Abominable achievement in Puzzle Quest 2


Defeat the Yeti and complete the challenge quest

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How to unlock the Abominable achievement

  • drabikdrabik358,982
    01 Jul 2010 01 Jul 2010 12 Mar 2014
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    'Defeat the Yeti and complete the challenge quest'

    Okay, I'm not gonna lie to you, I found this quest quite difficult. My usual spells/strategies just didn't work with the Yeti.

    The first problem you will encounter is that connecting blue gems will give the Yeti HP, so unless you have a really good spell that needs blue gems, I suggest you ignore them as best you can.

    The second problem is that the Yeti has an attack (Crushing Kill/Blow - please correct me in comments) that deals 999 damage. As the name suggests, you are pretty much screwed if this spell is used.

    The first good point is that the Yeti needs to collect 65 red gems to use the spell.

    The second good point is that connecting red gems harms the Yeti.

    So, my suggestion to you would be go for skulls and red gems as your primary target, and if none are available, try to build up your spells/attacks.

    Of course, if you are still struggling, you can a) come back later, with better spells and stats or b) change the difficulty.

    I will add other people's suggestions here:
    - You could also try using poisons and eliminating red gems using sorcerer magic. Thanks to NLi10.
    - Use Chasm when there are many purple gems. Thanks to WoodlandSpirit.

    - Disarm, plus any 'strike' spells, takes off loads of damage. Thanks to idub76.
    - The "Weaken" spell removes one gem and takes away half of that colored mana from your opponent), keeping the Yeti's red mana from getting too high. Thanks to TeamBrian1020.

    EDIT: The quest can be activated by visiting Bram One-Eye in Valoren. This must be done *after* defeating the Polar Bear. Thanks to DaKenster.

    EDIT2: Once you have defeated the Yeti, you must turn in the quest to get the achievement.

    Good luck.

    Please either comment below or send me a Personal Message if you have any comments or improvements.

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    Saft Und KraftI played it on the 360 and no achievement. what gives?
    Posted by Saft Und Kraft on 12 Mar 14 at 00:55
    Saft Und KraftOk so you have to go turn in the quest to get the achievement :)
    Posted by Saft Und Kraft on 12 Mar 14 at 01:30
    drabikI'll add that to the solution, thanks!
    Posted by drabik on 12 Mar 14 at 06:16
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  • LSDintensityLSDintensity126,354
    11 Feb 2013 11 Feb 2013 11 Feb 2013
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    First of all, drabik's guide is pretty good, if you had some troubles however and you are still stumped on this one, try the method that I used to defeat the Yeti on my first try without any difficulty.

    I used an Assassin build, and the following spells should be equipped:
    -Freezing Strike
    -Burning Strike
    The following spells I had equipped that are not needed but are recommended:
    -Swift Strike
    -Stone Strike

    Basically what you need to do is do whatever necessary to prevent Yeti from getting any reds so get all red gems as much as possible, if there is an overwhelming amount of red gems on the board cast Burning Strike it will eat up all the red gems on the board and damage him with how many red gems were eaten up. This is a critical tactic because it prevents him from getting red gems period.

    When he casts the spell "Icy Breath" he will convert alot of gems to blue gems, cast freezing strike, it will have the same effect as burning strike except with blue gems. This will also lower the harshness of his ice storm spell.

    If you have lots of green mana in reserve, wait till you have around 30 and use bandage it will heal you the amount you have in your green mana reserve, this helps ALOT.

    I suggest having a good weapon equipped I had a decent 2 handed axe equipped and I was doing alot of critical hits doing 38 damage, I was level 35. So keep doing the above and keep accumulating gloves and when he is under 100 hp, just give it all you got with your weapon attacks, he'll be dead in no time.

    and remember don't let him cast ice storm too much as it heals him.
    Good luck!
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