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Docks Complete achievement in Shrek Forever After

Docks Complete

Complete 100% of the Docks (primary profile)

Docks Complete0
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How to unlock the Docks Complete achievement

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    * 5 Secret Items
    * 27 Treasure Chests

    * Note: You can not get every collectible here until you have beaten the final level of the game at least once. I highly suggest that you go through the game completely first and then if you are missing anything, you can follow my guide on getting them by replaying the levels with all upgrades. Also be alert that some including me have had issues with this level. The issue is if you die sometimes the game does not save every collectible that you have got so far. Pay attention to this incase you do get sucked in by any of the whirlpools or die other way. Otherwise, this guide is 100% accurate and I have had others follow this step by step to get the 100%.

    Chest #1 - There is nothing in the first area that you start in. After Pinochio shows you the way, get on and sail UP, you will see a cutscene with a Pirate ship and Shrek mentions that the Pirate Ship is blocking their way and they have to loosen the chain. Slightly UP the screen and to your LEFT is a DOCK. Get there and you will get to your first small chest at the end of the island on the left.

    Secret #1 - Next, saild back UP go all the way LEFT till past all the whirlpools till the end and then there is a DOCK on the BOTTOM of the screen. You'll see a chest here on the left side, go down the left passage until you get to the bottom. you will see some explosives. Behind the explosives is this wanted poster.

    Chest #2 - To the right of this secret is a Chest hiding behind some rocks. Blow up the rocks with an explosive.

    Chest #3 - Now grab another explosive and blow up the rocks on the top right. This will lead a path to a big blue chest.

    Chest #4 - Now bring an explosive back to the beginning where you saw a chest, blow up the rocks and get this small chest too.

    Chest #5 - Next sail UP and you will get to an island. DOCK here and you will need Donkey's Upgrade to get the 4 chests on this island fairly easily. The first one is right after you open the gate with Donkey.

    Chest #6 - Go back and grab a barrel and break the rocks blocking your way to get a big blue chest.

    Chest #7 & 8 - Go further and after beating up some pirates, you'll see these two lined beside eachother.

    Secret #2 - Right in front of the 2 chests is a waffle waiting to be picked up.

    Chest #9 - Next sail RIGHT past a few whirlpools till you get to see an island on the bottom. DOCK there and get to the island. Go RIGHT and when you need to blow up some rocks with the explosives being fired at you, right after on the BOTTOM you will see this small chest.

    Chest #10 - Past some more rocks which you need to explode you will reach a broken dock. on top of it behind a rock which you need to blow up is sitting a small chest.

    Chest #11 - Go DOWN and to your RIGHT, past a rock which you have to blow up, you will see a small chest. Note that you will have to fight a bunch of bad guys here too.

    Chest #12 - In the same area, you will need Donkey's upgrade to get to this big blue chest.

    Chest #13 - Now sail RIGHT passing a whirlpool and DOWN. You will see a DOCK here. Grab the barrel and explode the rocks to grab this big chest.

    Secret #3 - Now sail UP & RIGHT passing some whirlpools till the end where you see a DOCK. Go through the Magic Mirror and on then you will see a big Ginger bread man drawing. Place the two purple balls where the 2 holes on his stomache is and the same with the 2 white holes to place them on his eyes. You'll find the purple balls near his legs and the white ones near his hands. Next go up and you will get your heart container.

    Chest #14 & 15 - Go through the Magic Mirror to grab both of these big chests.

    Chest #16 - 20 - Next sail UP & LEFT past the whirlpools. You will see a DOCK on top. Use the explosives to blow up the rocks to obtain these 5 small chests in this island.

    Secret #4 - After you get all these small chests, pay attention as there is a Pink Ribbon at the end of them.

    Chest #21 - There is also a big blue chest which you need a second controller to obtain. This one has an achievement as well.

    Chest #22 - Next sail LEFT past some whirlpools and a little down till you see an island DOCK. On the right move the 3 boxes around and behind the middle one there is a small chest.

    Chest #23 - After you get Puss to pass you through the section, on the next you will see this spked rolling tree. Look below it to see a small chest.

    Chest #24 - Slightly to the right, use Puss again to climb the wall and get the chest on top.

    Secret #5 - After the battle, on the right you will see two boxes. Move it a little to the left and between the two ledge. climb up with Puss and work your way to the right to get your wanted poster.

    Chest #25 - You'll get to an area with a bunch of rolling spiked trees. This one is on top of the second set of the triple rolling spiked trees.

    Chest #26 - Next area has a quad set of rolling spiked trees. This one is benath them.

    Chest #27 - Is at the next area past the rolling spiked trees. This is where you get to fight a bunch of pirates.
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    WeisGuy9Used all of your "100% complete" solutions for this game. Thumbs up for all of them. Excellent guides. Thanks very much!
    Posted by WeisGuy9 on 30 Jan 12 at 14:48
    LAFTAChest 9 should be left, not right. Thanks for the guide.
    Posted by LAFTA on 06 Oct 12 at 01:13
    Iced HawkAwesome Mate. thanks I was Missing One Blue in a Hidden Island. Thanks!
    Posted by Iced Hawk on 06 Oct 12 at 22:07
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