Epic Fail achievement in Puzzle Quest 2

Epic Fail

Lose to an opponent while on 1 Life Point during any single player game mode

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How to unlock the Epic Fail achievement

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    Here's a solution from my graveyard of documents; I wrote this last year but never got around to posting it here. Enjoy, and please leave feedback in the comments if you feel so inclined or have questions!


    After completing the game without paying much attention to miscellaneous achievements like this one, I found myself in a difficult position obtaining this one. At higher levels (especially the maximum level of 50), whittling down an enemy to a single hit point and subsequently losing is a nearly impossible feat to manage given the sheer number of variables and the massive hit point totals.

    Following a few false starts, I arrived at the conclusion that--barring extreme luck--this achievement is realistically obtainable only at lower-level play. This leaves two options: restart the game and hope to get the achievement in some of the early battles, or delve into the mechanics of the game and attempt to find a sure-fire method of unlocking this tricky feat. The other posted solution by drabik seems to suggest the former, but I decided to take the latter approach. I have posted my own findings below, and while I initially planned to simply tack this information into a series of comments on drabik's solution, it became clear that the volume of information was too large to fit in that format. So without any further fluff, here is my solution for "epically failing" in Puzzle Quest 2.

    The achievement itself is poorly-worded (I actually spent a solid 20 minutes undertaking the wrong course of action). To unlock the "Epic Fail" achievement, you must be defeat by an enemy while the enemy is at 1 HP, not your player character.

    With that stated, there are more than a few variables at play when attempting to produce this result. Non-poison damage can be blocked for half-damage (not including any bonuses from gear) and damage can vary based on the layout of the board when casting spells or even matching skulls when +5 skulls and combos of four and five are considered. With all these factors working against you, wouldn't it be easier to simply start a new game and hope that luck is on your side? That is an option, but I spent about 20 minutes devising and successfully executing a strategy that eliminates nearly every variable possible. It is not guaranteed to work every time given the random nature of the game play, but it is the most sure-fire method I could develop that requires the least amount of initial set-up.


    First, you must create a level 1 barbarian using the "New Hero" option. This solution mandates this character due to his/her starting statistics; if you manage to level up this character while pursuing this achievement, you *must* create another to start again at level 1.

    The barbarian is unique in that he/she starts with 4 strength, giving an extra +1 to skull damage. Therefore, matching three skulls will give you 3 (+1) damage for a total of 4, which can be reduced to 2 if successfully blocked.

    Why are these damage totals of 2 and 4 so desirable? Well, at level 1, a Rat Swarm has 25 hit points and can be immediately fought in the quick match arena. I’m sure you see where I’m going with this; if you can manage an even number of blocks and some combination of regular matches of three skulls, the Rat Swarm will be at 1 HP exactly. Then just let it finish you off by carefully making matches that avoid damage or cascading combos.

    Obviously, there is still luck involved, but I feel that I have eliminated as many variables as possible. To give you an idea of the success rate, it took me three attempts to get the achievement after solidifying my course of action.

    Best of luck!
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  • drabikdrabik358,966
    30 Jun 2010 30 Jun 2010 21 Jul 2011
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    This can be a difficult one to plan.

    It is probably easier on the lower level opponents. If you ever see an enemy on 1 hp, or near enough so that you can reduce their hp to 1, make sure that you do not defeat them.

    Set the opponent up as much as possible to reduce your health.

    I did this on the rats in the Ruined Keep, but didn't plan it :-(. They blocked an attack that would have killed them, and then killed me in the next attack.

    Please either comment below or send me a Personal Message if you have any comments or improvements.
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    izret102I did this in the quick matches. I found it was actually harder to get the enemy to exactly 1 health than it was to get killed lol
    Posted by izret102 on 26 Nov 10 at 16:10
    Dae JimAnyone that has an easier way for doing this? It's the only achievement that I still need...
    Posted by Dae Jim on 19 Oct 11 at 08:10
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