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Ogre Camp Complete achievement in Shrek Forever After

Ogre Camp Complete

Complete 100% of the Ogre Camp (primary profile)

Ogre Camp Complete0
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How to unlock the Ogre Camp Complete achievement

  • marklynxmarklynx1,718,307
    02 Jan 2012 05 Jan 2012
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    Ogre Camp

    * 32 Items to buy from shop
    * 27 Treasure Chests

    * Note: You can not get every collectible here until you have beaten the final level of the game at least once. I highly suggest that you go through the game completely first and then if you are missing anything, you can follow my guide on getting them by replaying the levels with all upgrades. This guide is 100% accurate and I have had others follow this step by step to get the 100%.

    Chest #1 - Go North when you start the game and you will get to the main part of ogre camp when Puss in boots climbs the wooden wall. Have Shrek move the two boxes on the right of the screen to get the small chest behind them.

    Chest #2 - Just North of chest #1 behind 3 rocks that Fiona can break is a small chest.

    Chest #3 - To the right of chest #2 Puss in boots needs to climb up the cut tree to get the small chest on top.

    Chest #4 - All the way to the right after you get chest #3 and then to North you will see a chest to the right of the tree and the left of two boxes on top of each other.

    Chest #5 - Just north of the Shop, on the right side you will find a big blue chest. (Shrek's upgrade)

    Chest #6 - Opposite corner, all the way to the left you will find a small chest.

    Chest #7 - To the right of chest 14 have Puss climb the tree.

    Chest #8 & 9 - To the left of the tree you will see a small & large chest.

    Chest #10 - North of the bridge on the left side behind a rock is a small chest.

    Chest #11 - Climb the tree to the left of it with Puss.

    Chest #12 - To the right you will need Shreks upgrade to move the boxes under the chest to be able to get with Puss later in the game.

    Chest #13 & 14 - Go down to the wood that you can use donkey to move across the river and cross it. On the other end you will see 1 small and 1 large chest on the first island.

    Chest #15 & 16 - Go one more up, but for this one you also need Fiona's upgrade. You will come to see two chests here, one big and one small.

    Chest #17 - To right right of chest #4 on top of a tree use Puss to get it.

    Chest #18 - Behind the 2 big boxes. (You need Shrek's upgrade to get it - second playthrough)

    Chest #19 - Now bring the 2 big boxes to the left, you will see an area that puss needs access to jump to. Push the boxes until you can use Puss to jump up. Then climb up 2 set of ladders to get this small chest.

    Chest #20 & 21 - On the Island in the middle which should be to your left. You will find 1 Big and 1 Small Chests (You need Fiona's upgrade to get there - second playthrough).

    Chest #22 - 27 - Inside the locked gate on the same island you will find 4 big chests and 2 small chests (You need Donkey's upgrade to get there - second playthrough).

    You should go back to the shop from time to time to buy everything there is. There is 32 items in total which you need to buy including upgrades of the same items. Once an item is bought, it will no longer be shown in the shop.

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    turtleisbackchest number 7 is wrong 13 and 14 are on the island but there is only 4 on there have 26 missing 1
    Posted by turtleisback on 23 Mar 12 at 18:22
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  • StubaJayStubaJay183,623
    30 Jul 2010 28 Jul 2010
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    To get this one you need to get all the blue boxes but you cant get these untill you get Donkey's harder kick to break the gold locks and you dont get that till the last level you also need to buy all the items from the shops once all that is done the achievement is yours
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