordingly by using the 2 wheels and you will get yourself 2 chests. You will have to re-allign for the second chest.

    Secret #4 - While getting the chests #11 & #12, note that there is a wheel on the bottom of the screen that can be accessed the same method that you got both the chests. Once you turn this wheel, the cage that you freed earlier will free so that you can pick up this wanted poster by lowering the water and going back down there.

    Chest 13 & 14 - Now there is another puzzle to go through on the right. It's not very hard to figure out and you should have these 2 in no time.

    Secret #5 - You'll find the Pink Ribbon on the platform with the big blue chest #14

    Chest #15 - Go back up to where you saved the 4 Ogres, and proceed further UP the stairs after lighting the statue in the middle with Fiona. After the big battle, go to the left and down, you will find this small chest.

    Chest #16 - This on is on the right side the opposite of chest #11. For this one you need Fiona's upgrade. Burn the logs and grab the big blue chest.

    Chest #17 - Now in the next area on your right, go further down until you get to the stairs which you probably saw the small chest before and grab this one.
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    Craiglionhearthow do I get BACK to the catacombs, do I need to complete the peasant village again?
    Posted by Craiglionheart on 28 May 12 at 22:28
    marklynxNO - From Ogre Camp, go all the way to the bottom right and you will see an entry. From there you can go back into Catacombs after you have already beat the game or the level in question :)
    Posted by marklynx on 29 May 12 at 19:51
    marklynxI am done writing any more guides. Waste my time for ignorant people who like to give negatives without having the guts to mention anything!
    Posted by marklynx on 25 Jul 12 at 21:41
    ugliChest 16 is opposite of chest 15, not 11 as the guide says.
    Posted by ugli on 31 Jul 12 at 19:00
    mast3r 0r0m1sYeah I have no idea why they gave you negative, followed all your guides and thanks, would've been a hassle finding them without it.
    Posted by mast3r 0r0m1s on 19 Aug 12 at 00:24
    StarshadeFPSGot it thanks!
    Posted by StarshadeFPS on 28 Jun 15 at 22:20
    Y2Kasper10"I am done writing any more guides. Waste my time for ignorant people who like to give negatives without having the guts to mention anything!"

    46 positives and 1 negative. lmao. Freak out much?
    Posted by Y2Kasper10 on 11 Aug 18 at 21:46
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