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How to unlock the Happily Ever After achievement

  • drabikdrabik359,734
    08 Jul 2010 08 Jul 2010 21 Jul 2011
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    You get this achievement for completing the game, that much is obvious.

    I thought it would be useful to see how many quests there are in the game.

    If you are less than half way and have not bashed down every door for the 'Gate Hacker' achievement, I suggest you create a new character. Sorry. I myself have to go through the game a second time :-(

    Here is a list of all of the quests in the game:
    Rescue the Farmers
    Crye's Problem
    The Goblin Boss
    Trouble in the Town Square
    Goblin Raiders
    Flaming Joe's
    A Door for a Key
    Explore the Tower
    Defeat the Troll
    Ruby Rescue
    King Godd
    The Orcs Below
    Find the Orc King
    The Fallen Shaman
    The Fallen Berserker
    The Fallen Wolf Master
    The Fallen Orc
    The Fallen Cheiftain
    The Sigil Stones
    The Shadowbringer
    The Sealed Catacombs
    Head of the Hammer
    Grip of the Hammer
    Forging the Hammer
    Speak to Matt Derrell
    The Royal Door
    Fight Your Way to King Godd
    Defeat the Lich
    Shatter the Ritual Stone
    Defeat the First Necromancer
    Defeat the Second Necromancer
    Defeat the Third Necromancer
    Exit the Catacombs
    The Dark Dwarven Laboratory
    Find the Southern Lever
    Find the Eastern Lever
    Find the Western Lever
    Escape the Laboratory
    Defend Verloren
    Help Brek!
    Find Laurella!
    Escape the Arena!
    Free the Farmer
    The Iron Golem
    Free the Prisoners
    Defeat the Dark Elven Boss
    The Daemon Gorgon

    There are also 4 more, which are not in the correct order in the 'Completed Quests' section:
    Laurella Lost
    The Hunt
    Deeper into the Dungeon
    Raltheia's Journal

    Daemon Gorgon:
    The last boss has a lot of health and some fearsome attacks. I used a sorcerer to go through the game. By reaching level 50, Sorcerers acquire 'Mana Blast', which requires 20 red, 20 green, 20 yellow, 20 blue to use. Mana Blast destroys all Mana gems on the board, dealing 2 damage per gem destroyed. Once I acquired this, I breezed through the game.

    Note: Where I have a '...' means that I do not know the full name, as I typed this in, copying from the quest log after completing the game. I guess some quest titles were too long for the quest log. If you know them, please write in the comments for me to complete them. Thanks!

    Also, if you notice that some quests that are in the wrong order, I would appreciate you telling me.

    If people have suggestions for non-sorcerer characters, please write in the comments. I will add your tips to this quide and credit you!

    Please either comment below or send me a Personal Message if you have any comments or improvements.

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    PynnokyrI like knowing how close i am to the end five more quests!
    Posted by Pynnokyr on 17 Jan 13 at 12:50
    Posted by drabik on 17 Jan 13 at 12:57
    DadmixI got this and gate keeper at the same time. As if it was holding back gate keeper till I finished the game.
    Posted by Dadmix on 29 Mar 20 at 10:06
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  • bogeygolf316bogeygolf316143,214
    05 Dec 2010 07 Dec 2010
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    Just some general info to make the game better:

    Don't forget if a fight/minigame isn't going well you can pause and hit exit to back out and restart. It won't exit the game, just the battle. Very helpful with looting since that one in particular is very stingy with treasure.
    The same theory applies to shopping. If you are looking for something specific, say a one-handed Daemonic weapon, and the shop doesn't have anything good, just save and exit out. I think you have to back out to the character selection screen, then reload and the shop will have all new items. Repeat til you see what you want.
    The last important tip I can give is be very conservative with your upgrading supplies. Upgrading items in the first 1/2-3/4 of the game is a mistake, imo. You have a finite amount of enemies and unless you plan on fighting every single one you should save your supplies until you are near the end (maybe Dwarven Labs), so you can focus on getting that sweet fully Epic setup. I wasted most of my supplies on items that ending up being worthless, leaving me facing the Green Dragon with mostly Legendary gear :(
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    Throni360You get upgrade items from the main menu fights too. No need to save them. But you are right, for the early items they'd be wasted.
    Posted by Throni360 on 04 Jan 17 at 00:07
  • PennelPennel62,207
    08 Sep 2010 08 Sep 2010
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    For an assassin I found this setup worked well:

    Swift Strike
    Stone Strike
    Burning Strike
    Freezing Strike

    Plus any two good posions (must be differnt types)

    Focus on building up more than 16 (though 24 is better) yellow, green and blue mana. Get as much red and purple mana as possible, red is priority. Activate stealth, this means any damage you take is done to your purple mana rather than health, and any damage you do with spells is doubled. After that, use the Strike spells to make groups of 4 purples. This will do 2 damage per changed gem due to Stealth, and it gives you another turn because of the 4+ group. You can turn almost the whole board purple with this, which keeps you Stealth active. If you see a chance to get a 4+ group of another colour than purple, take it as the Strike spells can drain them if you don't.

    Also, keep an eye out for action gems. From about level 35 onwards I had two poisons which done 9 and 14 damage for 8 turns. That's 184 damage if you get both active.

    By using this technique you can easily handle any opponent. I rarely went below 70% of my health, even against the bigger enemies.
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