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Gate Hacker

Use the Bash mini-game to destroy every locked gate, door or chest possible!

Gate Hacker0
17 November 2019 - 3 guides

Achievement Guide for Gate Hacker

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    When you have an option to bash a gate, door, or chest, bash it. If you select the lockpick or spell options, rather than bash, you will miss this achievement.

    A few doors don't have a bash option. Don't worry, if you don't have the bash option, it's ok to open it via another means.

    You do not need to go out of your way to hunt down all the gates, doors, and chests. Just use it on the ones you were going to interact with anyways.

    If you've followed these instructions, the achievement will unlock immediately after
    Puzzle Quest 2Happily Ever AfterThe Happily Ever After achievement in Puzzle Quest 2 worth 56 pointsComplete the game
  • Celt PLCelt PL199,448
    17 Jul 2010 17 Jul 2010 18 Jul 2010
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    I just made this achievement. This achievement appears after killing the final form of last boss (Gorgon) !! (NOT AFTER BASHING LAST DOOR ! ) if you bashed through every door,gate or chest in the game. Last doors to bash are after entering the Burning Walkway ( Sealed Doors )

    Just while playing through the game, kill every enemy, loot every chest, use RB to look on the map where is the dark spot so you know where you weren't. I had whole map fully discovered before i went to the final boss.

    Hope it'l help you :-) ( sorry for my english, was writing in a hurry xD )

    Edit: It has been verified by multiple TA members that you do not have to bash every door, gate, chest in the game. Just make sure to always choose the Bash mini-game on any you encounter when Bash is an option.
  • SpiffertSpiffert142,227
    20 Aug 2010
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    For those with low intelligence (in the game), i find this strategy to be useful in being able to bash without running out of turns:

    Try to avoid using up turns by matching doors directly. Instead focus on matching up gems around existing doors, and allow them to match up as a side effect of matching others.
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